Green Maitreth

Impressee: Uliria

Name: The Courtly Lady Maitreth
Pronounciation: may-TRETH
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 8db584
Hatching: Gold Parivyth x Bronze Cygneth, Early Autumn P8T15
Final Size: 28.9' wingspan of 48.4'

Fresh from the egg, the Courtly Lady Greenis a perfect miniature. Although she is easily one of the smallest hatchlings on the sands, she does not give the impression of being especially frail. Within a few months of being born, the Courtly Lady Green will lose her distinction as being the smallest green in the clutch. Not only will she grow quickly, but it will seem that one portion of her body will grow far more rapidly than the other. One month - her wings will be unusually long, but the next month the rest of her body will have caught up to her wings … until suddenly she's towering over the rest of her sisters.

Despite the fact that theCourtly Lady Green's proportions will seem to change on a month-to-month basis, and that she will inevitably go through extremely awkward phases of growth, the Courtly Lady Green always holds herself with confidence. For most of her youth she will be a clumsy dragon, and it will take quite some time for her to shed this. Try as she might to adopt the mannerisms of the older females, it will take a considerable amount of time before the Courtly Lady Green manages to escape the appearance of a small child imitating their mother.

Once the egg goo and sands have been properly cleaned from her hide, the beautiful coloration of the Courtly Lady Green can truly be admired. The pale mint that comprises the bulk of her coloration evokes a sense of luxury and class. The majority of her hide is unmarked and perfectly smooth, with the exception of a delicate tracing of a darker shade coloration around her neck. This darker color encircles her chest like an elaborate necklace worn by a fine Lady.

Through her awkward growing pains, the Courtly Lady Green's saving grace will be her beautiful markings. They will not only remain as clear as the day that she hatched, but as she grows larger, it will be easier to see the elaborate detailing within these markings.

The Courtly Lady Green will take slightly longer than average to reach maturity, and will continue to grow (albeit very slowly) until she is nearly two Turns old. While it will not be an easy journey, in time the Courtly Lady Green will return to the perfect proportions she was born with. A grandly robust example of her color, the Courtly Lady Green has what many would consider an ideal build for a green. Although she is femininely sleek, she is also muscular enough to be able to last an entire 'Fall.

Other than her looks, this young dragon doesn't stand out much from the other Weyrlings. When she is young, the Courtly Lady Green will be a sweet and lovable dragon. Much like a human child, she is very curious about the world about her, and will constantly be asking her rider ~ Yes, but why?~. The Courtly Lady Green is generally very well-behaved and thrives on the approval of her teachers. If she does cause mischief it's never on purpose or out of malice.

While it is not unusual for a dragon to view their rider as the most wonderful thing on all of Pern, this is especially true for the Courtly Lady Green. She firmly believes that her rider has all of the answers, and can be extremely persistent when it comes to trying to convince others of this fact. The Courtly Lady Green has a protective streak towards her rider, which will grow as she gains a better understanding of what others may think of her dear rider. The Courtly Lady Green considers her rider her closest confidant, and although she may enjoy occasionally gossiping with the other young dragons, her rider's secrets will always be safe.

The fact that others are not always as kind and virtuous as her dear rider may come as a hard lesson for The Courtly Lady Green. At some point in her youth, it is likely that some of her classmates may try to take advantage of her gentle and generous nature. Fortunately, the Courtly Lady Green learns practical lessons as quickly as she learns academic ones. While she will continue to present a certain innocent and frivolous air, the Courtly Lady Green is the type of dragon to learn from her mistakes in order to prevent them from happening again.

While she considers bragging about one's accomplishments uncouth, there is no doubting the Courtly Lady Green's high-bred poise. The constant questioning of her youth will eventually pay off, and the Courtly Lady Green will slowly develop an intricate understanding of how the world works. Although she is exceedingly ambitious, and very interested in making sure that both she and her rider receive the recognition that they deserve, the Courtly Lady Green understands her place in the Weyr. She knows she is a fighting dragon and not a gold, but she considers herself a classy lady, and enjoys being treated as such.

It will be difficult to rile up the Courtly Lady Green. Those who do not appreciate her feminine charm and refined nature are simply ignored, and unless the other dragon is foolish enough to try to bring Courtly Lady Green’s rider into the argument, she prefers to turn the other cheek. The innate good manners that Courtly Lady Green possesses will develop into a certain sense of classiness, and a fine sense for Weyr politics.

Like her mother, Courtly Lady Green will develop a finely tuned sense of the natural hierarchy in the Weyr. Golds are technically on the top, but according to the Courtly Lady Green ‘s perspective of the world, their influence outside of the hatching Sands is limited at best. From the perspective of a Fighting dragon, the bronzes and browns that hold the true power. While a rising gold certainly gets their attention, greens - which have far more opportunities to socialize and charm - are the females who ultimately hold sway over the Weyr’s leading men.

