Gold Luster x Bronze Bundy P8T16

Flight - Off camera
Clutching - Mid Summer, T16, 8th Pass
Hatching - Late Summer, T16, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Luster (Venessai)
Sire: Bronze Bundy (Cevida)
Totals: 11
Gold: 1
Bronze: 1
Brown: 2
Blue: 4
Green: 3

PC Fire-lizards:

The Brilliant Gold Espa to Phielle (Velcro)
Colour: Gold
Adult Size: 19" wingspan of 31.5"
Age: Hatchling

Physical Description:
The Brilliant Gold is perfect from her head to her tail. She is brilliant gold, no question about her color, and perfectly proportionate. She falls directly in the middle of her expected size, perfectly formed, perfectly muscled, perfect in every aspect of her frame. Her color is also just perfect. She shines in the sun, glimmering with the expected gold shimmer. Her wings are a lighter color that the sun makes almost blinding to look at. No markings dare blemish this perfection, no color variations to dull her hide, no this gold needs none of that.

The Brilliant Gold is perfectly muscled, just like the rest of her. She is able to fly for long periods, be as acrobatic as a gold can be, and is graceful in everything that she does. Her Mating Flights are long, trying for her male chasers, and very frequently cause the browns to drop out. Nothing is good enough for this gold except a bronze, but if a brown can prove himself he must be large and able to keep up.

The Brilliant Gold is a firelizard that her Impressed can be proud of. This firelizard is very smart, for a firelizard, and is easily trained. She is the perfect symbol of a partner for life and will always value what her person does for her, and what she can do for her person. While her body may be absolute perfection her voice is a mellow tone, not the clear, high pitched sound one would expect from a firelizard. Some would call this a fault, but the Brilliant Gold only seems to enjoy the effect that it has on those surrounding her.

Yes, the world revolves around her, and by default her Impressed. The Brilliant Gold will do different tasks for her Impressed, but really prefers tasks that keep her close to her person, not things like running messages all over the continent. The Brilliant Gold will be an excellent partner, protective over her chosen, but still letting her person be herself. After only a few Turns it will feel as if the Brilliant Gold has always been her persons firelizard, like there was never a moment when the two were not together, and they will work seemlessly together. Yes, there may be arguments, they may disagree, but by the end of the day everything will be forgiven and the two will be best friends again.

In Flights the Brilliant Gold is all about getting as high and as far as she can. She can power up into the sky, reaching and stretching her wings, to a very respectable height. While she is not the largest Gold firelizard she is still a good size and will give all the colors a run for their money. By choice the Brilliant Gold will usually pair with a bronze, but a larger brown, or one that just tickles her fancy, will occasionally win as well.

As a mother the Brilliant Gold is amazing. She will care and dote on her eggs to the fullest extent. They will all hatch healthy, and if given a choice the Brilliant Gold will help to find the person their egg should go to. If the clutch is laid somewhere her person can't find it she will try to convey her apologies, but her clutch takes priority during those times.

Inspiration: Gold


The Fired Bronze to R'yad (notomys)
Colour: Bronze
Adult Size: 18" wingspan of 32"
Age: Hatchling

Physical Description:
The Fired Bronze is a bronze, but doesn't look it right away. What catches your attention, and reminds you this little thing is a bronze, is his wings. With a shiny, almost wet, look the wings are that brilliant sheen of bronze you expect. Throughout the wings are striations, they almost look like smear marks, but they only accentuate the color and sheen. The Fired Bronze's body is a duller color bronze that is covered in little lines of darker brown. These lines follow no particular pattern.

The Fired Bronze is a strong, sturdy firelizard. His wings are slightly longer than typical, but it gives him endurance, and the ability to hover and get a lay of the land. He is muscular from his chest to his hind legs and can keep up with most any task that is given him. Mating Flights are also the Fired Bronze's strong suit. There is nothing acrobatic about this bronze's movements, he is all about getting where he wants to be, or what he wants to get.

