Power of Education Gold Makaith

Impressee: Issilbel

Name: Makaith
Pronounciation: muh-kye-th
Colour: Gold
Hex Colour Code: D4AD33 ("Curneo")
Hatching: Gold Ceocayath x Bronze Cacurnynth, Late Autumn P8 T21
Final Size: 49' length, wingspan of 80'


The Power of Education Gold, at first glance, is a lovely, if not more traditional, shade of gold. What will become obvious as you continue to gaze at her is that she has inherited the red-gold undertones from Ceocayath, blended perfectly together with the sandy-bronze of Cacurnynth. The color is reminiscent of flowing fields of honey wheat, or the gold of a fine antique.

Her hide is not an unblemished, solid gold though. There are several markings that are quite unique to this dragon. Along her neck and up over her headknobs and onto the very top of her head is a delicate pattern of leaves, flowers, and scalloped edges that wraps all the way around like a woman's scarf. Along her left foreleg is a leafy pattern that starts from her knee and runs up her shoulder. In the center of the leaves, where you would expect a flower, is instead a lighter gold pattern that outlines the shape of a man's head. Down her tail, starting just on her rump is another set of patterns as if leaves and flowers were climbing all over it. Each of these patterns is quite unique, and the color as well. Starting at the bottom of the base of her neck, knee, and the tip of her tail, the pattern is a very dark, dusty rose. As the pattern climbs up her neck, up to her shoulder, and up toward her rump, the pattern lightens and becomes a trues rose color, that looks brilliant and shines gorgeously against her golden hide.

Form wise, the Power of Education Gold is just about perfect - or pretty close to it. She's average in size for a gold, perfectly melding the larger size of her mother and smaller size of her father, while still maintaining the lean build of both. She doesn't have any particularly outstanding physical traits, like the scalloped wingsails of her mother. Her movements though, those are controlled, smooth, and made with thought. Rarely, very rarely, will you find the Power of Education Gold moving rashly or in a way that doesn't take those around her into account. She moves with great intention and poise; though underneath it all, there will always be some youthfulness and spryness to her movement and gait as well. This will be especially apparent when she takes to the skies, where she lets some of that controlled grace take a back seat and allows herself enjoy the experience and the thrill of using her wings.


From the moment she breaks shell, the Power of Education Gold will set herself apart from others, not because of her hide color - or perhaps the surprise of her hatching - but because of the contagious joy and youthful optimism that is at the very core of who she is. She is simply a happy dragon, and it is rare that anyone will catch her without a smile on her face. While critics may see her as idealistic or naive, and expect her to outgrow some of her optimism as she matures, the Power of Education Gold will remain steadfast and unwavering in her dreams and visions for the future. Even as a fully mature gold, she will somehow always retain a youthful energy about her that stands the test of time. The Power of Education Gold's optimism will not make her any less empathetic or sensitive to the feelings of others, however, it may be a bit off-putting to some who feel that perhaps she cannot relate to them; or that perhaps she has such lofty ideals and spends too much time pursuing unrealistic and utopian dreams.

If there is one thing that the Power of Education Gold takes from her dam, it is her passionate personality and independence. Like Ceocayath, Makaith will be quite outspoken from the outset, particularly about those matters which are most important to her. She will not speak softly or meekly either, and will often be swift and blunt with her words. Indeed, even as a weyrling she will be a well-spoken young dragon, speaking with the confidence and wisdom of a dragon many Turns her senior. This passionate personality will likely be a challenge for Issilbel at times, as Makaith will have no qualms about putting herself in harms way or sacrificing herself for her beliefs or for what she believes to be the "greater good." Especially in Makaith's weyrling days, it will be up to Issilbel to try to help her balance her convictions with a bit of self-control and self-preservation.

Speaking of those things that are most important to her, Makaith is particularly passionate about learning and education. It will become clear, early on in her life, that she is a scholarly, duty-oriented dragon that takes learning, as well as her role as a leader, very seriously. She will lead by example during weyrlinghood and will be a model student during classes, always engaged and paying attention to the weyrlingmasters. She will not hesitate to ask additional questions for clarity - or simply because she is curious to know more about the subject matter. Outside of class, she will spend a great deal of time practicing the practical skills she has learned, and will even insist on studying with Issilbel and learning some of the same material that her rider is required to know – simply for the joy of it. Indeed, the Power of Education Gold will seemingly not be able to get enough learning, and will yearn to spend her spare time perusing and reading old records to gain more information about the past. She will encourage Issilbel to do so as well, as she believes having better knowledge about the past will make them better, more competent leaders.

