Brown Mahalth

Impressee: L'dyn (Lidyn)

Name: Mahalth
Colour: Bronze
Hex Colour Code: ddccaa

Mahalth is one of the largest browns, at the extreme end of the spectrum and rivaling the smallest bronzes in size. His hide is a very light beige, and his color pales to near white on his belly, wing membranes, and head knobs. He has a round and bulky figure with broad wings, and where he lacks in speed and agility, he makes up for in brute strength and endurance. But he is very symmetrical in appearance.

Mahalth is a dragon that believes in grand gestures, and if he chooses to do something, whether it be chasing a female dragon or fighting Thread, he will do so with all of his passion and strength. There is no such thing as simple tasks to this dragon, because even the most insignificant chore must be taken seriously and completed whole-heartedly. But he has an unwavering and almost fanatical devotion to the golds of the Weyr, treating them as the queens they are and he would never dare to disobey one, much less argue against one, because everything they say and do is LAW.

Inspiration: (Architecture) Taj Mahal

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Bright Bars Egg was not subtle in announcing its hatching, and with one firm motion, it rocked to the right, and then the left, and then it toppled onto its side. There was only a single crack that splits the shell in half, and a shove from within broke the egg apart. Out popped a dramatic wing, followed by a pale head, and the dragon within wasted no more time jumping forth from its egg remnants. The brown stumbled forward, and then gaining his balance, raised his head regally. He was quick to turn his attention to the candidates though, and without hesitation he waddled his way over to one in particular. Lidyn watched as the dragon approached him, and a look of surprise flashed across his features. "Mahalth?" he inquired, before reaching out hesitantly to touch the brown, who then forced his head into the young man's body. L'dyn then made his way off the sands with the brown, hunger calling the young dragon's attention.

Dragon Credit: Starr

Egg Name: Bright Bars Egg
Egg Description: This egg is mainly gray, with large geometric blocks of a slightly greener shade. A deeper green is also present in much smaller blocks, running across somewhat haphazardly placed large bars of a brighter, almost purple-y gray color.
Egg Inspiration: A painting by my grandfather. I've always thought it looks like he took some long sponges and some paint and attacked the canvas, but it is quite pretty.
Egg Credit: Anahira

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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