Green Mershe x Bronze Papa

Off-Screen Flight - Early Spring, T19, 8th Pass
Off-Screen Clutching - Late Spring, T19, 8th Pass
Eggs handed out - 5th February 2018/Early Summer, T20, 8th Pass

Dam: Green Mershe
Sire: Bronze Papa
Gold: 0
Bronze: 1
Brown: 1
Blue: 2
Green: 3

PC Fire-lizards:

Name: Heart of Evenstar Bronze Brav to B'ram (Ivy)
Colour: Bronze #663F05
Adult Size: 17” wingspan of 30”


The HEART OF EVENSTAR BRONZE will be an average-sized bronze when he is full-grown. As a hatchling, he will be small, but quick and agile on his feet from the very beginning. He won’t be the most muscular fellow, and takes on a more long and lean shape, but is more athletic and coordinated than many of his bronze kin. The HEART OF EVENSTAR BRONZE is a dark, aged sort of bronze color, giving him the appearance that he is wise beyond his turns, and his hide is mostly unblemished by markings. His head has a lighter bronze marking, circling his headknobs like a crown, and on his left hind-quarters he has an odd marking resembling a longsword in the same color.

The HEART OF EVENSTAR BRONZE is quiet and stoic in nature. He is not very vocal or expressive, and thus, it will be difficult to tell what is on his little firelizard mind at any given moment. That is not to say he’s not intelligent; on the contrary, he is very deep thinker, often just sitting around quietly and observing the world around him with interest.

He will be of great use to B’ram, and happens to have extraordinary navigational skills. Should B’ram ever get lost, he can send this little fellow ahead to scout out the area, and his instincts will surely be able to guide them home safely! For this reason, the HEART OF EVENSTAR BRONZE is also a skilled hunter, being that he is so quiet and agile. He will have no issues finding meals for himself, and other firelizards will frequently come to him for help acquiring a meal, or to learn how to hunt better themselves. The HEART OF EVENSTAR BRONZE is compassionate and caring fellow as well, so he won’t mind sharing.

His athleticism will also lend him well to fighting. He is an excellent flamer with exceptional aim – able to hit his mark with a precision that would put many of his kin to shame. He will enjoy practicing as well, and will often bother B’ram to set up some targets and provide him with some firestone so that he can hone his skills.

The HEART OF EVENSTAR BRONZE will not participate in too many Flights. He tends to be rather monogamous, and will Chase a female if he really likes her, but once he finds a mate that is his perfect match, he is sure to only Chase her from then on and spend the rest of his lifetime courting and loving her. Once he does find this mate, he will feel a deep connection to her; his love will be sacrificial towards her, and he will feel a sense of duty to protect her at all costs. His relationship with B’ram and those in his ‘family’ is similar; he will always be loyal to them and will protect them with his own life should it ever come to that.

Inspiration: Aragorn/Arwen from Lord of the Rings
Credit: Writing credit: Ren; Lineart by VenusRain; colouring by Sigyn

Name: Love/Hate Relationship Brown Pyre to L'tav (Ladybread)
Colour: Brown #A52F25
Adult Size: 15" wingspan of 27"


The Love/Hate Relationship Brown is a beautiful shade of red brown with delicate lines that give the impression of beautiful and full wavy hair. If it weren’t for the fact that this was a firelizard one would expect to be able to reach out and run their hands thru, what they are sure would be, fantastic hair. He’s not as bulky as one would expect browns to be; instead this brown is long and narrow and perfectly proportioned and very adept at moving with almost feline grace. The truly remarkable feature on this firelizard are his wingsails; they seem to be burn like flames themselves and are very bright against his hide. At the base of his neck is a yellow diamond with a little red circle set in the middle of it, almost like a charm or pendant that’s been fastened to the top of his chest.

