Name: Mollise
Gender: Female
Birth Turn: P8 T14, Early Summer
Location: Mathon Hold
Rank: Lord Holder's Daughter

Mini-Biography: Mollise was born with blonde hair, and hair that is slow to grow – at her current age it rather sparsely covers her head, and is only as long as the point in which her neck connects with her head. It’s fluffy and has a slight wave to it, so appears that over time it will take the curly nature of her mother. The girl has the same intense blue eyes as Tremol. The rest of her is still developing, she’s on the small side –even for a child. She’s naturally a petite built little girl – small in height, even for her age and very thin in build.

Mollise is a daddy’s girl, no doubt about it. Shes always watching and waiting for him in case he comes through the door, and is always the child that will call across the hall to him if she sees him just to say hi, with a big amorous wave. She’s a positive child – always willing to see the good in something, even if it’s blatently obvious that it’s wrong. She she grows older, she’ll be the type of girl to always make up excuses in defense of someone. She’s intelligent and quick to learn her harper lessons, but she’s not exactly the most brightest girl when it comes to common sense – she’ll be the child looking up at the sky when someone says “look there’s a dead Wherry”
She;s not afraid to get dirty in play – and later will be the type of girl that’s happy to get stuck in and work the most horrible of jobs if it means she’ll help someone out. She’ll respect her role as a lady of rank as she grows and gets older, but unlike Revalise will not often think of the outcome of her action in the world of the dignitaries - she’ll have the appearance parts of a lady down to a T but not nessacarily the behavioural side of things. She’s also a bit more argumemetive than Revalise and wilol often say ‘no’ and ‘strop’ over things she doesn’t want to do, as she gets older that will manifest itself in arguing and making her point heard.
As a very child, Mollise is shy with people does not know, often hiding behind her mothers skirts. This is something she will grow out of as she gets older.
Mini-Biography Credit: Taenia

Mother: Lady Holder Annalise (Taenia)
Father: Lord Holder Tremol (Emma)
Sisters: Revalise

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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