The Philosophy of Kindess Blue Merunath

Impressee: Eirika

Name: Merunath
Pronounciation: meh-roo-nath
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: base EBFBFA; markings 00E5EE and 26867C
Hatching: Gold Ceocayath x Bronze Cacurnynth, Late Autumn P8 T21
Final Size: 34' length, wingspan of 56'



The Philosophy of Kindness Blue looks as beautiful on the outside as he happens to be on the inside. That is, to say, he will turn heads from the moment he hatches from his egg for his unique, yet attractive coloration and appearance. There is no denying he is a handsome creature, his hide a striking, pale, nearly white shade of turquoise blue all over. Indeed, if not for his markings, and his size, he may very well be mistaken for the rare, mutated white dragon.

Speaking of his markings, they are a mixture of brighter turquoise blue, and darker teal , swirled together to create a curly, feathery look - almost as if he has hair or fur rather than hide in these places. His neck is covered in this pattern, starting between his headknobs to give him a sort of 'forelock', and continuing down his neck until right above his chest and shoulder area. The backs of each of his legs are covered in this same patterning, in addition to the end of his tail where his tailfork is - again, appearing as if he has tufts of hair there instead of dragon hide. His wingsails are a slightly softer, paler shade of turquoise than the rest of his markings. Finally, a curious golden circular marking, bearing the image of a man, appears on his left shoulder - the same marking that all of his clutchmates seem to share.

Conformation wise, the Philosophy of Kindness Blue is overall very well-proportioned, and is on the larger end of average for a blue. His headknobs are average length, as are his wings - though he has a slightly longer than average tail. His tail almost seems to have a life of its own, always swishing this way and that, and punctuating his mannerisms and movements. He is lean and muscular, though perhaps more on the stocky end, being that his legs are just ever so slightly shorter than average. In addition, his feet also appear larger than normal for his size - though this will be more obvious as a hatchling and weyrling before he grows into them more. Indeed, even in all his handsomeness, he may be just a bit clumsy in his early days, tripping over those over-large feet of his, until he can get his bearings and get more accustomed to them.

Finally, the Philosophy of Kindness Blue will come out of his shell wearing the biggest of grins on his face - and it will be a rare occurrence indeed that he will ever be caught without a smile lighting up his features. It is as if this expression is permanently tattooed onto his face - and some may even find him a bit goofy-looking or even mad for it - but the smile is genuine indeed, and an outward expression of who he is on the inside and what he believes to be true.



The Philosophy of Kindness Blue will always be undeniably positive, never letting anything get him down, and never getting involved in any petty squabbles of his clutch mates. Continuing throughout his life, but especially when he is young, this blue will seem older than his Turns. He can not easily be be swayed to anger, and is not the sort to jump to conclusions. Even where his bonded is concerned, he will not be led by her emotions. {Dear Eirika, a biased mind cannot see the complete picture. We must fully understand before we pass judgment.} He truly believes that everyone is fundamentally good, and one must simply understand the situation fully to know how to proceed with compassion and altruism.

He will always have the benefit of everyone around him in mind, but the Philosophy of Kindness Blue will always have a special eye out for Eirika, who he feels needs guidance. He will always be hurt by a petty meanness she may commit against others, and wherever possible, he will try and either convince her against that course of action or if necessary direct her attention away. He will always have good words to say for compassion and love, not just for oneself, but for everyone around them. {We are all bound together on this Pern. By caring for the happiness of others we are caring for our own happiness.} He will never fail to believe that kindness and compassion are the right answers when it comes to dealing with others, and will always try and convince Eirika that this is the right path.

In Weyrlinghood, the Philosophy of Kindness Blue will generally do well, quick-witted and capable as he is. However, there is one area in particular that he will struggle with. From the time he hatches he will never be fond of eating meat. He will accept the necessity of it for dragons when it is explained to him, but will always say that killing another living being for any reason, including food, should be avoided where possible. He will show more resistance when they get old enough to begin hunting their own meals, trying to avoid it and have someone else hunt for him where possible. Where required to hunt his own food he will make quick, clean kills, and always choose an appropriately sized animal so he doesn’t leave waste or have to kill a second beast for his meal. He will always look with distaste on those dragons that insist on making sport of killing their meals, and will try and convince them to take a more humane path.

As he grows, the Philosophy of Kindness Blue will only become more settled in his beliefs that peace is the correct course of action in all things. Thread, he does not view as an enemy like many others. To him, Thread is like a weather phenomenon or natural disaster. An adversity that needs to be overcome, yes, but not something that requires any animosity. He will fly and flame to the best of his ability, to protect the happiness of those below, but he will never feel upset or hopeless when faced with the regular occurrence of Thread. Thread must be removed from the skies to protect those below. He doesn’t attribute any living will to Thread; it is more like fire, consuming everything in its path and needing to be extinguished.

It should come as little surprise to anyone that the Philosophy of Kindness Blue is a proponent of women on fighting dragons. On fighting dragons, in the crafts, in leadership positions, he is more than happy to see all of them. Truth be told, he would rather see more women leading than they have currently. Women are no less capable than men, and there is no good reason to artificially limit them by misguided ideas about ability.