The Love/Hate Relationship Brown is beautiful and he knows it. He will flaunt every aspect of himself that he possibly can and there is absolutely nothing anyone can say to convince him otherwise. And why would they? He’s charming and flirtatious. Green or Gold – firelizard or dragon; it doesn’t matter. He will attempt to woo them all. He is very intelligent and will make Mervaryth a good companion for most of her schemes, as long as she doesn’t mind that he will lounge on her. He will do everything to encourage her. After all, Encouragement and sugared words and thoughts are the keys to a lady’s heart, right? Mervaryth will have his full attention - ya know, unless another green or gold happens along. He HAS to say hi to them also. To ignore them would just be the rudest! After all, He must share himself with ALL the ladies! That’s not to say that L’tav won’t get his fair share of attention. The Love/Hate Relationship Brown tends to be a mocking soul when it comes to men but, with L’tav, it will be the friendly banter of Bros. The Love/Hate Relationship Brown won’t understand L’tav’s indifference to the fairer sex and may try to set him up a few times but, once he catches on; he’ll be a good companion. He will also be very defensive of his friend.

This little firelizard is all Love…until he has reason to Hate and what he hates are those that would bring harm to his friend. If he feels that L’tav or Mervaryth are being attacked in any way – he will fight back for all he’s worth, going so far as to chew bits of firestone if he has to, to get his point across. It would be a complete personality change. The Lover was dismissed and in its place a Summoned Fighter. He will flout authority and disdains any who think that they can put him in his place or make him into something he doesn’t wish to be. It’s always best to work with him instead of telling him what he should be doing.

For a flirtatious firelizard one can guess exactly how he approaches Flights; and one would be correct. He approaches them with glee and will bring little tokens along with him to gift the lady of the hour. A treat to be handed off or a bit of foliage perhaps? Something shiny to catch her eye? It matters not. He will take an especial joy in chasing the more aloof greens and golds for he’s convinced he can win them over.

Inspiration: Zeroshii (Zelos x Sheena) from Tales of Symphonia
Credit: Writing and colouring by Sigyn; lineart by VenusRain

Name: Bad Wolf Blue Whosay to I'threm (Wunderingmind)
Colour: Blue #003865
Adult Size: 12" wingspan of 20"


When all is said and done, the BAD WOLF BLUE will be a medium/average-sized blue. As a hatchling, he’ll be on the plump side, but as he grows, the weight will be distributed more evenly, and he’ll be a strong and solid little fellow. He is a uniform, but striking, deep, royal blue color with no markings on his body to speak of; however, his wing membranes are a light powdery blue that almost look white and seem to flash when the sun catches them just right. His headknobs are rather prominent, and unusually large for a fire-lizard – however, this will make him a great listener and able to pick up on sounds and noises that other flits might not be able to hear.

The BAD WOLF BLUE is a little different than your typical friendly, happy-go-lucky blue. The BAD WOLF BLUE can have some loner tendencies, and will prefer to keep to himself for the most part. In fact, in the beginning, I’threm may find the blue to be a little aloof and antisocial even towards him. Relationships are difficult for the BAD WOLF BLUE, and it will take him a while to warm up to anyone new, including any new fire-lizards I’threm might acquire (or other humans that I’threm might bring around for that matter). The upside is that despite his antisocial behavior, he is quite intelligent for a blue, and will be highly trainable.

Despite his loner tendencies, the BAD WOLD BLUE is actually very brave and adventurous at heart and will come to enjoy and even crave accompanying I’threm and Kordath on any and all of their ‘adventures.’ He will become a constant companion to I’threm, deeply loyal, and will absolutely protect and defend his pet to the bitter end – even if it means sacrificing himself or putting himself in harm’s way.

When it comes to flights, the BAD WOLF BLUE will be very selective about which flights he participates in, choosing only to chase after the same couple of females. If he isn’t able to win a flight, he won’t waste his time chasing that female again, and will prefer to chase other more ‘monogamous’ females. He will seek out a perfect soulmate, and once he’s found her, he is not likely to chase any other females after that.