When it comes down to it, the Courtly Lady Green is not afraid to assume a leadership position. However, she would much prefer to assume what she considers a ~Supportive role ~, meaning, she prefers to manipulate and mold the current leaders to do what she'd like, but have them take the blame if things don't go well. You can bet she'll be a shadow, whispering suggestions in others ears.

When Courtly Lady Green sees bronzes and browns, she sees opportunities. The Courtly Lady Green is beautiful and furthermore, she knows that beauty can be a powerful tool if used correctly. She's not afraid at all to use her beauty to gain power, especially if she's unhappy with the way things are going. The Courtly Lady Green does not snub the attention of the Weyr’s blues - whom she sees as useful tools for spreading rumors and ideas - but she is far less likely to lavish them with the same level of attention. Although her appearance is certainly useful when it comes to influencing others, she also knows she's much more than a beautiful set of wings and will make this clear if needed.

While Courtly Lady Green views other greens as potential rivals, she understands the importance of likeability. Furthermore, she also understands the importance of staying on top - and manipulating - gossip. While she does not like spreading rumors, and does not make a habit of being overtly cruel, she is not above using other’s weaknesses to push herself up - especially if that other dragon is a green. Given her good breeding, it is only natural that the Courtly Lady Green knows how to lay on the charm. She enjoys chatting with other dragons, and while some may view her as frivolous and petty, she is likely to become fairly well-liked.

Fighting Thread-
In her ideal world, the Courtly Lady Green would spend her days lounging in the sun alongside a pair of handsome bronzes. While she does not possess the same keen instinct that drive some of her siblings to long for the opportunity to destroy Thread, she does understand that it is one of her duties, and thus cannot be neglected. Although the Courtly Lady Green is naturally athletic, unless ordered otherwise, she prefers to use her abilities for the sake of showing off rather than for the sake of Fighting Thread in the most efficient way possible. She will insist upon producing the largest possible flames, and the most complicated aerial movements she is capable of - even if they are not needed at that particular moment. She will do best in a Wing with strong leadership that will keep her focused on the task at hand.

While Courtly Lady Green is willing to get dirty for the sake of her Threadfighting duties, she has a strong dislike for the dust and ash that accompany the task. The Courtly Lady Green will insist upon a bath for both herself and her rider at the first possible moment.

During Flight-
The Courtly Lady Green's flights are something to behold. In the days before rising, her pale hide will take on a luminous, sparkling quality that is certain to get the attention of anybody who looks her way. While the Courtly Lady Green understands that she is not a gold in her day-to-day activities, she likes to indulge herself during her Flights, and will almost always try to blood her kills before rising. Although the Courtly Lady Green's Flights are physically demanding, as she uses several tricks and flies as quickly as she possibly can, she enjoys the sensuous aspects of Flights as well.

She enjoys the attention that she gets from flights, both before she rises and during the chase. Although Courtly Lady Green appreciates the gesture of any dragon joining her Flights, she prefers to be caught by bronzes or ranking browns. It's not that there is anything wrong with the other colors, it's just, they simply won't do for a dragon of her caliber.

Being the Courtly Lady Green's mate is no easy task. While she does not expect any degree of loyalty out of her partners, she does demand affection and attention. Never at a shortage for admirers, she has no problem moving on if her partner does not meet her standards. When she is younger, she is liable to chose different males with every Flight, but will eventually settle down on a small handful of favorites as she matures.

Inspiration: The Necklace of Madame du Barry, Maîtresse-en-titre.
Dragon Credit: Kati, Noto

Voice: High pitched, but not shrill. Sophisticated with good articulation.


Hatching Message: THE SUNSET FLOWER egg rocked back and forth, shaking rather violently. There was a short pause before the egg started up again. Through the cracks a small, arm appeared. It quickly scratched at the shell for a while, taking it's sweet time to get out of the egg. After a while, and several pieces of the egg had fallen away, the Courtly Lady Green finally emerged with a shake of her head. She looked pleased with herself, and looked around the candidates near her with a smug satisfaction. Her head held high, she walked past the candidates, as none near suited her tastes. She paused to look around, annoyed as hunger hit her. Where was her rider?

Public Impression Message: After looking at several candidates and finding none to her liking, the Courtly Lady Green started to get worried she'd never find her rider. She started to run around, before she finally saw her rider. She ran up quickly to the dark haired candidate, her now rainbow eyes swirling. Finally she had found her rider. >Love I am starving.<

Personal Impression Message: Congrats on Impressing Maitreth! We hope you enjoy playing her! :)

Egg Name: Sunset Flower Egg
Egg Description: Ruffled petals of vibrant color spread out from a central spot located on the broad side of this smaller egg. Each arching section has its own gradient, sweeping from a brief deep red, to orange, to a sunny goldenrod that lines the edges. Each one layers on top of the next, growing larger as they spread across the egg's curves, the pattern ending up looking like a flower thick with petals or a sunset unconstrained by that pesky horizon. Those coming nearer the egg will be treated to a pleasant, earthy smell, much like sun-warmed soil.
Egg Inspiration: Marigold
Egg Credit: Corgi

Dam: Gold Parivyth (Alista)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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