This dedication to learning and thirst for more knowledge may earn the Power of Education Gold a reputation early on in weyrlinghood among her clutchmates in that she is a bit of a 'goody two-shoes,' or 'weyrlingmaster's pet.' However, this will not deter her from her efforts in the slightest. In fact, learning is so important to the Power of Education Gold, that she will treat those who do not take education seriously with some disdain and will not be shy about rebuking those who seem to be taking it for granted. In addition, as the Power of Education Gold matures and grows into adulthood, she will become especially interested in increasing literacy of all Weyrfolk, no matter their gender, trade, or station in life. She will have a vested interest in candidates and weyrlings learning how to read especially. If she hears about a particular candidate or weyrling that cannot read, she will be very vocal and insistent on them starting harper lessons as soon as possible – but also very supportive and encouraging at the same time.


While studious and duty-oriented, the Power of Education Gold also has a well-developed sense of humor – perhaps something she gained from her sire, among other things. No, Makaith is not simply some boring, old, hidebound gold. She works hard – but perhaps plays even harder. She can tell a good joke, and isn’t above some good natured teasing – or even a harmless prank, so long as no one gets hurt, of course. She is not easily offended, and even enjoys a good joke at her own expense. Her sense of humor is actually one of her best weapons. She is skilled at taking criticism from others and turning it into a joke, or even making fun of herself so that her enemies (if she ever makes any) hold no power over her.

The Power of Education Gold will have a good relationship with both her clutch parents; however, she will be especially close with her sire, Cacurnynth. She will come to see him as a role model, and it is him that she will seek advice and guidance from the most as she grows. This may become particularly troublesome for Issilbel and perhaps become a strong point of contention between dragon and rider, as Makaith will be particularly inspired and influenced by her sire’s encouragement and support of females Impressing fighting dragons and striving to move up the ranks in their fighting wings. The Power of Education Gold will quickly adopt this mentality for herself, and will be outspoken and supportive on the issue of women’s rights and the opportunity for women to pursue whatever career or path they choose, without limitation. As such, she hopes to see an increase in female impressions to fighting dragons, as well as more female blue and greenriders as wingleaders and wingseconds in the Turns to come.

During Threadfall, the Power of Education Gold will fly, fight, and be prepared for anything. This is her duty, after all, so she will do it. It's the right thing to do, and being able to protect her home, and the innocent lives on the ground only feeds the sense of duty. This is not to say she will enjoy fighting Thread, but she knows it is necessary and important and will not balk when it comes time to fly Thread. Furthermore, being the academic that she is, she will be quite well-versed in Threadfighting tactics and flying formations, and will not hesitate to provide suggestions to her wingleader for how to make Gold Zenith a stronger wing. If a dragon were to fall, be injured, or require the Power of Education Gold's help during Threadfall she will gladly come to their aide. Any deaths that occur during Threadfall will feed the Power of Education Gold's desire to educate the younger dragons to be better prepared for the dangers and intricacies of Threadfighting. It will become a teaching moment for her; If there is something that went wrong, they need to be able to learn from it, and how to prevent it from happening again in the future, if at all possible.

For the Power of Education Gold, motherhood will be met with the same sort of dedication and duty as she treats academic pursuits and her role as a leader. In general, she is not necessarily the most flirtatious of Golds; however, as her maiden Flight draws closer, she will begin to take more of an interest in the bronzes and browns in the Weyr, quietly considering her prospects. This may involve a little bit of flirting on her part, however, she will mainly be interested in having intellectual discussions and discourse with her potential mates, in order to gauge if they have anything in common. Indeed, the Power of Education Gold is likely to be most attracted to males that share her same beliefs and values - or who are at least open-minded enough to hearing her out and having their own opinions changed. When she does Rise to mate, she is not likely to give too much in the way of a warning, and she will Rise without much fanfare or any sort of loud proclamation to her suitors. Issilbel may very well be the only one who receives any sort of indication as to her intentions, being that they are connected through their bond as rider and dragon. During the Flight itself, the Power of Education Gold aims to have fun and enjoy herself, and will actually delight in the the opportunity to feel giddy and girlish about having such male attention. She will aim to provide a fun, yet challenging Flight in order to test their skills; though in the end, she is most likely to choose a male she already has a relationship with and respects. It is also highly likely that once she finds a male she is quite compatible with, she will remain monogamous and faithful to that male, and choose him as her mate and father for her future clutches.

While the Power of Education Gold is certainly invested in the learning of others in general, she will be the most involved in the education of her own children. As a mother, she will seek to instill and foster the value of education and learning in her offspring early on. She will try not to be too overbearing, but if she notices one of her children is not taking learning seriously, or perhaps is struggling with any part of their weyrling training, she will intervene early and quickly and will have no qualms about doing so. At the risk of earning the reputation for being 'overly involved' as a parent, she will also certainly not be above making suggestions to the weyrlingmasters about how to change or improve their curriculum - or even provide suggestions about different teaching methods that might benefit some of her children and their riders that may be struggling. Whatever she does though, and however it might be perceived, she does this with the best interests of her children in mind.