The Fired Bronze is a tough firelizard, nothing gets him down for long, and everything comes out alright in the end. Does this mean that he is perfect? No, by no means, but he will always work to make whatever went wrong right again. The Fired Bronze will need a little more guidance than is typical to be fully trained well, but once he is trained he will never forget how to do something. A clear bell tone is what serves this firelizard for a voice, and he is quite proud of it as well.

The Fired Bronze is typically just a hard worker and devoted to his Person, but now and then his temper will flare. He worked hard for what he has, what he can do, and what he is trained at, and for his person, so don't insult any of those. As a young firelizard this temper is less obvious as his focus is doing his best in training and for his person, but as he gets older and has less to focus on for long periods the drive that he worked with will shift into a protective personality. He is not aggressive in any way, and his Impressed does not need to worry about the Fired Bronze attacking anyone, but when protection is needed he will be right there and very obvious about his intent to protect what is his.

The Fired Bronze is actually quite a proud firelizard. His coloring is unique, he has flashy wings and can still look subdued when he folds them away, and he is exceptionally good at what he is trained, and asked, to do. The Fired Bronze will sit proudly on his Impressed's shoulder and survey the world as if he had conquered it himself. Still, this firelizard is not overly mean about his success, just prideful.

In flights the Fired Bronze is an avid chaser. He won't chase everything that flies, mostly Gold with an occasional Green added in for variety, but when he does chase his end goal is to win. The Fired Bronze is considerate of the female, but the other males will be pushed and bullied out of the way as if they were just obstacles in his path, not equals in competition.

Inspiration: Pottery


The Rustic Brown Lotof to T'than (ldypayne)
Colour: Brown
Adult Size: 19" wingspan of 31.5"
Age: Hatchling

Physical Description:
The Rustic Brown is a solid color throughout his body, solid and without unnecessary adornments. The only nod to a 'marking' on the Rustic Brown's body is his wings. The look stippled, almost like they have texture, but it's only an illusion. This stippling effect is most easily seen when the Rustic Brown is in flight, though it can be seen upon close examination of the Rustic Brown's wings normally.

The Rustic Brown is also a slightly larger than normal brown firelizard. He's not the largest there is, but what the Rustic Brown has is stamina. His wings are slightly larger than proportion giving him the ability to move further with less effort, but not so large as to cause a problem. The Rustic Brown is muscled in a very proportionate way all over, but not for straight and pure flying, this firelizard is a worker. There is no acrobatics in his movement, just pure focus on the job, even during Mating Flights.

The Rustic Brownis a durable firelizard. It's probably odd to say a firelizard is durable, but this little guy can take any situation, any job, and make something out of it. If the job or situation is too much for him he's not afraid to get some help, but he'll also just do the best that he can, and it's usually pretty darn good. He has a warm voice to go with his hardworking nature, not very high pitched, not a whole lot of bass, but a lot of sound and projection of the sound.

The Rustic Brown likes to be available to his Impressed. He is nearby at all times, well most times, and ready to do whatever he can for his Person. He's not pushy, but the Rustic Brown could be considered so from time to time. If there is a situation he could help with, or might be able to aid, he is there and ready. Because, he gets genuine pleasure from helping out. The Rustic Brown is all about helping and enjoys it more than most people would consider sane.

Flights are approached much the same way as a job, with determination and the thorough enjoyment at the thought of winning. This is one of the few times that the Rustic Brown will show any aggression because he wants to win, he is determined to win, and he will push and shove his way to the front of the pack and go for the Gold, or Green. There is no option, in his mind, about letting the firelizard choose him because it is his job to catch her and sire a wonderful clutch on the world of Pern. Not that he is any kind of father, but his progeny will be awesome without his doting attention, so he must do this (and enjoy it too for the heck of it).

Inspiration: Leather


The Glimmer Brown to Cavalry (Ierynetra)
Colour: Brown
Adult Size: 16" wingspan of 27"
Age: Hatchling

Physical Description:
The Glimmer Brown is a wonderful color brown. He's so earthy in tone that there is no question of his color, until he opens his wings. The Glimmer Brown has wonderfully delightful wings that shimmer in the sun and are covered in prismatic shades of brown from the dark to the light, almost bronze category.

