Move to Storage B Blue Lumbergth

Impressee: T'gal (Tirrigal)

Name: Lumbergth
Pronounciation: LUM - berth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 042b4f
Hatching: Gold Femiath x Brown Neovith , Late Autumn P8 T16
Final Size: 31' length of 52' wingspan


MOVE TO STORAGE B BLUE is an interesting looking dragon with markings upon his body that give the impression he’s wearing suspenders and has a tie. Besides these markings he’s a rather uniform shade of dull blue. He had a passion for Klah and will drink it every chance he gets, often holding a mug of it or a pitcher once he’s too big to carry a mug comfortably. What is quite distinct about MOVE TO STORAGE B BLUE is his mind voice. No matter what he always talks in a slow drawn out monotone. Often he will notice something and even if he asks a question he’ll continue to explain what the answer should be or what a person should be doing if they happen to make a mistake, regardless of what that person actually said. He often repeats rules and enforces them, especially if he’s in a leadership position. MOVE TO STORAGE B BLUE has a few expressions he tends to say frequently; the word ‘yeah’ is often used as a pause when talking or even to start sentences. When asking for something to be done he’ll end the sentence with a ‘that’ll be great’, or ’that’ll be terrific’. MOVE TO STORAGE B BLUE’s usual greeting would be the person’s name and ‘what’s happening?’ but he won’t actually listen to what is said, even if he does pause for a response. An example of MOVE TO STORAGE B BLUE conversation would be as follows: ’Hi Vetianth, what’s happening? Yeah, ummm You see, I’m going to have to ask you to move a little over there…yeah that’ll be great.’

When it comes to fighting Thread, he’ll be methodical and efficient but constantly running a slow monologue of how his wingmates should be doing things he feels would be a better job. Unfortunately this isn’t always the best advice and his slow droning voice could prove a far better distraction than a source of wisdom. If his Wingleader or Wingsecond recommends a change MOVE TO STORAGE B BLUE will be certain to make sure everybody in his Wing is made aware of it, and he will explain the change in details regardless of whether his wingmates are already aware of it or not. He just feels the need to voice it regardless.

When giving chase during Mating Flights MOVE TO STORAGE B BLUE will often toss out suggestions to the green he’s chasing on how to improve her flight. If he feels it’ll be easier to catch her if she moves a little to the right, he’ll tell her and give a slow droning ‘yeah, that’s right’. He isn’t particularly loyal to any particular green but he’s not a huge chaser either. Sometimes it just seems far too much effort to chase every green but MOVE TO STORAGE B BLUE will have some he always does want to chase.

Inspiration: ??
Dragon Credit: ldypayne

Hatching Message:
When the Fish Waffle Egg started to wobble it almost seemed to be swimming where it sat, more a wiggle than a wobble. For a few minutes it wiggled and wobbled but no cracks appeared. Then it stopped, resting placidly in its wallow for a time. Eventually cracks started to appear on the Fish Waffle Egg as it wiggled and wobbled again. Pieces of egg shell started to fall off the Fish Waffle Egg till there are gaping holes here and there through which a dark grey blue hide can be seen. After what seemed like ages the MOVE TO STORAGE B BLUE finally fully emerged.

With a slow glance around he started walking in a slow careful amble, pausing before first one Candidate then another, each time looking at them intently before moving to the next. The MOVE TO STORAGE B BLUE even checked out a couple of female Candidates before making his way finally to an average looking Candidate who seemed on the verge of bursting out in lengthy conversation. The MOVE TO STORAGE B BLUE sat down before Tirrigal and rainbow lights appeared in MOVE TO STORAGE B BLUE 's eyes.

"I am so glad to meet you Lumbergth!" T'gal exclaimed then paused in confusion. "Ahh…what memo are you talking about? Nevermind, lets get you something to eat."

Egg Name: Fish Waffle Egg
Egg Description: In terms of shape and size this egg is rather unremarkable in the most pleasant way possible. There is something initially pleasant and familiar about the way it looks, this is exactly what one would expect from a dragon egg - no more and no less. Like many dragon eggs, it’s smooth surface is patterned: palm-sized tan splotches seem to swim across an iron colored background. These splotches criss-crossed with delicious golden-brown color. The interesting divide amongst those that approach this egg will be what exactly these markings remind them of. For some, the hatched markings and toasty coloration will conjure images of waffles, while for others, the shape of the markings will bring to mind images of fish. Whether a member of the waffle camp, or a firm supporter of camp fish, this unobtrusively curious egg is certain to spark plenty of debate in the Candidate barracks.
Egg Inspiration: Taiyaki
Egg Credit: Noto

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Brown Neovith (S'wyn)

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