Inspiration: Malala Yousafzai - 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Winner
Name is derived from Malala's pseudonym she used to write blogs for BBC about living under Taliban occupation, Gul Makai
Dragon Credit: Charaa, Neena, Rhee, Ren, Sigyn, Wunderingmind

When Makaith speaks, her voice will retain her youthful energy and happy nature that her personality exudes, no matter her age, and there is always a certain amount of passion behind the words she speaks. Her voice is in the higher register for a female, but is not unpleasant or shrill to listen to. She is often direct or blunt in her words, speaking her mind and getting to the point quickly. Words are important, after all, and she always speaks very deliberately and intentionally. She isn't loud, per say, and she prefers not to shout if it can be avoided - but neither could her tone be considered soft or quiet. Nor will she allow her anger to come through her voice even when another is being rude to her. She will calmly, confidently state what she wants to say and leave it at that. Despite the youthful quality of her voice, confidence drips from her words like a woman far older than her Turns, sounding all the more mature and wise as she grows.

Hatching Message:
The Artistry and Flowers Egg had been quiet until now, the young dragon inside waiting until the right moment. And then all at once the moment arrived and the egg began to rock vigorously in its wallow as the dragon began to make its bid for freedom. Cracks appeared across the shell, marring the delicate design of flowers, and the egg nearly tipped over. If any neighbouring eggs were closer they would have been in danger of being knocked over in the ruckus.

The rocking of the egg slowed as the cracks in the shell of the egg widened. Flashes of movement could be seen from inside the egg, but it was impossible to tell the colour of the hatchling inside. At least, it was impossible to tell until the cracks widened enough for the egg to come apart in several pieces, the hatchling stumbling on the suddenly changed footing at the bottom of the shell broke apart.

The Power of Education Gold straightened up and flared her wings, dislodging a piece of shell that had perched on top of one of them. She turned to look at the falling piece of shell curiously, noticing all of the other fragments scattered about. She had made a bit of a mess, hadn’t she? However, that would have to wait. There was something—someone—waiting for her. Her future.

The Power of Education Gold turned to face the Candidates.

Public Impression Message:
For several minutes the Power of Education Gold stood waiting in the remains of her egg, examining each of the Candidates in Turn. The boys got little more than a glance from her as her gaze fell over them in the lineup. She knew without fail that none of them would be the one for her. The girls, however, each got a careful examination from her position. She knew that one of them would be hers for the rest of their lives and she had to be certain before making her choice.

The Power of Education Gold knew who she wanted before she reached the end of the line, but she would not rush into this decision, and dutifully gave each Candidate their due examination. When she was done examining the last of the Candidates she folded her wings, now dry of remaining egg, neatly against her body, and turned, setting off across the sands.

Even her first steps were coordinated and refined, though as the Power of Education Gold became more confident in her movement a little bounce of excitement entered her step, and she picked up speed to a trot until she reached her chosen Candidate, skidding to a halt and planting herself at the feet of the brown-haired girl, rainbows blooming in her eyes.

Personal Impression Message:
Were you worried? Did you doubt yourself, even for a moment, as she carefully and dutifully examined each and every girl, one by one? Or did you let yourself hope, against all odds, that you were Hers? {My dear Issilbel! There you are!} A youthful, yet refined voice rings inside your mind, clear as a cloudless blue sky, as she sits at your feet and peers at you through the rainbow hues of her eyes. {You and I will make a good team. You and your Makaith,} she says brightly, her face full of pure, unbridled joy, {You have a strong voice. You speak your mind. This is good. Your voice is a powerful tool - one that you must never let anyone take away from you. For silence is the most deadly enemy of all.} She advises, rising to her feet then. You can tell there is much more she wants to say to you. But you can also feel the hunger growing and intensifying inside of yourself - or is it herself? - and it begins to overshadow everything else. {We have much to talk about. Much to learn about the world and one another. But I think a meal is in order first, don't you?}

Egg Name: Artistry and Flowers Egg
Egg Description: Bold black lines separate the colours on this egg. Soft greens, pinks, and yellows run down most of the length of this egg in narrow bands and streaks, pulling the eye down from the top of the egg towards bottom, where there are larger burst of colour in yellow and muted oranges. It's hard to say for sure, but the spots of colour at the bottom seem to resemble some sort of cheerful springtime flower.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: This egg is relatively sedate. It perks up a little in interest and your presence, but doesn't make any fuss about having company, happy to pass the time in peaceful silence. It is not an egg of any grand ideas, but of simple beauty.
Egg Inspiration: Tiffany Stained Glass Lamp
Egg Credit: Rhee

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Cacurnynth (K'ran)

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