The Glimmer Brown is stout bodied and very large, muscular through his chest and shoulders thinning down in thighs and tail. Some would say he has a swimmer's body, but all those front muscles give him great endurance during flight. His Mating Flight chases are not full of acrobatic maneuvers, the Glimmer Brown actually has a hard time with acrobatics, but he can power through and keep up with the only slightly larger bronze firelizards.

The Glimmer Brown is a perfect little firelizard for a hard worker. This brown is easy to train, a sterling personality, and likes to work with others. He may pull rank a bit on the blues and greens, but takes it well when a bronze or gold do the same for him. Sturdy, not getting his feelings hurt easily at all, this brown can keep going at a task long after another firelizard would have given up.

The Glimmer Brown is glad to receive affection, when not on a job, and will show affection back to his Impressed as well. The Glimmer Brown is hesitant to like others but will take his lead from his person; if his person likes someone they must be ok, right? Children are the one exception to this rule, all children are wonderful until they do something naughty.

The Glimmer Brown is a bit fastidious, which makes his constant affection for children surprising. Dirt, mud, grime, even imagined dust, will cause him to stop and clean immediately. This doesn't always affect the Glimmer Brown completing a job, but it might take him a bit longer if he gets dirty.

During flights the Glimmer Brown is all about the goal. He cannot compete with the blues for acrobatic maneuvers so he doesn't bother. His goal is to still be flying at the end of the chase so that he can snag the female out of the sky. Slightly aggressive in his behavior during flight the Glimmer Brown still has sweet calls for the female to try and entice her his way.

Inspiration: Diamond


The Decorated Blue Tatt to Medalina (Michelle)
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 12" wingspan of 20"
Age: Hatchling

Physical Description:
The Decorated Blue is a light blue, even lighter than the sky most days. This color blue might be called cloud blue. His head knobs and tail both have a fade to white effect that is very adorable. The only other remarkable coloring on this blue is along his wing bones. There is a delicate white pattern that lines the wing sails along the bone.

The Decorated Blue could be considered almost feminine with his coloring. Still, this blue is definitely male and built for flight. Average in size, and perfectly proportionate, this firelizard has all-around flying skill. He is lean in muscle, making him able to fly longer and with more acrobatics, and his classic build means he has nothing to make up for.

The Decorated Blue is a wonderfully happy blue. There is no sulking or pouting for this blue, he is the silver lining on every day. But the Decorated Blue seems to think that everything is all about him and getting attention on him. He is a flirt in every sense of the word and will take some training to get him serious about anything. His voice is a clear bell tone that is delightful to listen to and can catch most people's attention right away.

The Decorated Blue is interested in everything going on around him, but he likes to make sure his Impressed gets involved in everything as well. He'll sit on his Impressed's shoulder and cheap in the direction of anything that catches his attention, which is usually a pretty object, pretty girl, pretty boy, pretty, pretty, pretty. If the Decorated Blue's Impressed is talking with a pretty (fill in the blank) he will immediately become very interested and take poses that encourage the other person to reach out and touch him, even if he is currently draped all over his person.

The Decorated Blue also chases anything that flies. Green or Gold he will be in the air right behind it. Sure, he may not last an entire Gold flight, but he is going to give it his best try. He will vocalize praise and adoration on the female, do every acrobatic move he can pull out of his repertoire, and give every flight his all. If around dragons the Decorated Blue will also make sure that his Impressed is awake and aware that there is a flight going on, that he wishes he was big enough to chase the wonderful female, and put off vibes of extreme libido.

Inspiration: Lace


The Soft Blue Mild to Evarrel (sickwater)
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 12" wingspan of 20"
Age: Hatchling

Physical Description:
The Soft Blue is the lightest color blue of the clutch. Still, this light blue does have some wonderful color on him as well. This blue gives the impression that if you touched him, he would be as soft and fluffy as a cloud. A dark blue decorates his spines and on the tail and head knobs this blue fades to a black tip.

