Brown Mivenanth

Impressee: Al'arin (Alizarin)

Name: Mivenanth

Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: 6B4226
Final Size: 38' wingspan of 62'
Mivenanth is a slightly chubby, muscular dragon of a chocolatey-brown color. Very faint stripes of brown-black march across his back, neck, and sides; these stripes somewhat resemble bamboo or some other jointed grass. The same brown-black coloration covers his head-knobs, which are unusually rounded - looking more like a hairstyle rather than the bony structures they are. At 38 feet body-length, he is solidly in the middle range of size for a brown; his wingspan is average in length, but somewhat wider than most, giving the illusion of that they are fore-shortened. Because of his extra-wide wings, he always looks a bit off in the air, as if he should not be able to remain aloft. But remaining aloft is what he does best: he is not the most agile of dragons, but his strong muscles can easily keep him flying throughout an entire Threadfall, or over a long sweep-riding mission.

Mivenanth likes to know the rules in great detail. He'll ask as many questions as needed to satisfy himself, persisting even to the point of exasperating his superiors if necessary. The reason for this pickiness is not that he has a great craving for structure however, it is because rules are more easily twisted once one has them pinned down. If there is a way to follow the letter of the law while violating its spirit to his advantage, Mivenanth will exploit it. At times, he will push things to the point where Al'arin must gently rein him in.

He is also a very chatty busybody of a dragon. He likes to know everybody's business, even if requires a considerable amount of running about to learn it. He is very judgmental about the actions of others as well. When he feels he may get into trouble for commenting on the failings of a superior or equal, he will express his disapproval to Al'arin alone, in the form of snide comments. When he feels the other dragon is his inferior, he may very well stick his snout into the air and snipe directly at him or her. Mivenanth's views of superiority and inferiority follow conventional color rankings among dragons. When it comes to humans other than his rider, Mivenanth will mostly confine himself to asides spoken directly to Al'arin; he is not fond of bespeaking other humans.

One peculiarity in his socializing is that this brown does not flirt. Ever. He'll chase, sure, but there will be no sweet words to tempt a green. He may deign to cuddle - after he has won a Flight. But no flirting.

Mivenanth has a tendency to get rather snide and superior with Al'arin when he thinks his rider has been misbehaving. While some might find this objectionable, it represents a considerable improvement from his adolescent-dragon months, when he tried to impose an endless series of rules upon Al'arin. Al'arin's lack of perturbation at his disapproval will eventually send him off to grumble to himself on his ledge. Mivenanth does not like arguments he can't win, and he has learned that he cannot always have his way where his rider is concerned.

Dragon Credit: Ivy

Egg Name: Kimono no Tamago Egg
Egg Description: This egg sits very properly where it was laid - almost too properly. There's something almost comic about its apparent prim attitude, especially when it's noticeably smaller than its clutchmates. Its coloring is cheerfully colored and patterned in reds, blues, greens, and yellows; the way the pattern shifts, it almost looks like the egg is wearing a robe, with a more natural tan color poking out of its top and a wide band of blue - with a line of sea green through its middle - running right around the middle of the egg like a sash or belt.
Egg Inspiration: The Mikado by Gilbert and Sullivan
Egg Credit: Rainewolf

Dam: Gold Siheth (Juleia)
Sire: Bronze Hrementh (T'corav)

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