The Singing Blue Melasyth

Impressee: Emblia (Michi)

Name: Melasyth
Pronounciation: MEL-ah-sith
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 51546b
Hatching: Gold Ceocayath x Bronze Escamilloth, Early Winter P8 T18
Final Size: 35' wingspan of '52


This isn't a blue who is shy about his presence! Stocky, broad and powerful, The Singing Blue may be clumsy and too strong for his own good during Weyrlinghood but he'll swiftly grow into his strength and size. Maturity will see him lengthening out to match his bulk, with a long, strong tail and a compact frame set on stout legs. Though large for a blue, his wings are proportionally short and capable of folding in unusually close to his body. His head is blunt and large, with a short muzzle and wide-set, small eyes. While they might otherwise look beady, there's something in those glittering eyes that speaks of great intelligence and, more importantly, great mischief.

The Singing Blue is so dark that he could easily be mistaken for black, right up until the light flashes off his slick hide to reveal deep, rich blue. A wispy flash of gray in the shape of an anchor spreads along the front of his barrel chest and flows down into a pale belly. With age, he'll develop another splash of light coloring across his back just behind his wing joints, reminiscent in shape to a runner's saddle, that will eventually run all the way down to the tips of his tail.

Even as a hatchling, The Singing Blue carries himself confidently. If ever a dragon could be said to swagger, it would certainly be him! His every move oozes power, strength and, once he outgrows his fumbling talons, a very masculine grace that he's eager to show off at every turn. He moves slowly along the ground, each step measured and firmly planted like a big, plodding feline.

From the first, Melasyth is a dragon driven - every task, from first finding his beloved Emblia on the Sands to the simplest of Weyrling lessons, will be met with a single-minded determination that's hard to match. This can frequently translate into stubbornness that may frustrate even Emblia, with Melasyth literally throwing himself against problems until he exhausts them both.

Thanks to this, Weyrlinghood may initially be a struggle for the pair until they hit their stride. Melasyth is a surprisingly intelligent dragon, with a cunning mind that can be applied to either excelling at their lessons or causing mischief when he's bored - and unfortunately for everyone else in the Weyr, he becomes very easily bored. With enough patience and guidance, however, he will blossom beautifully and eagerly devote himself to ensuring that he and Emblia are the absolute best they can be. Not even failure can dissuade him and any lessons he struggles with will only encourage him to double down on his efforts. Emblia will have to take great care to ensure he doesn't hurt himself since Melasyth doesn't have the restraint necessary to know when it's time to stop.

Though he loves his Emblia most of all, Melasyth is an extremely social dragon who's happiest in a big group. As a Weyrling, he'll get on famously with his classmates. As an adult, he'll likely have a large group of friends across all Wings and colors, happily chatting with everyone both dragon and human alike. He has a playful streak a dragonlength wide and even as an adult, he'll be challenging everyone - even the occasional gold! - to wrestle and play tag. This playfulness can lead him to be a bit of a good-natured prankster, splashing water at unsuspecting Weyrfolk or stealing anything left out long enough in his sight.

Whenever he's given free time, Melasyth will invariably be found by the lake or sea. He'll take to the water like a great, overgrown fish and will especially enjoy lounging about the sandy shoreline and floating along the surface of the waves. Unfortunately, his dark hide is unusually sensitive to Rukbat's harsh rays and long term exposure to the sun will require intensive oiling and care to counteract… Even more unfortunately for poor Emblia, since this will be a frequent occurrence as Melasyth never seems to learn his lesson.

Once he's unleashed into the Wings, Melasyth will be a true force of nature to contend with. That same abundant, unrelenting over-eagerness to launch himself wholeheartedly into every task will follow him up into his fight against Thread and it will fall to Emblia to reign him in, lest they both end up injured. Properly directed, his incredible drive will be an invaluable asset to any Wing but if left unchecked, he will be something of a dangerous wild card, too concerned with charging in headfirst to consider whether or not it's actually a good idea. All the guidance in the world won't stop Melasyth from being exactly what he is, though - his greatest strength will always lie in his speed and snap decisions. All that tenacious fire in his belly and bold, fast moves come at a cost, though. This stocky blue will lack the staying power of many of his brothers and will frequently have to fall back to catch his breath before throwing himself into the fray once more.

Mating flights will be an entirely different experience for Melasyth compared to the tightly regimented flight he'll experience in the Wings. While he'll be something of a late bloomer for a blue, once he finds a green that catches his interest, all bets are off! He will chase with all the enthusiasm he's become known for but absolutely none of the restraint usually forced upon him - and nothing Emblia does will hold him back. Rather than attempt to snatch an unwilling mate out of the air before she's ready, Melasyth will endeavor to prove his determination and affection with bold, dramatic moves and acrobatics. To this end, he'll be especially chatty during Flights, cooing and chortling in an attempt to woo the green into his waiting arms.