The Soft Blue is a well-shaped blue, proportionate even if his wings are slightly larger usual. He will bulk up a little bit, for a blue, and be a very strong flier, acrobatic but with the strength to continue longer than most blues in flight.

The Soft Blue is a well-shaped blue, proportionate, even if his wings are slightly larger than perfectly proportionate. He will bulk up a little bit, for a blue, and be a very strong flier, acrobatic still, but with the strength to continue longer than most blues in flight, or Mating Flight.

The Soft Blue is a homey kind of flitter. He's not interested in much outside his Impressed and making sure that person has everything they need. Messages get sent quickly, as long as it's nothing too complicated for a blue, and he enjoys sharing little tidbits of information that he picked up throughout the day as well. The Soft Blue is all about his person and regulates his voice so that it isn't painfully high up in the soprano range or too soft for his person to hear.

The Soft Blue likes to hang out on his Impressed's shoulder(s), wrapped around his person's neck, or just hanging out near his person. He is not one to pose or try to attract attention. Rather, the Soft Blue's constant attention could be called comfortable. TheSoft Blue goes out of his way not to be annoying, so he will be the easiest trained firelizard, possibly, on the face of Pern.

Flights are much the same as everyday life for the Soft Blue. He is not going to chase unless he knows the other firelizard. The Soft Blue is also not one for really showing off or going out of his way to show that he is better than the other firelizards. He will instead follow any moves the Green, because he only chases Green, and never push or shove his way to the front. If the green wishes to choose him, then the Green will choose him.

Inspiration: Cotton


The Smooth Blue Wild to Evarrel (sickwater)
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 12" wingspan of 20"
Age: Hatchling

Physical Description:
The Smooth Blue is the darkest color blue of the clutch. The blue is dark enough to give the sea some competition, but is still an appealing color. This blue looks as if he might feel delightful to touch, almost silky. A light blue decorates his spines and on the tail and head knobs this blue fades to a white tip. This blue is the polar opposite of his brother Soft Blue in color.

The Smooth Blue is a well-shaped blue, proportionate even if his wings are slightly larger usual. He will bulk up a little bit, for a blue, and be a very strong flier, acrobatic but with the strength to continue longer than most blues in flight.

The Smooth Blue is a well-shaped blue, proportionate, even if his wings are slightly larger than perfectly proportionate. He will bulk up a little bit, for a blue, and be a very strong flier, acrobatic still, but with the strength to continue longer than most blues in flight, or Mating Flight.

The Smooth Blue is a very outgoing and flashy personality. He is constantly seeking the attention of others and showing how awesome and cool he really is. He is a bit flighty in the attention category, so jobs might not be the best idea for him, but he is very much interested in gathering as much information about what is going on around him as possible. This information will then be compressed into stories that he can regale other firelizards with, for as long as he remembers them, and bits and pieces he can tease his Impressed with.

The Smooth Blue is always out and about, flying here and there, lurking in the sun where he can pose and primp to show off his wonderful coloring. When he is around his Impressed the Smooth Blue is always wanting to be the focal point of attention, or at least posed or draped somewhere he is one of the first things that other people look at.

In Flights the Smooth Blue is all about chasing everything he can and making the best show of it too. His movements are full of flashy twists and turns, angling to get the sun to shine off his hide, and pushing to the front so that the female, because he will chase Green or Gold, can see him, appreciate just how awesome he is, and finally give in to his advances and let him win the flight.

Inspiration: Silk


The Shiny Blue to Dagny (Corgi)
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 13" wingspan of 22"
Age: Hatchling

Physical Description:
The Shiny Blue is a delightfully bright color blue. He is brilliant like a perfect Spring sky and covered in little white shapes; clouds? No, those shapes look almost like jewelry. With a band around his neck and front legs like a necklace and bracelets the Shiny Blue is gaudy in his markings. The Shiny Blue also has strings of something shapes along his wing sails that create brilliant patterns when the sun shines through them. With head knobs, tail, and spines fading to white this blue shines in all the right ways.

