Impressee: Renza

Name: Mountain Dreams Green Malukith

Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 00611C
Final Size: 26' wingspan of 44'
Malukith is not the largest green, a little smaller than average actually, but she’s built wiry and tough. The wiry muscle lets her keep going past when others her size might need a break from Fall with their strength spent. Her hide is a deep emerald, and if well taken care of can manage to look almost like the view of the rainforest from above—dark but varied shades of green, rippling across her hide and shining in the sunlight. She’ll be a sight to see when she starts shining in preparation for flight, the green gathering the light so that it looks like the sun reflecting off the surface of a deep green pool of water.

Even from a young age, Malukith will have an uncanny amount of poise. She won’t trip and stumble as much as the other dragonets (small size might help with that, though), and when she slows down a bit, her gait can look almost regal. Not that it stops her from being quite bouncy, especially while young, skipping and racing all over the place when she knows where she needs to be. This will translate to an urge to go fast once she gets to fly, so her rider will need to take care to rein her in before she hurts herself: she may be prone to wing injuries in the early days of flight training. Once her muscle is built up, though, and she learns how to work the wind, she’ll be quite the acrobatic little thing, capable of taking full advantage of her small frame and surprising muscle.

Don’t be fooled by her color. Malukith is quite calm and level-headed, not the type to rush headlong into something without thinking it through. Once she knows what must be done, she can have single-minded intensity about it, though, which will serve her well in Threadfall. Other than that one exception, though, she abhors violence or fighting of any kind. Debates, she can handle perfectly fine, and when she objects to something, she is likely to simply not participate if her protest is strong enough.

Such as excluding her and Renza simply because Renza is a girl and Malukith is a green. She will not tolerate this kind of attitude, but she doesn’t make a huge deal out of it. She simply refuses to cooperate with it, willing to sit and stare down Jasderth or whoever is telling her what to do until they revise their lesson plan. Malukith will happily explain why she is not participating, but she will not let it devolve to an argument on her end, and she will restrain her rider from doing so as well. {Renza, dearest, please calm down. Nothing good will come of you raging at him. He can’t just not train us. Come here and wait with me.} This attitude is likely to get her in a lot of trouble, but she is not easily talked out of it, and will never believe anything but that she is correct, whatever anyone—including her rider—might say.

As a young dragon, she might not really know how to accomplish all the things she feels she should, that’s why she may be prone to wing injuries before her muscle develops properly. While she does think things through, she doesn’t mind personal consequences, so she’s more than willing to experiment with something until it turns out right. She takes instruction well, though, when it’s sound, practical instruction, and is willing to modify her approach according to advice from those older or more experienced than her. However, she doesn’t just take the advice at face value. She’ll mull it over, experiment with it further, until she’s adapted it to how it works best for her.

Stubbornness aside, Malukith is an overall happy, optimistic dragon. She likes believing the best in everything, and when things are going her way, she can even be seen in a kind of draconic skip. This bright attitude can carry Renza through depression if she’s feeling downtrodden as a female greenrider, and Malukith is ever the morale booster for anyone looking down. Chin up, keep walking, nothing ever stays the same, so neither will your misery! Everything gets better with time if you just refuse to accept the things that shouldn’t be there, and keep walking forward. Times get tough, but that’s no reason to let it get to you. At times, if necessary, she can take on an almost oratory air, coming up with phrases of encouragement that sound almost poetic.

Her deep emotions make it easier for her to remember things in certain contexts. Something with a lot of emotional impact is likely to stick, though she may forget many of the details associated with it. For example: she may remember the person that broke Renza’s heart, but she might not remember what happened, when, or why the man hurt her. Oddly, deaths are the exception to this, despite the emotional impact. She will mourn just as sadly as any other dragon when a dragon/rider passes, but it will soon give way to a fresh wave of determination and will easily be forgotten.