Inspiration: Rose Tyler/The 9th Doctor from Doctor Who
Credit: Writing by Ren; colouring by Sola; lineart by Shelacula

Name: Looking for Balance Blue Ren to Zethra (Shelacula)
Colour: Blue #2E37FE and #F0F8FF
Adult Size: 14" wingspan of 24"


The Looking for Balance Blue is a long and lithe blue firelizard. His color is a bold summer's sky blue except for a dorsal stripe that is of a pale almost white color starting from his headknobs and flowing all the way down over his ridges and back to end at the tips of his tailfork. The Looking for Balance Blue also has a dark, navy blue streak from just under his left eye to just above his left nostril.

The Looking for Balance Blue spends a lot of his time sitting or laying in deep contemplation. Many things concerning the life and nature of Pern cause this blue to pause in curiosity, confusion, or frustration. Although he won't remember, being tossed aside like rubbish by his mother will cause the Looking for Balance Blue to feel spurts of anger towards green firelizards without any seeming reason. One moment he'll want to explore and observe the world around him, but then soon enough something he finds won't fit into his world view and he'll find ways to harm or destroy the person or thing.

The Looking for Balance Blue will be an avid and skilled fighter be it in conflicts with other firelizards or when rising to fight Thread. This blue will also be intrigued by relationships between people, seeing how they can be used to his benefit. The Looking for Balance Blue may sometimes seem to not even be loyal to his Bonded, but he will always make up to his Bonded whenever he misbehaves.

The Looking for Balance Blue will join in Mating Flights more for the challenge of a contest of wills with fellow males than for the reason of catching the green he's chasing. If the Looking for Balance Blue happens to win though, he'll happily gloat and find ways to rub it in afterwards till something new catches his attention.

Inspiration: Rey/Kylo Ren from Star Wars
Credit: Writing by Dragonblossom; Colouring by Sigyn; Lineart by VenusRain

Name: Faith and Science Blue Beat to Okathravin (Neena)
Colour: Blue #778899
Adult Size: 14” wingspan of 24”


The FAITH AND SCIENCE BLUE is a large, bulky firelizard – but it’s all muscle, baby! He’s barrel-chested with more slender hips and a slightly shorter-than-average tail, and long, perfectly-shaped wings. He won’t be the fastest blue in the skies because of his size, but he’ll be sure to impress the ladies with sheer strength and masculinity! The FAITH AND SCIENCE BLUE is a completely unblemished grey-blue color, almost like steel or other shiny metal. He almost shines like metal too, but without the same sort of sparkle as a true metallic firelizard.

The FAITH AND SCIENCE BLUE is a very intelligent firelizard. Unlike many of his chromatic kin, he will be a breeze to train, and he will enjoy being challenged by his Okathravin and learning new things. His intelligence comes with its downsides, however…while smart, he has a bit of mischievous streak and enjoys stealing for sport. Yes, this little fellow is an expert thief and gets quite a thrill from it! Okathravin may suddenly find himself in the possession of some new shiny - and possibly quite valuable - treasures. In addition, the FAITH AND SCIENCE BLUE also has a very unusual obsession with locks. He finds them to be quite fascinating, and if he happens upon one, he won’t be able to leave it alone until he has figured out how to ‘crack’ it!

The FAITH AND SCIENCE BLUE will be a wonderful companion for Okathravin. He will urge the introspective, quiet boy to open up and live a little! He will quickly recognize that Okathravin thinks very deeply about things, and he will push him to loosen up and enjoy life a little more. The FAITH AND SCIENCE BLUE is a party-animal if there ever was one, and if there’s a celebration of any kind in the vicinity, he will know about it – and try to convince Okathravin to attend as well! Not only that, but he’ll be a pretty good wing-man, too, and will put his scheming to good use to set Okathravin up with a pretty female- or two.

The FAITH AND SCIENCE BLUE has some daddy issues – but not with his own daddy. No, he will develop a strong dislike towards Okie’s own father and his mischievous streak will tend to come out around the man. He will be very protective of Okie whenever his father is around, and will not be afraid to defend his bonded with whatever it takes, should it ever come to that.

