Thing In The Ice Blue Macreath

Impressee: O'rik (Olarik)

Name: Macreath
Pronounciation: mah-cree-ath
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: a2c2e7
Hatching: Gold Femaith x Brown Neovith , Late Autumn P8 T16
Final Size: 35' length with wingspan of 59'


If a dragon could look like ice, that is exactly what Thing in the Ice Blue looks like. He looks cold and frigid, so pale and icy a blue hue to his hide that you might shiver just looking at him. He has a hard and cold look to him as well, like he's been through a world of tough things and is coming out of the storm. He's a handsomely built blue, well proportioned and suited to the task of flaming and flying about. He is of typical muscling, but far from bulky, just a fit looking dragon overall. Thing in the Ice Blue stands at a reasonable height as well, and should his Rider ever have any problems climbing on board, he doesn't see any trouble in leaning down a bit or giving him a boost with his arm.

He's a bit of a stoic dragon, having fun only with a small group of friends, but ever cautious when entering into new situations or making new acquaintances. You can't trust anyone if you don't know where they've been and who they've been with. Thing in the Ice Blue is slow to trust another and won't really believe that they are his friend until they've proven themselves to him. In Threadfall by helping to flame their shared enemy, or on the ground by willingly cutting themselves to show that they bleed ichor. Thing in the Ice Blue is a survivor, after all, doing whatever he must to survive. Sometimes it might seem a little drastic, flying in a strange way to get out of the way of a looming clump of Thread or charging at a fellow dragon in an effort to lose a charging herdbeast or angry Firelizard. If it gets him to his goal with the least amount of harm, then it is worth the while. No wonder he is about as cold in his personality as he is in his appearance. He's suspicious and analytical, ready to strike at danger when it presents itself in creative new ways.

A favorite form of attack for Thing in the Ice Blue is fire. He is more than happy to flame his enemies, mostly just Thread, but he'll flame his food if he can. He'll flame a dangerous looking creature or thing, too, just to make sure it's dead and gone. When all else fails, use fire! He will use quite a lot of it in Threadfall, almost to the point of using as much Firestone as a bronze ordinarily might. His flying is a bit erratic, both in Threadfall and in flights. He's always trying to avoid danger and he's always trying to keep out of close contact with the other dragons. He is especially careful in his choice in females. Thing in the Ice Blue only chases those females he knows and trusts already and for a long while that will be limited to the greens from his own clutch. It will take many Turns for him to come to trust in other greens, both older and younger, and start chasing them as well.

Inspiration: Cult Classic Movie The Thing
and character R.J. MacReady
Dragon Credit: Shouriko

Hatching Message:
The Deviled Egg is long covered with spider-line cracks before it really begins to dance to life. Whatever little dragon is inside the Deviled Egg, it hasn't gone easy on the egg. This hatchling wants out! And it wants out now! A leg pops out through the shell, no longer able to contain the Thing in the Ice Blue. After one leg comes another and the Deviled Egg falls to pieces around the dragon who tumbles forth onto the dark sands.

Thing in the Ice Blue gives a shake of his head. He looks a bit dizzy and unsteady on his feet. He examines the eggs still left on the sands and checks all the broken shells and empty wallows. Where did all the others go? Well, he won't be stuck sitting out here waiting to see what might happen if he doesn't keep right on moving. Thing in the Ice Blue gives a look to the bronze lazing about on the sands and gives a little warble to him, trying to urge him to hurry himself up. Without waiting for an answer from his bronze brother, Thing in the Ice Blue heads for the Candidates.

He checks a few Candidates out, even giving Cenally a chance to reach out and touch him as he examines her. Thing in the Ice Blue doesn't stay near her long enough to actually set a finger on him as he darts past her towards a boy. "Macreath!" Olarik cries out the name of the blue as they meet with each other. He falls down to his knees and wrap his arms around the neck of the icy blue dragon. "Yeah, I'm O'rik now. Huh? My blood? What are you— OW! That hurt!" Thing in the Ice Blue Macreath had scratched his chosen Rider and was staring intently at the blood. "Of course it's just blood! What did you think it was? Oi, don't worry about that, let's just go get you fed."

Egg Name:
Deviled Egg
Egg Description:
This egg is round and almost completely white except for some red speckles up top.  This egg is medium sized and pretty unforgettable, yet somehow people seem to just like it, though some will disagree and call it the worst egg out there. The egg smells well…exactly like an egg. If anyone touches this egg they will find that it feels rubbery somehow, and is sort of soft, almost like the egg doesn't actually have a shell.
Egg Inspiration:
Deviled Eggs
Egg Credit:

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Brown Neovith (S'wyn)

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