Hopelessly Devoted Green Marademth

Impressee: K'vik (Kovik) [Fairytale]

Name: Marademth
Pronounciation: Mahr-a-demth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 2d4714
Hatching: Gold Audalath x Bronze Cygneth, P8 T19 Early Winter
Final Size: 24' wingspan of 38'


Even as a hatchling, the Hopelessly Devoted Green moves with a grace most fresh-out-of-the-shell dragonets lack. Her ease of movement isn’t borne of purposeful vanity, nor calculated poise. Rather, she has a self-possessed knowledge of her body, movement, and goals that carries over into the way she holds herself. Her wings rest comfortably on her back, unfurling only when truly distressed or preparing for Flight. Her tail moves easily behind her, understated and not prone to expressive movement, unless she is impassioned. In that case, her tail will stiffen, rising slowly with her level of pique.

The Hopelessly Devoted Green is rather large for her color, as a hatchling. She is closer to the size of a blue, likely giving Hers hope that she will be very large as an adult. This, unfortunately, is a false hope. She will grow in slow increments, quickly overshadowed as her clutchsiblings grow in larger spurts, which will allow her to preserve her grace – no awkward lankiness stretching out proportions and causing clumsiness. The Hopelessly Devoted Green will never trip over her tail or become overburdened by her wings. Her adult size is small, but proportional; a small wingspan to match her short stature. Despite her size, few will mistake her as ‘delicate;’ the green’s active nature will have her well-muscled, especially once she does reach her adult size, with strong haunches and muscular wings to help her keep up with her larger brethren. She will never be bulky, but neither is she a dainty flower.

Her hide is a deep, mottled green, giving the impression of a far-off forest or a wrinkled petticoat. Running a hand along her back will betray this illusion; the Hopelessly Devoted Green is smooth and warm. She’s not particularly prone to bouts of itchiness (as she’s not prone to large growth spurts) as she gets older. A whorled, yellow-green pattern encircles her neck. Beginning in between ridges near the base of her neck, and travelling down to the base of her barrel chest, these whorls make a deep ‘V’ collar of contrast from her typical coloring. When she is growing proddy, the markings will darken, until they almost disappear amongst the rest of her mottled hide. This will be a clear indication for Hers when she is near to Rising.


The Hopelessly Devoted Green is just that - hopelessly, irrevocably devoted to Kovik. More than anything or anyone else on the planet, he is Hers in every since of the word: hers to love and to cherish and to follow to the ends of Pern. Kovik is the most fascinating, most wonderful, all-around best person to ever grace Pern. And this is not because Kovik is Hers; instead, Kovik is Hers because she believes this. Of course you are brave, Mine. I chose the most brave man on all the Sands, on all of Pern! She is quick to compliment, earnest in her praise, and always eager to assure him of her faith in him.

Especially as a hatchling, the Hopelessly Devoted Green can be rather naive. She sees the best in people (particularly, Hers) and assumes they have those best intentions in mind with everything they do; rarely will she be willing to accept that someone would lie or have ill-intent. An empathetic creature, she is attuned to people's emotions more than their words. She will be quick to pick up on one of her clutchsiblings feeling left out of the group or that a small boy wandering around the lake is sad, and even quicker to extend an offer to join them. Unkind words or cruel actions make no sense to her -Why be ugly, Soricaeth, when you could be kind, instead? As she grows, she will become strictly devoted to something else: bringing out the goodness in everyone around her. She knows the innermost good in people, Hers most of all, and she is not afraid to put them back on the right path.

Anything, anything that Kovik asks of her, the Hopelessly Devoted Green will strive to do. In Weyrlinghood, or in the early days of fighting Thread, special attention will need to be paid to the demands that are made upon her. Certainly, she will not stop flying until she strains a wing or collapses in exhaustion - if Hers thinks she can do it, then certainly she can. Fighting Thread is not a prospect that consumes her, as it does some; even when she's faced with it, this green will not be overtaken with the desire to defend Pern. But she will always be driven to impress Kovik.