The Philosophy of Kindness Blue will chase only rarely, if ever. Flights will always leave mixed feelings in him, feeling more like an indulgence of baser desires than anything leading to true happiness. He understands the necessity of the Queens rising in order to produce the next generation of dragons, and has no objections to what a couple may do in privacy. However, he dislikes that Flights have only one winner when there are many who lose and are hurt, especially given that Green Flights will never produce young. The competition serves no purpose but to hurt, and that is something by which he will not abide. He will give into the instinct to chase on occasion, but will not be happy with the outcome even if he is the winner, and even these infrequent flights taper off as he ages.


Nobel Laureates - The 14th Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso)
1989 Nobel Peace Prize
Snow Lion, a celestial animal of Tibet, and an important Buddhist symbol, said to represent power, strength, fearlessness and joy.

Name is derived from the concepts of loving kindness (metta) and compassion (karuna) in Buddhism.

Dragon Credit: Rhee and Ren

Merunath's voice is deep and somewhat gruff, but gentle; Powerful, yet calm and even. His voice is slightly rasping, and carries with it a certain agedness and experience, as if he's lived to see many Passes come and go already. He speaks simply, straightforwardly, and often in the form of proverbs or words of wisdom - of which he never seems to be lacking. Behind it all, his tone conveys a deep, pervasive sense of joy and happiness.

Hatching Message:
The New and Prosperous Life Egg, which has been warmly glowing, seems to respond to all of the excitement going on around it, and now appears to glow a bit brighter - or is that a trick of the light? At any rate, the red and gold egg is definitely moving now, rocking and wobbling back and forth; To and fro. It isn't long before cracks start to appear all over the roundish egg. There is a larger crack, and a long, pale blue tail appears first, twitching with what can only be described as excitement. Another big crack, and the hatchling is finally free, practically leaping for joy as he greets the world with a victorious bugle - and big, goofy grin on his face. The Philosophy of Kindness Blue is here, and he is quite ready to begin his path towards true happiness - starting first with finding the perfect partner to go on the journey with him. Grinning, the handsome blue dragonet sets his bright, eager eyes on the Candidates and takes his first steps towards them, stumbling occasionally over his slightly over-large feet.

Public Impression Message:
The Philosophy of Kindness Blue is not blind to what is going on with his sister, the Sustainable Growth Green. He thinks it is sad, actually, that a person would reject an opportunity to experience true joy and happiness for reasons that are quite baffling to him. He casts a look of pity upon Zandra before turning to the Sustainable Growth Green. {The purpose of our lives is to be happy, dear sister. Aside from fighting Thread when it falls from the sky, of course. What are you waiting for? Go find your happiness!}

With that said, The Philosophy of Kindness Blue wastes no more time on his own journey. He continues to make his way eagerly around the Hatching Sands, bounding gleefully from Candidate to Candidate as he searches for his lifemate. His choices so far seem to be rather random and haphazard as he darts back and forth between boys and girls alike - seemingly with no clear preference. He approaches Noureddine and Tholozan, trotting circles around them as he examines the two very different young men. He then quickly bounds away, chortling in laughter and visits again with the girls. Josmyra earns a longer examination as he crouches down low in front of her, long tail twitching thoughtfully. He gives her a smile and a wink before jumping up and trotting down the line. The Philosophy of Kindness Blue skids suddenly to a halt and plants himself directly in front of a fair-skinned, dark-haired girl that had caught his eye earlier. He begins humming contentedly as the rainbows of Impression appear in his eyes.

Personal Impression Message:
Do you remember him? Do you remember the exchange of feelings and words you shared, not all that long ago? Had it made an impression? The Philosophy of Kindness Blue remembers. Even if he couldn't see you then from inside the confines of his egg, he remembers your mind. He felt the pull towards you the moment he had hatched, but he had to be sure. But yes, his journey has led him once more to you, and he is as sure of his choice now as he is that the Red Star burns brightly in the sky. A gruff, but gentle voice enters your mind then. {Oh, my dearest Eirika. I sense there is much unrest within you.} He croons, flooding you with feelings of compassion and kindness. He presses himself against you, then wraps a wing around you to pull you into a hug. {And yet there is also so much potential. We both have a lot of growing to do, each in our own ways. But now we have each other, and we need not go on the journey alone. You are my Eirika, and I am your Merunath. Always.} He drops his wing then and gives her a gentle and playful bump with his head. {But any great journey must start first with some good food, don't you think?} He suggests, grinning up at you with pure, unbridled joy.

Egg Name: New and Prosperous Life Egg
Egg Description: The egg is predominantly red and gold with, what appears to be, black scribbles on it. Are they a writing of some kind? Who writes like that anyway?! The egg is slightly rounder, almost sphere like, in the middle and seems too glow from within.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: Oh so busy preparing for new life! Must sweep away the old to make way for the new! Do you smell it on the wind? That smells like delicious food is just waiting for me! Oh! I just need to finish preparing!
Egg Inspiration: Chinese Paper Lanterns
Egg Credit: Sigyn

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Cacurnynth (K'ran)

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