Blue Lucryoth

Impressee: A'zah (Anzah)

Name: Lucryoth
Pronounciation: Loo-kree-oth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 506987
Final Size: 34' length with a wingspan of 55.5'

Lucryoth is above average for a blue dragon, but his slightly bulkier frame makes him appear larger than he really is. He has a surprisingly muscular build for a dragon his size, and he can compete with many browns for strength and stamina. But with such broad shoulders and a deep chest, along with thicker limbs, he lacks the agility seen in most blue dragons, although he can still outmaneuver a bronze. His head is triangular with a long muzzle, giving him an extra predatory look. His wings are large and expansive, but proportional to his body. Lucryoth has a strange coloring as he is more of a deep gray-blue, with darker gray streaking patterns that give his hide the illusion of looking like fur.

Lucryoth is a dragon that loves to play pranks. He will be the trickster of his weyrling class, and that attitude will not disappear with maturity; if anything, he might become more of a verbal jokester rather than a physical prankster once he is older. However he will always retain that mischievous nature that is a perfect match for his rider's knack to get into trouble. The two of them are a troublesome pair, always feeding off each other's shenanigans, and age will only teach them better how to get away with their transgressions. But where his rider has a silver tongue, Lucryoth is simply a pathological liar that is always fabricating stories for his own amusement. Most won't realize his untrustworthiness at first, but eventually many will learn that he is rarely honest. His intentions are not malicious, but he lies so often for fun and entertainment it's soon safe to assume he never tells the truth. Which is a problem as he will be honest once in awhile, except nobody will believe him anymore.

Inspiration: Boy Who Cried Wolf
(Name from species lupus, and a combination of cry and wolf.)

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Razzmic Berry Egg fell over suddenly, much to the surprise of many as it had shown no movements before at all. But then that was it, and for several minutes afterwards it moved no more. Just when people started looking away, it started rolling again and knocked into another egg. That was where it stopped again, and it stopped moving for yet several more moments. Finally when nobody was looking again, it started shaking violently, until it finally broke apart to reveal a gray-blue hatchling. He looked around with a predatory gaze, and what appeared to be a wolfish grin. First he slinked up to Levan and gazed up at the young man for awhile, but then he turned away quickly and moved on. Next he stopped by Tiressa, however after examining her, gave her a growl and brushed past her and continued to survey the rest of the candidates. Finally he came up to Anzah and glanced up with satisfaction. For a moment Anzah looked skeptic, and then confused, but a gentle swipe from his claw caused the young man to stumble back in surprise. "You really chose me, Lucryoth?" Coming out of his daze, A'zah stepped forward and laid an uncertain hand on the blue, and then eventually accepted the impression with a smile before walking off the sands with his new dragon.

Dragon Credit: Starr

Egg Name: Razzmic Berry Egg
Egg Description: Far from attention-grabbing, this above average sized egg is a soft, delicate plum colour. There is a faint, silvery sheen to its shell that could make one believe it is made of satin. Elegant swirls of a darker purple are etched upon the bottom part of its shell, as though it has rumpled the cloth it was made of. Lighter swirls trace its top, creating a faded effect that may lend belief to it being aged or mature. It is quite an unobtrusive egg: the mixture of colours may bring to mind a setting sun, as each shade goes well with the next- as though it was carefully planned and painted. Upon closer inspection, its berry shape becomes quite clear: it’s a little larger around the middle, with a very soft, almost invisble line that creates two parts of a fruit folding upon one another.
Egg Inspiration: Razzmic Berry
Egg Credit: Symmetry

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Poerath (H'den)

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