Impressed to Blue Phreyrith

Name: M'cai (Maedecai)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T187
Former Rank: Journeyman Baker

Originally of Mathon, Maedecai came to Solaria with the refugees and never left.
A hardworking man who applies himself heart and soul into everything he undertakes. He had always dreamed of being dragonrider, but his time is running short. Since he was lucky enough not to have suffered losses from the unflown Threadfall, he has no hard feelings with the Weyr. His feelings are mixed on women on fighting Dragons, however he is more accepting of women on Greens rather than Blues. Good-natured, gentle, and an all-around good guy may best describe him.

Mini-Biography Credit: Shouriko


Availability: Not available - adopted by Mandy (Profile).

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