Green Maunekth

Impressee: P'voch (Pavovoch)

Name: Maunekth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code:
Final Size:

Physically, Maunekth is a very buoyant green. She is of average size but does not have a heavy build, and is in the habit of using her wings as she walks so that she is ready to fly at any moment. Her wings are long and built for speed. Her color is a nice medium green with some faint grey-green striping on her legs and tail.

Maunekth has an even worse attention span than that of a typical green, meaning that she essentially doesn't have one. Her mind works too quickly, and she seems to have solved problems almost before the question or dilemma has been fully clarified. This means that often her "solutions" are just plain wrong. She tries very hard, and with direction from her rider she will be a valuable addition to a wing because of her willingness to face any task and try to beat it. She likes being seen as clever and may be somewhat of an attention-seeker throughout training.

Inspiration: Amaunet, the Egyptian Goddess of Air or Hidden Power

Hatching/Impression Message:
There was a small lull in the hatchings, time enough for everyone to catch their breath and for the Candidates to realize just how warm the Sands really were. Those with keen eyes noticed something strange going on with the Ethereal Storm Egg. Bits of the shell seemed to be falling off, and the cause was revealed when a claw poked out yet another small hole. There was some shifting around, making the egg wobble, and a bright eye could be seen peeking through this new peephole. After the next hole was poked the shell seemed to have reached its limit for structural integrity. As the dragon inside moved to look, her face broke through low on the shell, close to the sandy floor. With a startled squawk, the green shrugged her way out of her egg, and then leapt to her feet. Flapping her wet wings mightily to propel herself along the Sands, she didn't mind where she was going and ran smack into Pavovoch. He caught her after steadying himself and was suddenly lost in her eyes as Impression was made. The young man, now P'voch, couldn't help laughing at how her agile mind darted all over the place while he led his Maunekth off the Sands.

Dragon Credit: Rachel

Egg Name: Ethereal Storm Egg
Egg Description: A first glance marks the shell as being predominantly inky blue- as dark as a night having finally conquered day. Jagged silvery lines streak down its shell, from top to bottom, sharply crooked and never meeting, save for those that seem to branch off from one bigger. Quasi-circles of varying sizes are spaced between these would be 'strikes', though no two are identical. Upon closer inspection, they appear to be intricate shapes, almost like flowers, or snowflakes… But instead of the expected white, these 'circles' are a bright, neon, electrical-blue- making them stand out even more against the monochromatic backdrop.
Egg Inspiration: Anecdotes of snowflakes seen during a lightning storm
Egg Credit: Symmetry

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Fienth (F'gon)

Status: Deceased

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