Fiery Brown Metaeth

Impressee: B'raz (Boraz)

Name: Metaeth
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: 990B0B
Final Size: 36' length with a wingspan of 59'

This dragon is slightly smaller than is common for a brown without being remarkably undersized. His wings are well formed and its body is lean with fairly long stout legs. This commonplace appearance is however given a slightly more sinister twist by particularly long and sharp talons on the toes and eyes that are more inclined to red than to any other colour in his rather thin, pointed face. However what is most unusual about the Fiery Brown is his colouration. The dragon’s belly is a light brown that borders on orange, over the dragon’s flanks the colour gradually darkens with the occasional fleck of lighter colour rising up to the dragon’s back where it is a very dark murky brown. This gives the effect of a roaring flame throwing its light onto a dark wall. This dragon will always be very quick and agile, both on his feet and in the air and should he choose to will be capable of quite sudden, rapid movement without making nearly as much noise as one might think. In hunting he will be particularly vicious and decisive dispatching his prey in one swift stroke without fail.

Throughout life Metaeth will be a very independent dragon. As a weyrling he will be difficult in classes and would rather be able to learn and develop through solitary experimentation and experience than by taught exercises and lessons. He will never be particularly deferential to his elders believing himself to be somewhat superior to all around him and therefore may frequently appear aloof and uncaring. While not being particularly mischievous himself he may at times delight in breaking his silence towards his clutchmates to push them towards mischief and rebellion being particularly persuasive in this task; this will frequently be for no other benefit to the dragon than for his amusement to watch his brethren fall in trouble. He sees no true threat from the prospect of thread and will frequently appear unconcerned in the development of teamwork necessary to fly in a wing.

As Metaeth matures his attitude towards other dragons will change very little. He will still pay little heed to the advice of his elders and his disinterest in those younger than himself may even border on contempt. When it is necessary for this dragon to take on board something that he is taught he will never forget the lesson but will likely see the learning experience as a bitter memory for some time. One example of this will most likely be when the dragon first flies against Thread. His youthful disinterest in Thread fighting will have to be wiped away in the face of the reality of the task. This may be a crucial turning point in the young dragon’s beliefs and preconceptions and if any thoughts or opinions about his brethren are ever to change it will likely be at this time.

After his initial change of heart with Thread Metaeth will become very devoted to its destruction. Training and working to improve his fighting performance (though still solitary) will border on obsession. His independent nature however will not change; he will still see his wingmates as more of an obstacle in his path than as companions or allies. His flying may therefore cause frequent problems in a well ordered Wing as he tries to act independently of the rest of the wing to take on as much Thread as possible. Despite this problem in teamwork, in time Metaeth will become an exceptional fighter when he is permitted to act independently, including of his rider; during Threadfall Metaeth will see his rider as a tool for use rather than as a partner and as such all of his advice or instructions are likely to be completely disregarded.

During flights Metaeth’s independent and single-minded nature will once again be prevalent, he may be particularly violent with other dragons and there is the possibility for him to cause a fairly major incident should he be suitably provoked. Despite all this Metaeth will not feel particularly concerned on failed flight attempts though he may bear somewhat of a grudge against the successful male. Should he become a clutch parent he will be excessively overprotective to the extent that he may distrust and question decisions made by the gold. Should he win a green flight then this dragon will show nothing but contempt for the female though will still be just as protective over the eggs. After hatching however he will quickly lose interest in the young.

Inspiration: (Opera) Faust
The demon Mephistopheles from Charles Gounod’s grand opera Faust. Mephistopheles is a demon that grant’s Faust renewed youth and beauty but also tempts him with a local village girl drawing Faust further and further into sin. Mephistopheles is often portrayed more as a human in old fashioned attire than as a typical demon.

Metaeth has a deep voice which always seems to be slightly louder than intended. His voice is frequently monotone with little indication of either excitement or sadness. Over time the rider may come to identify these smallest of indications in its tone if they develop a very strong relationship, however at least at first these hints will most likely be completely missed. One other unusual aspect to this voice is that there is something strangely difficult to argue with about it; it could be something to do with the flat monotone noise, or the feeling that the loud voice is giving a command or something more sinister…

Hatching Message:
The hatching grounds were temporarily quiet, the mewling of the newly hatched dragons muted as they fed with their life partners. A shuffling, scraping noise, not new but exceptionally quiet began to become more and more noticeable as its frequency and volume increased. And then silence. Afterwards some of the onlookers as well as some of the younger candidates would say that one of the red patches from The Egg of Impending Doom had simply disappeared, other more sensible or mature viewers advised that it had simply broken away all together too quickly to be seen. Regardless the egg sat there for a minute, a darker hole in the dark shell giving the impression of a great open mouth. Slowly the small dragon inside began to appear, pushing its body through the hole it had created and crumbling the remaining shell around it as it did so until it finally rested on the warm sands, its Fiery Brown body beginning to dry.

Public Impression Message:
The Fiery Brown lay on the warm sands watching the candidates. He didn’t stalk up and down or head directly for the group like some of the other hatchlings, preferring to observe for a time. Finally the young dragon seemed to make up its mind and slowly rose to its feet. It walked slowly but with determination over to the group of young men and women directly towards a tall, well built teen with brown wavy hair where it stopped, staring the young man straight in the face.

Personal Impression Message:
The young dragon continues to stare for a long moment. No great influx of feelings occurs, no telepathic voice is heard in your head, just the slightly uneasy feeling of being watched. The hatchling breaks eye-contact for a moment, loos left and right then looks back at you, eyes tinged slightly red, and it happens. The feelings of hunger that spread through you can’t be of your own creation and a deep voice, loud without shouting, appears in your mind, You are for me. You look strong enough! I am Metaeth. It is now necessary for you to feed me.

Dragon Credit: Legal
Dragon Picture Credit: Lora

Egg Name: The Egg of Impending Doom
Egg Description: Unlike most eggs this one seems to lack joy, it gives of a serious and honest feeling that many dragonriders can relate to. This may come from it's more sombre colouring. There are many colours but all the shades are similar, with a grayish brownish hint, it almost looks dirty. The bottom of this egg is a truly brown shade, flecked with green and blobs of gray it fades into a bluer top half. The detailing over these base colours could almost look like figures dressed in red and navy and camouflage green.
Egg Inspiration: War paintings
Egg Credit: Maiden

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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