The Scarred Monarch Brown Macarth

Impressee: A'neil (Aneill)

Name: Macarth
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: cb997f (a5604d)
Final Size: 36 ' length with a wingspan of 66'

The Scarred Monarch Brown’s base color is a lovely white-washed shade of brown, broken in only a few places. His toes are golden-brown, while his face and the tip of his tail are a dark shade similar to loam. Perhaps most interesting, however, is the slash-mark over his left eye, the same golden-brown as his toes. It almost seems like a scar from first look, but he had it upon cracking out of the shell, and once he begins flying Thread, his true scars will show up differently—on most of his hide, they will darken his white-washed hide a little to stand out, but if he is unfortunate enough to be scarred on the face, the darker hide there will actually lighten a shade.

Overall, the Scarred Monarch Brown is rather small for a brown, but his wings are wide and powerful to keep him in the normal range of endurance of a brown. His length also belies the impression of smallness, since he’s quite long and thin with a physique much like a feline’s. So, too, is his movement—very fluid to the point that he nearly always looks like he’s stalking when walking along the ground. His length and general small size, however, give him an interesting advantage in the sky over other browns. He isn’t agile in the air quite like greens and blues, who can turn on a wingtip and fly circles around their bronze brothers. Instead, he is very flexible in the air, his wide wingspan allowing him to stop suddenly or accelerate to great speed with little warning, while also allowing him to reach startling speeds when diving.

When not actively interested in something, the Scarred Monarch Brown can be quite lazy, preferring to spend downtime splayed out in the sun, occasionally nearly rolled onto his back to let the sun warm his belly. As he grows and his wings take up more space, he won’t be quite as able to do this as when he’s young, but it will be a staple of the Scarred Monarch Brown to see him sunning on the rock showing more of his stomach than his wings.

Especially as a youngster, Scarred Monarch Brown is the very archetype of a trickster. He likes pulling the traditional pranksespecially on his rider, whom he sees as an easy targetbut also because he’s quite the cunning beast, who when he knows what he wants, also knows how to get it and isn’t afraid of whatever he has to do for that goal. Much like the archetypal trickster, Scarred Monarch Brown doesn’t care for the hurt that it causes others for him to get what he wants, making him borderline cruel, but it is never really done with the intention of being cruel. Simply a lack of interest or care in morals.

As all tricksters, his fun isn’t just for the sake of fun. Sometimes he takes it quite seriously, and can be childish in his pursuit of it and his reactions when his rider tries to deny him. If he gets set on an idea, he’s stubborn about holding onto it, almost in the face of overwhelming evidence that he has no reason to feel that way. With enough of a smack by reality, Scarred Monarch Brown may grudgingly release these ideas in favor of more realistic ones, but he will probably be grouchy about it.

Deep down, though he throws his chest out and acts like the master of the world who knows all, Scarred Monarch Brown is a bit unsure of himself. He doesn’t know whether to follow or to lead sometimes, and may follow someone who isn’t really worthy of the loyalty, or snub following a great leader based on arbitrary, occasionally childish, reasoning. If his abilities get thrown into question, he is liable to rush headlong into whatever he was hesitating about, intent on being the leader and showing everyone what he’s made of! Whether or not he’s capable of actually accomplishing it. Be wary if he fails—this brown has a tendency to lash out, and may unfairly take his failure out on his rider because that’s the one most likely to be around when his failure really sinks in.

He considers many of the other dragons to be beneath his notice unless they distinguish themselves in some way, though he usually isn’t outright mean or nasty to them unless he’s holding a grudge (and hold it he will!). As such, Scarred Monarch Brown will never be a serial chaser once he matures. He prefers to chase only those he feels are worthy of his attention, but will chase them with a fierce, almost violent desire that’s tinged by possessive jealousy, whether or not he has any reason to feel possessive over the female. If he loses, he’ll probably be in a slump for a while, snappish and grouchy, and may snub the green for a while due to a perceived wrong. It will almost solely be greens, as well—though ambitious, Scarred Monarch Brown is only liable to chase after a gold if someone wounded his pride by suggesting he’d never win.

Inspiration: Simba and Scar from The Lion King
In appearance, he mostly takes after Scar, with a couple dashes of Simba thrown in. For his personality, there is an even dash of the playful, boastful young Simba, the sneaky, ambitious Scar, and uncertain but proud elder Simba. As a mate, I took dashes of Scar’s possessive, greedy attitude, along with his violent tendencies and applied them of what we get to see of Simba as a mate—that he’s quite picky and tends to get attached.

This dragon’s voice depends on what he’s doing. When he’s small, his voice may sound a bit puny even to his own ears, especially the more impressive, draconic sounds like bugling or trumpeting. He may think he sounds more impressive than he does, then get very embarrassed and snappish if anyone points out that he’s not. He grows into a physical voice with more girth and impressive lung capacity as he reaches full size, though, and may end up being quite vocal simply because it sounds fantastic and intimidating.

Even his mental voice will have a variety of flavors. If something excites him, his voice may raise an octave or two, sounding childish and eager no matter how old he might get. Without anything holding his interest, his voice tends to drawl out, the sound almost as lazy as his posture. His voice in general has a mid range, but even when he’s neutral, his voice tends toward sounding sneaky or sinister, even if only a little bit. The more thoughtful he gets, or the more he is plotting something, the more pronounced the effect.

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Fractal Frost Egg quivers a little more energetically now. It rocks violently and then goes quiet, and like the quiet before the storm, it quickly jumps back into heated action. The cracks snap and from the egg stumbles a brown. His pale brown coloring with markings of dark and golden brown make him an eye-catcher. Stumbling a few more steps forward, he finally trips into the sand and rolls the rest of the way towards the candidates. He looks at the ones that had dared to stay near him and he hisses angrily at them. In a flurry of movement not only is this brown back on his feet, but he is shaking the sand and egg goo from him. Stalking away he does not dawdle in drawing up to Aneil. “Oh, Macarth, please do not joke like that. It will trouble everyone else.” A’neil says, coaxing the brown to go with him.

Dragon Credit: Hikari

Egg Name: The Fractal Frost Egg
Egg Description: From a distance this egg is nothing much to look at, a stark white shell with a smattering of black spots seemingly distributed in concentration to the sides of the egg. However take a couple of steps closer and perhaps squint your eyes a bit and the black spots take on the jagged shape of frost as it creeps up the window on a freezing day. As the black spots get further away from the more densely populated areas of black, they start to break off from the original larger mass, though still retain their frost-like appearance.
Egg Inspiration: Dendritic Agate
Egg Credit: Pavlova

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Midath (C'rian)

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