Gold Mina x Bronze Syle P8T16

Flight - Off camera
Clutching - Off camera
Hatching -Early Spring, T16, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Mina (Brie)
Sire: Bronze Syle (Cenara)
Totals: 7
Gold: 1
Brown: 2
Blue: 2
Green: 2

PC Fire-lizards:


Off With Their Heads Gold Reina to R'nill (Kitya)
Colour: Gold
Adult Size: 20" length, 30" wingspan

Physical Description:
While undeniably a queen, with all the grace and presence that comes with it, Off With Their Heads Gold lacks the delicacy that some of her sisters have. She is robust, with a stocky frame that can take on anything that might be thrown her way. Her hide is a ruddy golden color verging on bronze, her sharp talons and spars fading into a darker red. That rosy color appears again in the mark on her breast, one that looks strikingly like a heart when she puffs her chest out, a position she happens to adopt quite frequently.

Off With Their Heads Gold is a firelizard of passions. When she loves, it is without restraint, a fierce devotion that cannot be broken. She will surely feel this way toward R’nill and his dragon, but more often than not, love is not at the forefront with her. Oh, when things are going her way, she will be cordial, pleasant even. But she is ill-tempered and all too easy to anger, set off into a fit of shrieking and hissing at the least provocation. She can be calmed, but it will take much coddling and caressing to achieve such a thing; she responds best to compliments and praises coming directly from her own dear R’nill, though any will do in a pinch. In training, it will be her way or nothing, so it will certainly be a struggle to get her to follow the simplest of instructions, much less carry a message. Her response will be to haughtily ignore such demeaning orders. Much perseverance and convincing may win out, but she will always be prone to refusing at unpredictable times.

Faranth save those who encounter Off With Their Heads Gold when she’s proddy, she can be downright brutal. She bullies the males, not above swiping out with a talon or buffeting them with her wings if they do anything but grovel in her presence. Ichor may be drawn in her flights as well, for she will want a bronze who can endure her worst.

Inspiration: The Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland


Very Important Date Brown Quickie to Kimessa (LdyPayne)
Colour: Brown
Adult Size: 13" length, 23" wingspan

Physical Description:
About as pale as they come, Very Important Date Brown’s hide looks sandy under most circumstances, but when bright sunlight plays over stretched thin sails he can appear almost white. His only markings are a pair of near-perfect circles of a darker brown, one resting just below each of his bright eyes. He quivers with energy that constantly needs an outlet, talons clacking and tail twitching whenever he’s not on the move. He's small and light-bodied, with most of his muscle carried in his hind-quarters. What he lacks in bulk he makes up for in speed, his lean build made for streaking to and fro on very important business.

Very Important Date Brown not only accepts tasks, he longs to be assigned them. Even better the Important tasks or those that must be done right away or else. He shines under pressure and will prove himself again and again to be a reliable messenger. But woe be to he or she who comes between him and his goal; they may find themselves bowled over or harassed by harried talons. His relentlessness will at times have its downside, as he’ll try to scratch straight through a door if he has to, or even insistently interrupt an intimate moment in order to make sure his duty is carried out. He does so hate being late.

Smart and trainable though he might be, Very Important Date Brown lacks a certain confidence. There’s always something for him to be nervous about, something to fret over, much to the chagrin of Kimessa who must listen to him chatter on about each and every one. While completely comfortable around his smaller blue and green cousins, even adopting a haughtiness when dealing with them, he lacks courage when confronting golds, bronzes, and even gigantic dragons. He will fall all over himself when challenged by one of them. It will never be clearer than in his mating flights; in chasing golds, he is cautious, obsequious, while he charges in at full speed in pursuit of a green.

