Bronze Marith

Impressee: Th'ants (Thalants)

Name: Marith

Colour: Bronze
Hatching - Late Winter, Turn 2, 8th Pass
Final Size: 41.2' by 68.4'

Few dragons are as dark as this one, and so one is not to be mocked for believing at first that he could be a black dragon. Marith is exceedingly darkly coloured, the colour barely varying at all over his whole body. The telling clue that he is in fact a bronze is the subtle shimmer to his hide, a metallic hint that is more prominent the brighter the light he's in. Though squat and low-slung, almost wher-like in this respect, this dragon is well muscled and will most likely excel in long flights, as well as bursts of speed thanks to his proportionate, heavily-muscled wings.

Sage and wise from cracking shell, Marith is one of Pern's more philosopher-like dragons. Everything he does he thinks through beforehand, taking his time over decisions. He mulls them over like an old man contemplating something, with the occasional 'hm' as he does so. While some may find this delay in decision making annoying, his patient nature is often rewarded when he comes up with a thought or solution to a problem that others may not have ever come up with. For all this, however, he'll normally stay quiet unless he thinks his contribution to a discussion or suchlike is useful.
He's not the most talkative of dragons, but when he does socialise with others he's quite the gentleman. All are treated with the same respect, no matter how hard they are to get along with. He's a dragon with a long fuse, and to make Marith lose his temper would be an achievement indeed. He's almost too calm about things, more interested in diffusing situations than causing confrontation. Peaceful words are his most-used weapon for this, but he'll admit defeat if he can't negotiate with someone and walk away. Better to leave with your dignity than get into a needless fight and lose face.
Rank is of some importance to Marith, though he'll not pursue it actively by hounding a dragon who could help him out. Rather he'll work hard at improving to fit a role, and probably drop subtle hints about a position he's after for himself and Th'ants. Should he get it he'll be quietly happy; if he's passed over, he'll likely be annoyed, though he'll try to hide it so as not to seem like a sore loser.
One thing that Marith will enjoy – and indeed be very good at – will be inventing things. Epic tales of fictional characters of his own devise, and amazing images drawn completely from his imagination will be used to amuse not just Th'ants but anyone who shows a passing interest. Some may notice a resemblance to living people in his characters, though Marith may not admit to it being an intentional thing if questioned about it.

Dragon Credit: Legal

Dam: Gold Bacapth (Almerion)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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