Light Sandy Brown Mzeranth

Impressee: Lucenkaz (L'kaz)

Name: Mzeranth
Name Inspiration: You chose Mzeranth, so Mzeranth you shall have!

Colour: Light Sandy Brown
Hex Code: EE9A4D
Final Size: 38.6’, wingspan 67.8'
Description: For those used to seeing medium to darker browns, this sandy brown dragon will be eye-catching and riveting. He is not the pale white of sands from the Southern beaches by the oceans, yet he is a lighter sandy brown coloration than the darkest sands by the lakes. Still, it is a lighter sand color, a creamy brown that seems to remind one of the sun and sand, giving off a feeling of warmth. In size he is larger than the smaller to medium sized browns, yet not so large as some of the largest in the Weyr. His proportions are as though someone took great care to put him together. At a young age he doesn’t even appear as lanky as some of his clutchmates, though his legs are a little on the long side, as is his wings and tail. He has the look of a growing puppy, with limbs a little overlong, but more grace and muscle than lankiness. As a full grown dragon he will have grown into himself, and look as though everything is as perfect as it can be. He already shows promise of a strong, wider chest, muscular hind legs and large, powerful wings.
His tail is a little thicker than some, and perhaps a touch shorter than is the norm. His neck is lithe and also muscled well, though he seems to have a couple neck ridges more than most dragons do. Also like a puppy, his ‘paws’ appear almost too large for him as a dragonet. He will find himself at odds with his larger paws and longer limbs until he grows into them, but if they belie his full size then this would make perfect sense—if he were only canine! He has broad shoulders and large wings, and they promise good endurance as he grows.

Personality: Even from a young age, Mzeranth’s interest in the world around him will be apparent. While other dragonets are running amuck and essentially being all that is a dragonet, Mzeranth will be more the ‘quiet observer’. He seems to soak in everything like a sponge, wanting to learn all he can about Pern, its inhabitants and his Weyr. Questions will be asked, but these questions will come only if the curious brown cannot find a way to deduce the answer himself through observance and a more ‘hands on’ approach. He prefers to watch and listen, rather than simply assume and make guesses at how things work or should be done.

Mzeranth has the makings of a dragon who would be a good leader, but his attitude towards this fact is that he will do what he is suited to do best. He listens to others because he seriously believes that that is how one learns best, and respects those in a position of authority but is not afraid to speak his mind and question orders if something seems amiss. Through his behavior and wisdom beyond his age, he will gain the respect and trust of those around him with more ease than would normally be possible for a dragon of his age or color. The roles reserved for bronzes would be easily filled by such a dragon if he had been one, but as he is not he will be fully useful in whatever roll he can hope to fill. He performs to the best of his ability and seems to take pride in a job well done.

Mzeranth enjoys sharing what he learns with others, but because of this some will regard him as a ‘know it all’ sort, or resent him for seeming to know more than they do or for speaking out of place while he is merely trying to offer advice. His rider will often have to show the brown who is in charge of things, as Mzeranth has a mind of his own and uses it. Though dragons have short memories the intellectual brown seems to almost retain a bit more than most at times, coming out with things he wouldn’t be expected to have remembered or perhaps even known. Such is the lot of listeners and observers.

Those who know much often assume that they are right. Mzeranth’s weakness will be this, that he will respect the wisdom of others but rely too heavily on his own, sometimes leading to mistakes and trouble for him. He can be very hardheaded and opinionated if he sincerely believes his ‘facts’ are right, or that his way is better or more effective. He will go so far as to ‘politely argue’ with his older kin and getting him to back down is a matter of having to outright prove your facts to him. This can be wearisome and troublesome for his rider, who will often find himself in lengthy debates over ‘what is and what is not’ with the dragon.

When it comes to females, Mzeranth will draw them to him whether he intends to or not. He is not overmuch the flirt, he is more the charmer that the female dragons will want to come to because unlike many hot headed dragons, Mzeranth knows how to listen and his rich voice and vivid pictures already compel others, male or female, to him. In a flight he can be highly competitive, and here is a dragon who will try for a gold, whether he has a chance of winning or no! In a flight he seems very focused and though he is larger than the blues, his knowledge of how flight works will aid him greatly. He tends to focus on only the females that interest him, and for some reason only those who seem to have substance and intellect hold his interest for very long.

When it comes to Threadfall, Mzeranth is a force to be reckoned with! He utilizes all he learns about it to his advantage, and the chances of him or his rider being scored are slim to none. He despises Thread with a passionate fury, a passion which is only rivaled by his passion for knowledge. He will last a fall without any trouble, and even if he is injured he will wish to fight on, though it would not be recommended. He takes great pride in fighting against that which menaces Pern and its inhabitants!

In an argument Mzeranth will be impossible to rile the way one would expect. Everyone knows that facts are more useful than insults with no backing, and Mzeranth can talk circles around most dragons. He will even manage to confuse some of the less intellectual than himself with merely words, and doesn’t seem to tolerate what he considers ‘temperamental stupidity’ on any level. Let the others roar, hiss and spit. He will simply be the mature, calm one.