However, if she is hurting, she’s more likely to try to keep it from Renza than share it with her, believing that she should be strong and bear her burdens despite their connection. She cares deeply for her rider, and wants to support her through any emotional crises she might have, but at the same time does not want to burden Renza with her own problems if one should arise. Don’t try to pressure her—just being there helps more than you realize due to her sometimes secretive nature. Injustice against the pair of you or other pairs with female riders will cut her deeper than she will let anyone see. She won’t be able to keep you from telling when she’s younger, and if handled properly, she may remain open to you about it once she grows, at least to a certain extent. If she is feeling particularly vulnerable, you may have a few conversations with her about why these things are happening—mostly just a lot of questions she doesn’t feel truly have answers, at least not rational ones, and more than answers, she just wants you to hear her worries. Knowing you’re there for her, that you feel the same way and support her, and hearing that be reiterated will go a long way toward reassuring her.

As a happy, social creature, Malukith is very polite to everyone she meets, including those that she might not think so highly of. She shows respect as a matter of respecting a fellow living thing, not necessarily a reflection of her opinion. She will, quite politely, tell you that she believes she is right, and she will not change her behavior until they change theirs. {I understand that we are needed in the wings to fight Thread. However, due to the current assignment of myself and my Renza, I am afraid we will not be much use even if we do fly with the wing. An alternative assignment, perhaps to one of the wings that gets to reach Thread, would make the best use of my skills. Until then, I am afraid I see no difference between sitting here and flying with Dawnlights Shining.} She doesn’t raise her voice, snap, or otherwise show outward irritation. Gentle statements of fact and a quiet tone of voice are often the best indicators that she may be losing her patience, but it’s unlikely she ever will. Dogged in her determination, she sees losing her temper as failure, and she refuses to fail.

Malukith prefers being in control of herself, so when flights come around and the emotions start overwhelming her, she may become withdrawn. Spending long periods by herself on the heights or curled up on her couch without saying much. Don’t be alarmed if she doesn’t willingly speak to you for a day or more because after the flight’s over, she’ll open up again just like normal. Her calm nature comes out in the flights still, letting her keep her head so she can give the males a real run for their money before she neatly chooses her own winner. This is not a green who is likely to be snatched by males at the last moment due to her agility and cool head. It’s her pick, no one else’s. The winners are probably the kinder and smarter ones, rather than the most athletic. However, she is a green who prefers a solid mate. Once she finds one, no one else will win unless something happens between riders or dragons. If she has no preferred mate in the pack, then she will choose the one she likes best out of them, and is not averse to establishing a friendship with him, but the only guarantee for winning is her affections before the flight begins.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Loosely, anyway, since he is a) not a girl, and b) not really suited to being green. Worked out well enough, though, I guess

Meryl Streep. A voice that’s relatively deep for a woman and can be stirring and powerful when it needs to be. The power of her voice is subtle most of the time, reflected usually just in her words, but when she gets worked up, so too does her voice. While she will never bespeak a person other than Renza due to the constraints of politeness—that isn’t her rider, after all—on occasion, the humans around her might feel some vibrations of strength coming from her when she speaks, feel heartened without really knowing why for example. Her voice is often accompanied by senses of natural beauty—mountainous vistas, forests, open plains, sweeping oceans…. Not exactly like a picture, such as when going between, but more like just an impression. Her voice makes you think of flowers in spring or standing under trees.

Dragon Credit: Hikari

Egg Name: The Moonlight Surprise egg
Egg Description: Around the medium end of the size scale, this pale cream silvery speckled looking egg appears to be totally nondescript, until the night begins. Each of the silvery particles seems to take on it's own mind and starts to glow blue. Not many of the candidates will have been able to see the eggs at night though, so it could tend to be more ignored then some of it's flashier counterparts. Something about this egg when you get close to it draws you in though, it seems to radiate more heat then the others and this alone would be enough to bring attention to itself. Being hidden near the shadowy part of the hatching grounds, some candidates on darker days may have noticed this glow, but being unsure if it was their imagination or if it was real, this would probably remain a lesser discussed point.
Egg Inspiration: Actinium, a silvery metal, radioactive element, which glows pale blue in the dark due to it's radioactivity with blue light.
Egg Credit: Mayhem

Dam: Gold Tylaith
Sire: Bronze Ternath

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