Melasyth will be a prolific chaser, rising after nearly anything and everything that takes Flight with one noticeable and peculiar quirk - he will never chase any of his clutch sisters. No matter how much time passes or how well he gets along with his siblings, he will simply remain utterly uninterested in his green sisters. Though he'll spend his youth indiscriminately chasing anything else that catches his eye, he may eventually narrow his selection down to a specific but still rather large group of personal favorites.

Inspiration: Pilot Whale
Dragon Credit: Kati and Shelacula

Voice: When Melasyth speaks, his voice is deep and booming but fast paced, as if he has too much to say and hardly any time to get it out. It calls to mind dark, cold depths far beneath the waves and the fast currents that flow through the sea, at once friendly and welcoming but somehow unsettling at the same time. He has a strange tendency to punctuate his mental speech with physical whistles and snaps of his tongue and thus has a preference to only bespeak people within hearing distance.

Hatching Message: It had been silent thus far, but in the space of a blink the Ring a Ring egg suddenly upended itself. Entirely upside down, the round egg spun circles around its wallow before pausing to shake fitfully in place. With a massive crack of announcement, one tiny, dark blue foot punched straight through the shell! The hatchling within clawed violently, apparently more than a little eager to meet the world, and with a clattering crash The Singing Blue scrambled his way free. Shaking off the sticky remnants of his shell, the dark blue hatchling turned to snort at the fragmented remains of his prison as if dreadfully offended. Now that he was properly free, all he had to do was find His! With his stubby legs firmly beneath him, The Singing Blue set off across the Sands.

Public Impression Message: Head down and squat legs moving furiously beneath him, The Singing Blue bolted straight towards Emblia! He backpedaled wildly, sending sand in every direction, and managed to skid to a halt just before he careened into her legs. Whole body shaking excitedly, he jumped up and braced his front legs against her belly to peer up into her face. His eyes narrowed and everyone nearby collectively held their breath… Had he really Impressed already? So quickly? But with a loud huff that sent Emblia's dark hair blowing back from her face, he plopped back down to all fours.

The Singing Blue immediately turned to the next girl he saw, looking up at Lanissa with a tilted head. Perhaps she was strong enough, bold enough, to be his rider? He circled her, butting his head against her knees and made a loud sound reminiscent of a whistle. Suddenly smacking his tail against the ground, he chortled as sand sprayed at her and all the girls near her! With a final nudge of his nose against her legs, he snorted and headed off again.

Hmph! He knew exactly who he wanted but why were they being so elusive? The Singing Blue locked eyes on the male Candidates and sprinted across the Sands. Coming up beside Terrin, he gave another whooping whistle and pranced around the tall man's feet before squaring up and headbutting him right in the shins! Stumbling back, The Singing Blue shook himself out and scowled before impatiently moving on to the other Candidates.

Stubbornly lowering his head, The Singing Blue spun in place and raked his talons irritably through the sand. None of these boys were right at all. Oh, he knew exactly who he wanted alright and he'd find them even if they kept trying to hide! He might have looked her over once but he wasn't going to make the same mistake again… With renewed determination, The Singing Blue charged as fast as his short legs would carry him back towards the females and, with a flying leap to clear the distance, tackled the dark haired girl right to the ground. With his talons braced against her shoulders, he arched his head down to stare her in the face with rainbows slowly swirling through his eyes.

Personal Impression Message:
Finally! Do you even know how difficult it was to break into a mind like yours? Lucky for you, The Singing Blue wasn't so easily deterred! He'd found you now and if the solid weight across your chest was any indication, he certainly was not going to let you go any time soon. You might be stubborn but he was undoubtedly a match for you in every way, his mind slowly intertwining with yours. My Emblia! Did you really think you could keep me out? I am your Melasyth and you'll see - together, we can meet any challenge! That voice was deep and tinged with impatience as the hatchling staring down at you bumped his forehead against yours affectionately. Scrambling free, Melasyth waited with stamping feet for you to stand. And right now, that challenge is getting me some food!

Egg Name: Ring a Ring
Egg Description: This egg is roundish and small but not the smallest of the clutch. From a distance it looks like dark lumps have formed near the base and near the top are reddish rings. On closer inspection the lumps are about red fruit sized and smeared with yellowish markings. Scattered about are irregular spots much smaller than the rings, some as red as fresh blood and others more brown in colour. There is a faint smell of flowers around this egg of the sort often associated with various flowering herbs. The surface of the egg feels quite warm to the touch and the base definitely feels as lumpy as it appears.
Egg Inspiration: Yersinia pestis (Bubonic Plague)
Egg Credit: LdyPayne

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Escamilloth (L'vin)

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