Passionate, intellectual, respected and wise…Mzeranth rounds out his rider very nicely, giving L'kaz much to occupy himself with. If it isn’t debates it will be struggling to remind the witty brown who it is who is in charge. However, once these things are learnt and dealt with, Mzeranth will be a dragon any rider would be proud to call his partner!

Inspiration: Rudyard Kipling was not only a writer but also traveled, giving him inspiration for his books. Stories such as the Jungle Book, Rikki Tikki Tavi and the White Seal delighted audiences both young and old. However, he was also known for being a wise individual, one who people listened to with much enjoyment. Like Kipling, Mzeranth will be adventurous and wise, drawing those around him to want to listen to what he has to say. He will be imaginative too, and respected as Kipling was.

Voice: Mzeranth’s voice is so different from his clutchmates in the richness and sound. It is like listening to a storyteller who has the ability to draw in his listeners without having to really try because he has been doing it for so long that it now comes naturally. Besides the feeling one gets from the way he carries himself, his voice only adds to the feeling of wisdom far beyond his young age. It will only advance in this aspect as he grows, but even now one feels compelled to listen as though he were the wiser and older one speaking. For now it is a medium tenor, but as he grows it will deepen into a fine voice that not only compels attention but nearly demands it without Mzeranth ever having a demanding demeanor.

He is avid in the use of perfectly formed images while he speaks, as though his ‘story’ as it were is accompanied by lovely and realistic pictures, and so clear are they that one might fall into ‘seeing’ rather than ‘hearing’ what Mzeranth is saying to them. His images are full of so much rich detail that it is hard not to forget what he’s saying amidst all the vivid images, something his rider will have to work to do, and others may never be able to fully get over.

Hatching Message: The Bright Eyes Egg had been rocking gently for a while now, and suddenly picked up speed notably, as though the dragonet inside had decided it had had enough of being in there. A crack split the middle of the egg, spreading all along the sides until it broke wide open, displaying what for a moment was light enough to have been mistaken for a light bronze. But upon a better look, it was the Light Sandy Brown, lighter in coloration than most that are hatched. He sat amidst the shells of his egg, looking far more regal and well formed than his other brown clutchmate. He seemed to be looking around him with apparent interest, glancing up into the stands and around the sands quietly. Suddenly he seemed to notice that he was covered in fluid and shell shards, and stood, giving a shake that dislodged both offending substances rather effectively, before simply sitting down once more and continuing his silent observance.

Public Impression Message: The Light Sandy Brown dragonet had a very knowing look about him as he finally stood from amongst the shattered shell shards strewn about him, and begins striding forwards with purpose. He walked rather proudly, head held high, skirting the candidates whom he was not meant for and making straight for one of the oldest boys there, stopping before him and gazing at him with an almost fierce look of determination and decisiveness even as Impression occured. There is something in the way that his eyes meet with those of the boy he chose that made onlookers find themselves holding their breath before the general clapping and cheering ensued. The brown had finally chosen, though some felt he had known whom he wanted from the very start!

Personal Impression Message: Something grabs your attention though you’re not sure what it is at first. It’s as if something is drawing your gaze towards the sandy brown dragonet who had, until now, been merely sitting and surveying the candidates quietly. No one was even sure if he’d make his choice what with the way he seemed to unnervingly stare at one candidate at a time, even eying the females quietly, making some of the onlookers whisper amongst themselves. Now your eyes are only on him as he makes his way across the sands, managing to side step all the candidates around him even though he is one of the larger dragons there. Only you notice that his eyes never leave your face as he approaches, the intensity of his gaze and the strength behind it making it almost hard to breathe. You never have to doubt for a moment that it is you he is coming for, and as a voice young and full of wisdom beyond its ears finds its way into your mind, and impression occurs, you finally feel complete for the first time in your life. Lucenkaz, I apologize for making you wait. I hope you can forgive your Mzeranth, and perhaps would consider feeding me? After he speaks, you recover from your astonishment at that rich voice and feel the waves of admiration, love and devotion emanating from the dragonet, nearly overwhelmed by them as you make your reply…

Dragon Credit: Kat

Egg Name: Bright Eyes Egg

Egg Description: For an egg hidden behind it's clutch mates, it's a startingly beautiful one, full of oranges, reds and blacks. Banded orange, the colour is almost faded against the black and almost seems to shimmer in what little light it may receive. The stripes are not even, indeed they range from length to length, never touching each other or themselves, and never truly banding the egg. The tips of these stripes point, and the whole effect is one of a Terran tiger, only the opposite way around. What is most stunning about this egg however is the two pointed ovals on one side of it. Not faded like the stripes, they seem to glare out with a mix of red and orange, hints of black just peeking through where it fades. They look so much like eyes that some people are freaked out by them.
Egg Inspiration: Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright, In the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye, Could frame thy fearful symmetry?
Egg Credit: Lark

Dam: Gold Bacapth (Almerion)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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