Green Mictlanteth

Impressee: V'lur (Vinaflur)

Name: Kingdom of Crystal Green Mictlanteth
Pronounciation: mil-tuh-lan-teth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 73fbac
Hatching: Gold Parivyth x Bronze Cygneth, Early Autumn P8T15
Final Size: 27.5' wingspan of 41'

It would be completely fair to call this dragon a strange looking gal. After all, from her very hue, to the way she is built, she will manage to stand out as being exceptional. Whether that is a positive or a negative is up to the beholder. She is most definitely a slight thing, with a long delicate neck that tapers into an almost too large looking head with a distinct wedge shape. Her face has to be big enough to accommodate her eyes which also seem to be out of proportion. They make for great unease - a pair of giant jeweled orbs, rarely blinking, and protruding in a nearly alien way. This leaves her head knobs looking like a pair of antennae, set widely at obtuse angles. Her body meanwhile is whippet like in build, lean and long, with ribs just barely peaking out when investigated closely.

Her hide is mostly uniform in color - which would normally make for a mundane look, but as mentioned before, Mictalenth is anything but. She doesn’t glitter like a gold, but there is most definitely a glistening quality to her turquoise skin and a delicacy to it that resembles glass. This is especially true of her wing membranes which absolutely gleam when caught by the sun - all of her veins webbing out in lacey silhouette.

This green’s big head has a big brain in it - and her rider will be constantly surprised at exactly how much she knows, even fresh out of the shell. A part of it will be thanks to quiet observation of the little things, but to her rider it could very well be something supernatural! Ordoneth is going to choke on his dinner tonight, she may correctly predict one day, or, Wicelith is going to lecture us this morning, another, and while these are mere guesses based on habit, she will speak them with such authority that nobody but the truest skeptics would ever think to question her. This knack for soothsaying, luckily extends into her Threadfighting, as she will have the sense to track the menace well and her ability to hit the leading edge of a fast moving clump will be hard matched. Furthermore she will be the first to call out near disaster, and wingmates will appreciate her quick calls to look out above!

When it comes time to rise it will be a rare event, but precise in timing. Usually too serene to be much of a fuss before the moment comes, her rider will have to know that she operates on a calendar, and will always take to the skies at a regular interval. Once in the air though, as is the case with most greens, she will be anything but predictable - the only thing most males can count on is her desire to go higher and higher. She, like some of her fellow dragons, will always have a fascination with the Heavens and Flights are the logical time to try and reach them.

Inspiration: Crystal Skulls
Dragon Credit: Vandelay

Hatching Message: The All That Glitters Egg proves to be the surprise of all surprises. It cracks open with what almost seems like a flutter. Shuddering quickly, it cracks open almost perfectly down the middle, the two sides slowly parting to reveal the striking specimen inside - a small, glassy, green whose swirling eyes are already open and staring intently at the candidates. It is enough to give anyone the chills.

Well all but one that is, and that one is to be hers.

Maybe he didn't have a scare because he wasn't paying much attention. The former smith, was already thinking about what it was that might be part of the Hatching Feast food offerings. If he couldn't Impress at very least, he might get a good meal out of this whole thing, and just thinking about it gave him a deep, penetrating, hunger in his gut. In fact, Vinaflur found himself leaning over and bracing his stomach as his innards seemed to pucker. That is when he noticed the green. She seemed to come out of nowhere!

From the moment the Kingdom of Crystal Green caught sight of Vinaflur, she had decided to investigate him, but took the most round about, yet silent approach available, weaving in between the girls Alexia and Syaira, allowing her body to brush gently against their legs, but not giving them so much as the time of day. From there she approached Vinaflur from the side, surprising him with a sudden pang of hunger, and summoning a surprised peep from him. "Mictlanteth!? That was you!? Oh well, I'm glad to know you are as hungry as I am. Come on, we'll take care of you first."

Egg Name: All That Glitters
Egg Description: A very robust egg that is more round than oval but overall about average sized for the eggs of this clutch. This egg is coloured a nearly uniform light golden brown with a series of spots running lengthwise from top to bottom. The spots are a more rust brown color and compliment the more yellowish sheen of the base color. The entire egg possesses a metallic sheen that catches the light and turn it almost a brighter golden brown. When touched this egg is quite smooth, almost glass like. The observant person touching this egg may notice with some people it becomes a darker color, like it just wants to hide, other people bring out an opposite effect, the shell seems to brighten and the egg seems more interested in whoever is touching it.
Egg Inspiration: Golden Tortoise Beetle
Egg Credit: LdyPayne

Dam: Gold Parivyth (Alista)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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