Inspiration: The White Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland


Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat Brown to to Cenara (Rhee)
Colour: Brown
Adult Size: 12" length, 19" wingspan

Physical Description:
Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat Brown is small for his color and will even at his full size be dwarfed by other browns and some large blues. The dappled brown of his hide makes him seem soft, nearly velveteen, though that hide will feel like that of any other firelizard, as prone to its scaly patches as any other. A pointed muzzle gives his face a gentle appearance and his stubby headknobs, with little tufts of pink lining their outer edge, seem more like ears. He's prone to developing a round belly, with as much as he eats and as little as he does, but his long neck and even longer tail always seem to balance things out.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat Brown sleeps. A lot. Never will there be a spot or situation too uncomfortable that he can’t find out how to curl up for a quick nap right where he is. Of all his numerous napping places, his favorite will inexplicably be empty tableware. An empty tea kettle, for instance, will present such a temptation that he will just have to wedge himself in and grab a bit of shuteye. He’ll be next to useless as a messenger, prone to forgetting his tasks as soon as a warm sunbeam-lit ledge presents itself.

He is not without his uses, however. He doesn’t raise his head to contribute often, but when he does he will reveal how remarkably observant he is. He will chime in with just the right bit of information or at the most opportune moment, surprising everyone involved.

As with other physical exertions, Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat Brown will be reluctant to rise to mate, but instinct will win out over his lethargy on certain occasions. He prefers sweet, quiet greens, someone who would be happy to cuddle the day away once their done with that bothersome flight business.

Inspiration: The Dormouse, Alice in Wonderland


Raven and a Writing Desk Blue to to T'ai (Shouriko)
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 12" length, 20.5" wingspan

Physical Description:
Raven and a Writing Desk Blue is an odd teal color, neither green nor fully blue in hue. The rest of him is equally odd. His head seems a size too big for the rest of him, and with great big blocky headknobs a few shades darker to boot. His only other marking is a spray of gray on each side of those distinctive headknobs, feathered haphazardly across his temples. He carries himself with a certain dramatic flair, every motion exaggerated and every pose made somehow unique. When he rests, which won’t be often, he adopts unusual positions, at times preferring to be completely upside down in order to get comfortable.

Raven and a Writing Desk Blue begins life as a little bit strange and will become curiouser and curiouser as the time passes. He will grow hungry at the oddest hours and sleep at even odder ones, following no routine that poor T’ai will be able to distinguish. For a firelizard he will have some unusual tastes as well, the most persistent being that he prefers to dunk his food liberally before eating, his beverage of choice being tea, of course.

Caught off in his own world, it will be difficult to get him to focus on the task at hand, though with enough patience he can certainly be trained. He’d like to help, you see, but he so often gets things confused by seeing them in his own peculiar way. Be sure to send him with a written message if you want the recipient to understand; his mental images are often fantastical and skewed from reality, making them very hard to interpret.

Raven and a Writing Desk Blue participates in flights almost by accident. His wings take him aloft after a lovely green lass before he even knows what he’s doing and he’s always pleasantly surprised when he actually wins. He’ll forget about the girl quickly afterward, though, distracted by any number of other curiosities.

Inspiration: The Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland


We're All Mad Blue to to Tarmin (Mind)
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 12.5" length, 20" wingspan

Physical Description:
Such a striking, striped boy he is, this We’re All Mad Blue fellow. A vibrant purple-blue hue graces his hide, a color that would be distinctive enough on its own, but his lavender stripes give him an extra touch of peculiarity. Evenly spaced and spanning from behind his headknobs to the tip of his tail, those stripes drape over his back and encircle his tail. While his size and build is average for a blue, his maw is relatively large, the edges of his mouth curved upward so that he has the appearance of a perpetually smug grin. His habit of dropping his mouth open in times of excitement on doubles the impression, a wide smile crossing his muzzle, sometimes complete with lolling tongue.

The one thing that can always start that characteristic grin is chaos. We’re All Mad Blue might instigate that chaos, but he rarely participates in it, far preferring the role of spectator, gleaning much amusement from the madness. He can often be found perched somewhere above people’s heads, excitedly smiling at a fight in the dining cavern or at a dragon becoming annoyed with a gathered firelizard fair. And despite his flashy coloring, he can manage to do so unobserved for the most part.

