Green Lycurth

Impressee: U'os (Urnalemos)

Name: The Dichroic Green Lycurth
Pronounciation: Ligh - curr -th
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 547335
Hatching: Gold Parivyth x Bronze Cygneth, Early Autumn P8T15
Final Size: 26' wingspan of 46.5'

Lycurth is nothing extraordinary by the vast majority of dragon standards. She is perfectly ordinary insofar as her bodily proportions. She's built a bit tankier perhaps, being girthy and sturdy and very capable of the work expected of her color. Her agility and endurance will be of no surprise to the Weyrlingmasters and she'll come into the Wings and blend in with all the others. Lycurth stands out in a way that few other dragons in Solaria are able to, her wings have a glow of red to them. It's a fascinating trick of the light that only happens when her wings are completely lit up by the bright daylight of Rukbat's rays. The light must be strong and then her wings look remarkably and brightly red.

In truth, Lycurth barely notices the special effects of her own wingsails. It's hardly impressive to her and she shrugs it off as something as everyday and ordinary as waking up and going for a walk. This green instead thinks more of the sort of grape leaf and vine filigree markings in dark olive green that trace up and down her legs and along the leading edge of her wingsails. They look so real that you might think they were actual leaf and vines planted upon her.
Lycurth has a very relaxed personality and there is not much that upsets her. You could step on her tail and she'll just turn and look at you blankly. If she were to fall over, she might get a little upset and react some, otherwise she is a green of few words. There is little she complains about and can be easily satisfied with a few loving words from her rider.
She has a strange fondness for wine and any vinter out there will instantly pique her interest. Lycurth will easily take a fancy to and look up to Aurikoth, joining him from time to time in an escapade for the drink that everyone keeps to humankind. So selfish! Despite this, she understands that there is a limit to her ability to acquire the wine and there would never be quite enough to slake her draconic thirst. This is where she ceases her plot to gain access to the drink, because all it takes is the reminder that there'll never be enough wine for a dragon like herself, let alone Aurikoth. Lycurth enjoys playing games and fooling around, within reason. Music and dance are favorite entertainments and she'll try in her own way to join in. She's not too bad of a singer once she gets the hang of it, but dancing will always be limited to frolicking movements and swirling spins. She can't 'break it down' like the humans can.
When it comes to flights, she's all about the muscle. Oh, a flowery phrase might get her attention, but Lycurth is looking for someone to muscle her down. If he's being boisterous, she'll let him take her even before she feels the slightest bit tired. Her flights are largely anti-climatic in this fashion, however you put a couple of mans out chasing after her who bump and push and throw their weight around and you'll have a real flight on your hands. That is when Lycurth tries to pick the bossiest, strongest, most egotistical dragon of the bunch!
Threadfall is the only time that you'll find her being a serious green. This isn't fun and games. This is war! Lycurth takes no prisoners during Threadfall and flames with gusto. She flies with the intent to last as long as she can so that she can claim the lives of as many of her enemies as possible. Her wings will flash red in the light on a sunny day and her flame bright yellow and orange, but Lycurth is the picture of a hard and earnest fighter. Only when she has her energy spent will she return and return to being a relaxed dragon.

Inspiration: The Lycurgus Cup
Dragon Credit: Shouriko

Hatching Message: The Loyal Friend Egg shook and quivered in little bursts. It had started from the very beginning of the humming that resonated from all the dragons in the Weyr. The cracks that appeared on The Loyal Friend Egg were bold and stark, thick cracks that looked to break clean. It took just a little more effort by the little dragon inside to shatter the shell bit by bit until there was a space open enough for the little one to exit. Out from the remnants of The Loyal Friend Egg came the olive-toned The Dichroic Green, so ordinary in appearance she was, no one could know that her most distinguishing characteristic would be seen once she was outside.

She shivers and shakes, getting the loose egg goo off of her. The Dichroic Green, as young and new to the world as she is, isn't in any hurry. She has time, all the time in Pern until there is a grumbling in her stomach. That does hasten her approach towards the line of Candidates. She starts with the boys first, pausing to assess Idaris and then taking a long gander at Thaedis. The olive-toned green marches over to the girls, many of them with heads full of golden wings and lofty dreams, all of them so silly! She does look over the more mature-minded girls like Brie, Resha, and Reyda but none of them strike her fancy. She dismisses them and returns to the boys side, narrowly bumping into Nimridian as she quickens her pace to reach the boy who is all hers. The Dichroic Green looks to her new rider with eyes ablaze with rainbows as he cries out, "U'os? I'm U'os am I?" Urnamelos breaks out a big grin and he walks off with his new lifemate and love, Lycurth

Egg Name: The Loyal Friend Egg
Egg Description: This egg is medium sized, and it has a tendency to lurk around the larger eggs - always underfoot, somehow. It's a pale golden colour but has three dark markings that almost look like a face, though not that of a person. The surface is finely waved and should you touch it, it will feel soft and warm. This egg brings nothing but good feelings to those who look at or touch it. It's hard not to smile when you see it; there's something almost goofy about the way it sits in the sands.
Egg Inspiration: Golden Retriever
Egg Credit: Kitya

Dam: Gold Parivyth (Alista)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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