Blue Luoth

Impressee: J'rin (Jorin)

Name: Luoth

Colour: Blue
Hatching: Mid Winter T3, 8th Pass
Description: Luoth is a petite, periwinkle blue.

Hatching Message: For its little size, the Old Man Egg sure was making its fair share of a ruckus! Being brightly colored and wiggling to and fro, no one would’ve thought this egg to be elderly at all! Matte white cracks spiderwebbed their way across the surface of this egg, oh so rudely interrupting its glossy sheen. But the dragonet inside had no time not etiquette, none at all in fact, as a impatient kick freed the new blue dragonet from his shell. Righting himself and taking care to pick a stray shell from his forelimb, the petite periwinkle blue surveyed the options set before him. Ho hmm, what did we have here? Well, that lad looks strapping enough, but no. He seems too… too much. And the girl next to him? Pft! As if. Setting himself up on his rather awkward, stilt like legs, the blue set out to find his. Oh? Would you take a gander at that cute green? Foxy! But before he could start a bad reputation of being a shameless flirt, he noticed that his cute green was headed straight for none other than His! Barreling forward, the glowlight catching the darker dapples on his hind end, the blue protectively set himself in front of a rather disappointed looking young man. “Whoa Luoth!” J’rin exclaimed, taken back by his dragon’s stealthy Impression. “Don’t worry buddy, I’m all yours.”

Egg Name: Old Man Egg
Egg Description: This tiny egg is a startlingly bright orange colour with the occasional area of paler orange and one long streak of yellow running diagonally from the top and petering out half way down the side. The surface is also extremely glossy and coupled with the bright colouration, this serves to attract the viewers' attention despite the diminutive size of the egg.
Egg Inspiration: Godfather Sours: sweet yet bitter with a distinct taste of bourbon. Comprised of amaretto, bourbon, the juice of half a lemon, two spoons of sugar and two dashes of bitters. Served on the rocks with a wedge of lemon.
Egg Credit: Legal

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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