Brown Moshentith

Impressee: W'il (Wehil)

Name: Moshentith
Pronunciation: Mo-shen-teeth
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: d19a5d
Final Size: 41' length with a wingspan of 70'

Moshentith is a dragon who stands out in a crowd. He falls on the larger side of average for his color and has a very wide, bulky frame which actually makes him look rather intimidating. His bulk is all muscle which makes him a bit slow to turn in the air but at least he will not tire easily. What really sets this brown apart though is his markings. The primary color of Moshentith’s hide is a creamy brown which makes the dark brown almost black markings that cover his hide stand out all the more. The first of these markings can be seen on his forehead where thick, vine-looking lines twist around each other. They sit right below his head-knobs and stretch towards each other finally knotting together in the center and dipping downwards further onto his forehead. The same markings cover his fore-legs and chest so that you can barely see the creamy brown hide beneath. The pattern continues on his back following his spine all the way to the tip of his tail and spread out over his wings in sharp lines and angles.

If there was one phrase that could sum up Moshentith it would be strong and silent. His bulky frame is matched with a similarly tough, burly demeanor. He can certainly seem intimidating or even scary when he is lurking on the fringes of his clutch-siblings during a lesson but those who are brave enough to approach him will find that he is fairly welcoming albeit not very talkative. He has a naturally gruff way of speaking which sometimes just further deters his clutch-siblings from speaking to him and he somewhat intentionally looks for ways to show off his considerable strength. 

Moshentith may seem a little rough around the edges but he’s got a gentle heart especially when it comes to W’il. He loves the boy in his own reserved way and sees him as someone who needs to be taken under his wing lest he hurts himself with excitement. He won’t be prone to overly physical or emotional displays of affection but if ever someone was to be mean to or upset his W’il they would find an intimidating brown looming over them insisting on their immediate apology. If they ill-advisedly refuse, Moshentith will begin to growl and stalk towards them slowly. He’d never hurt another person but he knows how to scare them into thinking he would.

Moshentith understands the necessity for rules but also doesn’t have much of a problem with bending them from time to time. He tends to do things in his own way and on his own time and any reprimands he receives for this attitude he will take with a grain of salt. He has a somewhat grudging acceptance of the golds’ and bronzes’ innate authority over the other dragons but he has more of a respect for those greens and blues that have earned their position of leadership. He certainly won’t disobey golds’ and bronzes’ when it comes to dire matters but he might grumble a little under his breath and slightly adjust the instructions to suit his needs. 

Moshentith can be a worrisome dragon to fly with in a ‘Fall not for his wing-mates to whom he is a huge asset because of his strength but to his rider. He refuses to acknowledge any pain which makes it difficult for his rider to know when he is injured. W’il will have to learn to be very attentive to his dragon’s feelings during a ‘Fall because if Moshentith receives a bad score he will continue to fight until he quite literally falls from the sky and by that time the injury he sustained is far more extensive than it had initially been. Moshentith has a similar tenacity when it comes to flights. He won’t chase every green or gold that rises but when he does chase he commits himself to seeing it through to the very end.

Inspiration: Tattoo Artist
Name Inspiration: In Chinese, 'mo' means 'ink' and 'shenti' means 'body' so literally translated Moshentith means ink body.

Hatching/Impression Message:
A number of eggs were shaking as the candidates filed onto the Sands but it was the The It's Gonna Bite Ya Egg that first broke open revealing a sturdy brown hatchling. He stood up and shook off the few bits of egg shell that still clung to his damp hide. The strange dark brown patterns that covered his creamy tan hide quickly became apparent as the heat from the Sands dried the last of the egg goo. After a few seconds of adjusted to his surrounded he lumbered towards the male candidates. Wehil watched the brown’s progression with ill-contained excitement. He was certain he was going to Impress and to the first dragon that hatched too! He just knew that the hatchling was his dragon! And, as it was, the brown agreed. “Moshentith!” W’il cried bounding forward and throwing his arms around the brown’s neck. The brown seemed taken aback by the gesture but awkwardly wrapped his neck around the boy. “Let’s get you something to eat I can tell your hungry!” W’il gushed as he lead his brown off the Sands.

Dragon Credit: Neena

Egg Name: The It's Gonna Bite Ya Egg
Egg Description: This is a frightening egg indeed, because you need to do a double take just to be sure that it is in fact an egg and not some rabid beast hiding amongst the clutch. It is a very dark, nearly black egg overall which enables it to blend into the dark sand no matter how it lays. What makes it stand out so frighteningly is the sharp cuts of silvery white that gleam brightly like teeth. Those swipes of silver are cold and metallic and look sharp enough and ready to draw blood despite being flush with the shell. It is an average-sized egg, but it is the patterning of this smooth-shelled egg that makes it so very special.
Egg Inspiration: Staple Remover
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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