Impressed to green Atsyunarth

Name: N'ro (Nijiro)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T197
Birth Place: Solaria Weyr
Rank: Weyrling
Former Rank: Drudge

Mini-Biography: A young and new Candidate in comparison to the many others, Nijiro was born to a pair of drudges and became a drudge himself. He never thought very highly of himself and was satisfied with serving the Weyr as a drudge. He expected that because his parents were drudges, that he would become a drudge, too, and spend the rest of his life as one. He never expected one of the Solarian dragons to pick him out of a crowd of kids when all he was doing was trying to get by. Encouraged by his parents, he is giving Candidacy a try. After all, none of the chores are any worse than what he has done already as a drudge!

Mini-Biography Credit: Shouriko

Relatives: None

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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