Impressed to Blue Jakbenth

Name: M'kein (Malkein)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T185
Former Rank: Journeyman Harper

Malkein is the son of M'ven (rider of brown Pavoth) and Keirana (journeywoman weaver from Ketrin Hold). His mother had been visiting Solaria Weyr for the first time as part of her apprenticeship, and she had been caught in the flight lust from the gold flight and ended up with M'ven. But she quickly fled the Weyr after that, and fortunately she walked the tables to become a Journeywoman shortly after so that her pregnancy was not found out until after, otherwise it would have affected her qualifications to walk the tables. Since then she has not returned to the Weyr, and never told M'ven about the existence of his son. Unfortunately she never married either, since few if any decent Hold men were willing to take a woman who already had a child out of wedlock.

So Malkein grew up with a rather difficult childhood, though his mother never lied to him about his heritage, which led him to be such a determined, honest and hard-working young man as he always strives to prove that he is better than everyone thinks. He became a Harper Apprentice, studying at the Harper Hall for several Turns and eventually walking the tables to become a Journeyman at 22. Shortly after, he was Searched by a dragon much to his surprise as he'd been bypassed many times before, but he gladly accepted the invitation to the Weyr as he saw this as a new challenge for himself to prove that he could be a great dragonrider. Malkein does have half-siblings at the Weyr, including Morela, M'vel, and L'vesh, but none are thus far aware of the relation.

Mini-Biography Credit: Starr

Morela of green Niyath — [Starr]
M'vel (Mavelin) of brown Tygerth — [Redd]
L'vesh (Lovesh) of blue Starnigth

Availability: Not available. Adopted by Maiden (PC Profile).

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