Impressed to Blue Froscinzath

Name: M'tin (Mifratin)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T184
Former Rank: Handyman

Mifratin is a very ordinary young man with muddy brown hair and equally muddy brown eyes. He is well-built, but not very muscular as he is often doing more running around tasks than anything else. He is a very friendly young man and the only reason why he has not settled down properly is in part because he wishes to be a dragonrider like his uncle and also due to his infidelities or rather his homosexual preferences. He once had a fiancé but he had a tryst with a lovely red-haired brownrider and that did it in, helping him to discover his taste for men.

Mini-Biography Credit: Shouriko


Availability: Not available. Adopted by Caerbannog (PC Profile).

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