Name: Lyrint
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: Late Summer I7T192
Location: Mathon Hold
Rank: Apprentice Farmer

Mini-Biography: Dark blonde hair, blue eyes, soft features (appears angel-like)
A young man whose every drive in life is based on revenge for the deaths of his mother, father, and elder brother caused by the unflown Mathon Threadfall. He was spared from great pain and injury having only received light scoring on his right shoulder and left leg, scars that may heal away to nothing in several Turns. He is a willing member of the thieving group rumored to have its base in Mathon, but as proud as he is to say so will not openly declare his allegiances. He intends to have retribution for the pain inflicted upon his family. Has a surprisingly light personality with secretly kept dark undertones.
Mini-Biography Credit: Shouriko

Siblings: Errint

Availability: Not available - adopted by LdyPayne

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