Hers may have her loyalty most of all, but he is not the only one whom she loves. The Hopelessly Devoted Green will staunchly defend her friends, her clutchsiblings, and those close to Hers. In defense of others is likely the only time that this green will say a harsh word to anyone (if you can even classify her words as 'harsh'). Excuse me! You know nothing about what you speak! She is kind, polite to a fault, but if she feels (even erroneously) that someone she loves is being slighted, she will be sure to step up to the plate.

In Flights, the Hopelessly Devoted Green will be choosy, working to find a brave male to sweep her out of the skies. She will be in no rush to settle down with any one dragon - but eventually, the bravest and the boldest of her Chasers will win her devotion. This will be a near-impossible bond to break; he may Chase and Catch other greens, or even golds, so long as he comes back to her. It would take a true devastation to break her heart, and even if this occurs, she would never bear him ill-will.

Desdemona from William Shakespeare's Othello; hopefully Marademth will have a much happier story. Her name is partly inspired from the woman credited as the first English female actress, Margaret Hughes, who played Desdemona.

Dragon Credit: Michi

Marademth's voice is soft, gentle, befitting a proper lady of good breeding. She speaks rhythmically; when her words grow passionate, in anger or excitement, the rhythmic will become staccato, but will rarely gain volume. Though she will never be one for long speeches, with Marademth, every word counts.

Hatching Message:
The Spring's Here Egg was not one to dawdle. It has been rocking, eagerly, since the humming began, and now it was ready. The rocking morphed into shaking, and then into a frantic vibration - and then a dark, damp foot was punched through the red side of the shell. The hatchling within didn't pause to savor this victory. Not when the job's not done quite yet! Another shake, another shudder, and then the rest of the shell caved in, leaving a damp, mottled green covered in the pieces. The Hopeless Devoted Green gave a long, languid shake, ridding herself of shell and goo, and set off on the Sands toward the Candidates before her.

Public Impression Message:
It seemed that the Hopelessly Devoted Green was travelling with purpose. She didn't need the Now Kiss! Bronze's help to find who she was looking for as some of her siblings did. No, she was headed somewhere, with a clear destination in mind - though she kept growing distracted with those in her path who seemed sad, or worried, or distressed in some way. Echkalo received a nudge, and then Baecoj, bolstering the boys -  but she never lingered. She gave them what little she could,  but they were not what she wanted. They were not what she needed. 

Thus, it was a slow journey crossing the Sands, bisecting the paths of some of her siblings and navigating around the Candidates she did not find interest in. Finally she arrived at another dark-haired Candidate; this time, when she nudged his leg with her head, her eyes whirled rainbow. She had arrived. This one - this one was Hers.

Personal Impression Message:
Had you seen her, yet? Had you noticed her? She had taken some time to get to you, admittedly. There were so many between you and she, and her heart was not one to harden against them. But she had always known she was going to end up right here. She had not needed direction; she had lain eyes on you from across the Sands and known that you were her greatest match, and now she was a gentle pressure against your mind, entreating you for entry. K'vik - oh, splendid K'vikMine. Won't you let her in?

She bumped against you, as she'd done some of the other boys. This time, though, she stayed, her head pressing against your thigh. Mine. That was the only word that truly mattered at this exact moment. You were hers. My heart's subdued; no longer could I abide by your absence. I am your Marademth. She - Marademth, your Marademth - is so very earnest, looking up at you with such utter faith that you will welcome her. And you will. Won't you?

Egg Name: Spring’s Here
Egg Description: Sitting proudly on the sands is a medium sized roundish egg which somehow seems larger than it actually is. Nearly two thirds of the egg is a bright orange red which makes the egg seem to bulge outward. The rest of the egg is a uniform dark brown-grey which serves to make the brighter portion all the more prominent. The texture of the egg is fairly smooth and pretty much what you would expect an egg to feel like.
Egg Inspiration: Robin
Egg Credit: LdyPayne

Dam: Gold Audalath (Ellandra)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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