The Shiny Blue is the largest blue from this clutch, but delicate in his frame. He is the ultimate definition of wiry muscle. There is nothing delicate and breakable about this blue, but he stays in wonderful shape unless he overeats terribly. He's not the strongest, or able to fly the longest, but every moment that the Shiny Blue is in flight is acrobatic and a sight to behold.

The Shiny Blue is one of those flashy blues that likes to just hang out and be admired. Unlike most of those the Shiny Blue doesn't really like to be touched though. He's pretty, but don't get too close or he might just up and fly away. For a voice this firelizard has a very interesting one. Listening to it his voice sounds beautiful and sweet, but there is no body to it. The Shiny Blue has an 'empty' voice, not volume, but his voice just doesn't fill out the room the way some other firelizard's would.

The Shiny Blue likes to drape himself on his Impressed, almost like an accessory, and be carried around. What his person will find out is that the Shiny Blue is really quite stupid and accessorizing with him is about the only useful thing that can be done, because he is really quite beautiful and can draw attention quite easily. The Shiny Blue is also a bit lazy, if his Impressed isn't careful, or he isn't careful, he will put on weight quite easily and ruin the appeal of his shiny hide and wonderful decorations.

Flights are a wonderful sight to behold, if the Shiny Blue flies. Acrobatic movements, wonderful calls to the female, but he doesn't last terribly long in strenuous flights. Lazy as he is the Shiny Blue is not willing to work for something like catching a female unless it is really very important to him.

Inspiration: Fashion Jewellry


The Delicate Green Lady to M'aughn (Kati)
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 10" wingspan of 16.5"
Age: Hatchling

Physical Description:
The Delicate Green is a very dull looking color of green, but she's still quite beautiful. While this color doesn't shine or shimmer like some of her sisters it is still delicately lovely. She's not a stand out looking green, and might be overlooked by some, but her color and her graceful posture are distinctly and beautifully feminine. The Delicate Green's wings are a softer and lighter color green. When she flies, or lets the sun shine through, these wings make up for her 'lack of color' as the Delicate Green's wings have the lighter color of brand new leaves under light.

Decorating the Delicate Green's body are lines of darker green that seem to accentuate her delicate frame. She is not extremely thin or breakable looking, but her legs and wings are thinner than average. Still, her frame is in proportion in all ways, that matches her average size (for a green).

The Delicate Green is a very feminine green. The way she moves, the way she flies, in every ounce of her being is a female personality. She is very sinuous in the way that she moves, and her voice is very light while being definitely sensual. She will deign to accept attention and physical expressions of adoration (scratches or pets), and let you know while you're doing it that she is the epitome of everything green and definitely worth it.

The Delicate Green is smart, for a green, and can run a message to a person as long as the directions aren't complicated. Mostly though all the Delicate Green is interested in doing is posing or sitting on her Impressed's shoulder. She is for admiration after all, so you should admire her in her proper setting, on her Impressed.

Flights are a definitely worth watching as the Delicate Green is all about acrobatic movements, beautiful movements, and making it the most wonderful thing to behold. As a result the Delicate Green's flights usually happen over populated areas and at a lower altitude than typical. The Delicate Green will also choose the most acrobatic suitor, the most beautiful suitor, and the most appreciative suitor. If she can't find all three of those qualities in one suitor two will do, if she can't find two the Delicate Green will get sulky and give up trying to choose a partner, at which point whoever can catch her first wins.

Inspiration: China


The Sweetness Green to R'lot (mandy)
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 9" wingspan of 12"
Age: Hatchling

Physical Description:
The Sweetness Green is a delicate shade of green. This is the green that most people think should be a mint color, but isn't in reality. She's mostly solid in her coloring except for her head knobs and wings. The Sweetness Green's head knobs are a shade of almost pink ending in white at their tips. Along the Sweetness Green's wings this same white/pink color forms delicate swirls and swoops. During flight these colors look more pink, but when there is no sun shining through them they look more white.