We’re All Mad Blue will be affectionate to a certain degree, but he’s fickle; caresses and scratches, while accepted, will happen on his terms alone. When he’s done with someone it will become quite clear; if the sudden hiss is not heeded then he won’t hesitate to give a scratch with his talons to make his point clear. He’s similarly contrary with his females, courting one day then nowhere to be found the next.

Inspiration: The Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland


Curiouser and Curiouser Green Little to Indria (Shelacs)
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 9.5" length, 16" wingspan

Physical Description:
Curiouser and Curiouser Green is a petite sort of green, and though she’s a touch too round to be called svelte, she’s just about as dainty and delicately feminine as you could hope for. Her hide carries a vibrant, spring-like hue, one that could remind one of venturing vines or pure young sprouts. She’s not without distinguishing marks; the majority of her underside fades to a near-white, the paleness extending in a strip around the base of her neck as well, and her headknobs and back paws conversely look as if they were dipped in a deep emerald ink.

These are subtle touches, however, and do little to set her apart from her fellows. Far more distinctive is her face. She has a shortened snout that turns slightly upward at its tip and remarkably wide, rounded eyes that will give her a youthful countenance even as she gets on in Turns. Though she will have random spurts and stops in her growth, she will end up as a nicely average-sized green.

Curiouser and Curiouser Green wants ever so much to please and will be delightfully, and surprisingly for a green, easy to train. She will relish the chance to show off her skills to anyone that will serve as audience. Gentle and polite, she will likely win herself more treats and caresses by simply placing a paw lightly on a person’s arm than any of her other peers, with their insistent pushing, creeling, and stealing.

Though she is far from mischievous, Curiouser and Curiouser Green has a way of getting herself into some sticky situations by simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. She is endlessly curious and will regularly go investigating and exploring in places she shouldn’t. Although frequently faced with being stuck, cornered, or challenged, she will never deal with it well, becoming quite flustered whenever it happens. She will need gentle hand and some clear guidance when it comes time to extricate her from those troubles that her curiosity drags her into. Similarly, when she’s driven by instinct to rise, she never knows quite what to do with herself. She will be hesitant and haphazard in her flights, and those wilier, cleverer males who take advantage of that are most likely to catch her.

Inspiration: Alice, Alice in Wonderland


Who Are You? Green Serenity to Xer'zyn (Ivy)
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 11" length, 15" wingspan

Physical Description:
Who Are You? Green will be rather odd-looking as a hatching, on the larger side but with short, stumpy legs that seem to only just reach the ground when she’s standing. Those legs will grow as she ages and become more normal in their proportions, but she will always appear a bit stunted because of them. Her color is a lovely matte emerald, her markings distinctive; her face and the whole over her underside are covered in a more pastel shade, sharply offset from the darker color above. Faint lines divide that lighter color into even segments from neck to tail, which only serves to accent her rotund belly.

Who Are You? Green is a firelizard of simple pleasures and it takes very little to make her content. She loves to lounge more than anything, and to quietly survey her surroundings with seeming disinterest, her watching broken only to partake in whatever delectable treats her Xer’zyn decides to bring her. She will not be a hunter, this one, or even prone to mischief like some of her brethren. She prefers perching to flying, but flying to walking, and will have a terribly ungainly gait when she is earthbound.

Who Are You? Green is a calm presence overall, but views the rest of the world with a certain distrust. New people must prove themselves worthy of her regard, and new firelizards doubly so. She doesn’t announce her distaste for certain people or fellow firelizards, she simply judges silently. Those who do meet her unspoken high standards will find helpful tips bestowed upon them whenever she can lend herself to be helpful. Riling her temper will be a difficult task, but the surest way to do it is to insult her or her own Xer’zyn; those will be the rare times that her smoky, rough voice rises to a screech.

In flight, Who Are You? Green will take on the appearance of a flutterby, her wingstrokes carrying her on an erratic, zig-zag path through the air. In mating flights this will only be exaggerated and it will certainly be challenging for the males to keep up.

Inspiration: The Caterpillar, Alice in Wonderland


Credits: Corgi
Lineart by inkdragoncreations

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