Impressed to brown Pikath

Name: M'lio (Merlio)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7T165
Birth Place: Telgar Hold
Rank: Wingrider

Mini-Biography: Merlio was born in Telgar Hold and apprenticed as a smith in his 12th Turn. At 15 he was Searched and went to Telgar Weyr, where he Impressed brown Pikath. Ten Turns later M'lio and Pikath suffered severe injuries during a training drill. Due to the serious nature of his injuries, he was sent South to recuperate. He found the South far more to his liking and transferred permanently to Solaria. In I7T192 he slept with a kitchen worker named Regine after Pikath lost a flight. From that union a child, Reglio, was born. M'lio had no interest in being a father to the boy and make that clear from the start, despite the child's attempts at attracting the brownrider's attention. By the time his son Impressed, M'lio considered Reglio to be an embarrassment. That only got worse as R'gio progressed through weyrlinghood, and M'lio now distances himself from his failure of a son as much possible.

Mini-Biography Credit: Kitya

Son: R'gio of blue Woperinth (Kitya)

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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