While observation and evidence are important to the FAITH AND SCIENCE BLUE, he knows that not everything on Pern can be explained or proven by that which can be seen. Therefore, instead of thinking a situation to death, the FAITH AND SCIENCE BLUE will often just follow his heart and will trust that this is the right path..Speaking of his heart, when it comes to Flights, the FAITH AND SCIENCE BLUE will Chase a great many females over the Turns, both green and gold alike. He will eventually settle down with a female when he finds The One, however, it will take a special female to tame his wild heart. When he does settle down with a mate, he will be sure to seek out a female that can love him despite all of his flaws, and one that will see his value while urging him to be better.

Inspiration: Wolfgang/Kala from Sense8
Credit: Writing and colouring by Ren; lineart by Shelacula; Sparkly brush by Obsidian Dawn

Name: Immortal Love Green Alice to T'dis (Kati)
Colour: Green #27592D
Adult Size: 8" wingspan of 13"


The IMMORTAL LOVE GREEN is a tiny, petite little thing, and even when she is full grown she will be one of the smallest fire-lizards in the Weyr. She’s energetic and spritely, and her small size allows her to be agile and quick on her face, capable of all sorts of acrobatics and maneuvers that a larger flitt could not hope to accomplish! The IMMORTAL LOVE GREEN is a dark emerald green color, like the trees of a lush forest or deep woods. She is a creature of beauty, and oddly enough, when the sunlight hits her just right, she almost seems to SPARKLE. It’s as if covered in a myriad of tiny little jewels. She is a mesmerizing sight to behold, and many will bend at her will, unable to deny this sweet little girl whatever she might please.

The IMMORTAL LOVE GREEN is a happy little creature with a bubbly personality. Not much in life can get her down, and she seems to have a boundless supply of energy. She always seems to be doing something, and she’s at her best when she’s doing something productive like helping T’dis complete a task, or running an important errand. She is quite the little socialite, and she will almost always be seen flanked by her own faire of flitters who are looking to her for a good time.

This little green absolutely LOVES parties. Indeed, if T’dis or Vanisyth, or close friend or family member is having a Turnday or other celebration, the IMMORTAL LOVE GREEN will want to be there to celebrate, of course; but she will also want to be part of the planning. T’dis shouldn’t be too surprised either, if more people show up than he invited. (So what if she dropped off a few extra invitations along the way?) The IMMORTAL LOVE GREEN doesn’t need an excuse to throw a party, either; T’dis might just find himself coming back to his weyr to see a firelizard party in full swing.

The IMMORTAL LOVE GREEN is sensitive and empathic. She seems to be in tune with the emotions of others, firelizards and humans alike – even those she is not bonded to. She can pick up on the emotions of others very quickly, and somehow has a knack for being able to influence emotions as well. This is especially true for T’dis. If she feels he is sad, she will use her infectious and bubbly personality to cheer him up; if he’s tired, she’ll try to share some of her endless energy with him. Not only that, but the IMMORTAL LOVE GREEN seems to be very adept at anticipating the actions of others; she is highly observant, and always seems to be two to three steps ahead of others – almost as if she could see the future.

When it comes to mating and Flights, the IMMORTAL LOVE GREEN will not rise as frequently as other greens. In addition, she is highly romantic, and will look high and low for her one true love to sweep her off her feet! She believes he’s out there, somewhere, and though it may take her a great many Turns to find him, she will not give up looking until she has found him. Once this happens, she will no longer allow other males to catch her during flights, and will remain faithful and monogamous towards him. The IMMORTAL LOVE GREEN will produce smaller clutches, but she will be a very attentive and loving mother, attending carefully to her eggs and protecting them fiercely. She will be very picky about who she lets near them, and though she knows they cannot stay with her forever, she will want to meet those that wish to bond to her children in order to give her approval.