Delicate in every bit of her the Sweetness Green is a very feminine firelizard. Thin in her legs, neck, face, everywhere really. Not that the Sweetness Green is weak at all, she just is fine boned and wiry when she puts on muscle. Still, she is the smallest green of the clutch, and possibly the smallest green around.

The Sweetness Green is just a sweet little firelizard. Her voice is pure and delicate, almost as sweet as a baby's coo (if a few octaves higher). She loves to just hang around and rub all over someone, and ask for pets, and never says no to pets from anyone. The Sweetness Green isn't manipulative, or conniving in her attempts to get pets, she just asks for them all the time, and it's awfully hard to say no to her.

The Sweetness Green can't be manipulative because she just isn't that smart, even for a green. She's very simple in her thoughts, food, pets, sleep, love, Flights, and so forth. Nothing complicated gets through to her, and she's pretty much useless for running errands because she can't hold onto a serious thought for very long. The first shiny thing, or person that could pet her, she sees will become the most important thing her in mind.

As for flights, the Sweetness Green is almost as bad. The shiny, the sweet, the one who looks like the most fun to play with and fly with will win, and usually very quickly. She's also terrible about her clutches. Remember where she laid them, much less laying them in anything considered an appropriate place, is impossible. The only way that her Impressed will find a clutch is if it's laid right in the open, or weyr, and is found very quickly (which is a very possible situation).

Inspiration: Candy


The Shimmering Green Darling to En'dor (kitya)
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 9.5" wingspan of 21"
Age: Hatchling

Physical Description:
The Shimmering Green stands out in the color department. She is a soft green, but bright. Her color has a luminesces to it when oiled that rivals all other firelizards and dragons. The green sheen on the Shimmering Green seems to lighten on her head, but definitely is lighter on her wings and darker on her tail and wing bones. This darker color is not so luminescent as the rest of her body, but still fits, like maybe it's the shadow of the lighter shapes.

The Shimmering Green stands out in another way from her brothers and sisters, and that is her wings. They are larger than normal, and definitely out of proportion to her body. These wings would rival the largest green firelizard for size, and stand out more so because of their lighter color and darker wing bones. The wings tend to get in the way of acrobatic movements typical of green firelizards, but they do allow the Shimmering Green to fly faster and further than a typical green, balancing out pros and cons.

The Shimmering Green is a sweet and wonderful little firelizard. She is shy to some degree, but she will eventually come out of her shell and make a wonderful friend. This is true even of her Impressed at first. Straight from the shell she will be timid and want to hide behind her overlarge wings, but in a very short while she will blossom under considerate and kind care to become a very wonderful little green. Her voice is light, airy almost, and could even give pause to a Harper with the sweetness of its tone. She speaks vocally so little though that even to her Impressed it could be sweet music to hear Turns after her hatching.

The Shimmering Green will be slightly difficult to train just because of her shyness, but also because she will constantly be fumbling about with her coordination. While most firelizards are flying straight from the egg, when they aren't stuffed full, the Shimmering Green will need a little bit more encouragement and practice to be able to get around. Once the Shimmering Green does get off the ground, practice, and spend some time on her coordination she will turn into a beautiful creature, just like in her personality.

While hanging around her Impressed as much as possible the true benefits of the Shimmering Green will come to the front. She is able to see the good in almost any situation, she is able to cheer up her person (and close friends) when sadness abounds, and very rarely she can have a stroke of brilliance and help her person see the way to fix a situation.

The Shimmering Green is a very infrequent riser. She is not that interested in her clutches and will be a terrible mother, because her energy and focus is on her person. When she does rise for a Mating Flight though, her flights will be more about speed and quick darting movements than acrobatic exhibitions. She will be caught in the end, but only by those who can keep up with her speed.

Inspiration: Pearl


Credits: Wunderingmind (Eggs, Line Art, Descriptions) and Kitya (Colouring, Proofreading)

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