Inspiration: Alice Cullen/Jasper Hale from The Twilight Saga
Credit: Written and coloured by Ren; lineart by Shelacula; glitter brush by Obsidian Dawn

Name: You Know Nothing Green Gritte to R'kesh (Emma)
Colour: Green #F0FFF0 and #006400
Adult Size: 8" wingspan of 13"


The YOU KNOW NOTHING GREEN is a pale, almost icy-looking green color. So light is her hide, that some might even mistake her for having any pigment at all. Something about her just looks…cold, even for a warm-blooded creature like herself. She is a relatively uniform color, but her feet are a darker forest green, going halfway up each leg, and giving her the appearance of wearing little boots. In addition, she has one unusual marking: something resembling the shape of a hunting arrow on her right hind-quarter, the same shade as her other markings. The YOU KNOW NOTHING GREEN is a tiny waif of a thing, and will stay that way even when full grown (but those that mistake her for a sweet, docile little girl because of her size will be sorely mistaken).

The YOU KNOW NOTHING GREEN is a spitfire. She will begin her life screaming challenge to the world as she shatters her shell and won't ever back down. This vivacious green doesn't do anything half way. The YOU KNOW NOTHING GREEN will eat with gusto, demand good an proper oilings and prefers to sleep currled up with R'kesh, Kharvaath or Ari. This green will defend her family and those they care about fully and completely. The YOU KNOW NOTHING GREEN enjoys a good test of wits, or a game to show off her acrobatics.

The YOU KNOW NOTHING GREEN is a swift and passionate fighter. Her skill with her flame is second to none, especially for a tiny green firelizard. She will fight Thread or preceived enemies till she drops or is called off. This green can at times be hot tempered and if she feels protective of something, or that something's important enough, she will do everything to make her opinions known.

TheYOU KNOW NOTHING GREEN will be see Mating Flights as a contest of wills and a fine time to see all the males show off their skills. The more a male pushes himself and fights off other chasers, the more this green will admire him. She expects the winning male to have shown cunning, bravery and strength in order to twine with her.

Inspiration: Ygritte from Game of Thrones
Note on the inspiration: You will notice that this flit’s inspiration is a bit of an outlier in the clutch theme being that the flit is only based on an individual rather than drawing from a ‘ship with another character. As Jon Snow was already used as an inspiration, we still felt that using Ygritte as an inspiration would be appropriate, given that she was such a strong, independent character and her relationship with Jon Snow was so short-lived. We just couldn't resist giving this Ygritte-inspired flit to R'kesh!
Credit: Written by Ren and Dragonblossom; Coloured by Signy; Lineart by VenusRain

Name: The Manipulative Bookworm Green Scribbles to O'od (Ldypayne)
Colour: Green #D1E231
Adult Size: 9" wingspan of 15"


The Manipulative Bookworm Green is just on the bottom side of average size for a green. Well proportioned, The Manipulative Bookworm Green prides herself on her femininity. Her hide is a brilliant and unblemished yellow-green. It might remind someone of aged gold except for the lack of shine.

The Manipulative Bookworm Green is crafty and manipulative. She enjoys finding ways to use O'od's other flitts for her own devices, be it feeding her, doing errands or favors for her or protecting her. Why do for herself when she can have others do it for her? The Manipulative Bookworm Green truly does love O'od, she just has trouble putting aside her greed and fear to be fully 'good'.

The Manipulative Bookworm Green will want to show her love to O'od by trying to do what he asks of her (carry messages, go on scouting missions etc.) however she'll soon be looking for a way to twist these requests to her own benefit to the fault of even forgetting the original request/purpose. Oddly enough, this green has a fetish for scrolls and other materials found in record rooms. If something goes missing, it is possible The Manipulative Bookworm Green has snagged it to make a wallow or nest.

When The Manipulative Bookworm Green rises to mate, she'll do so in a full blaze of glow and showiness. She will viciously taunt her chasers, make a big show of judging them all and end up being caught by whoever can swoop in while she's distracted with another. The Manipulative Bookworm Green has an atypical mothering urge and will guard her eggs till they are ready to hatch, unlike her dam.

Inspiration: Belle/Rumpelstiltskin from Once Upon A Time
Credit: Writing by Dragonblossom; Colouring by Sigyn; Lineart by VenusRain

Notes: Clutch theme: Ships! (Romance!)

Credits: Sigyn, Ren, Sola, Dragonblossom

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