Impressed to Blue Ahtith

Name: N'tok (Neurtok)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T183
Former Rank: Apprentice Harper

Clumsy doesn’t even begin to describe Neurtok! He has so many accidents and such terrible luck that it was a wonder he ever walked the tables at all! This young man never even meant to accept his Search in the first place. Neurtok sort of stumbled in the path of the rider and before he knew it he had been packed and brought to Solaria. Even after he failed to impress at that clutch, he tried to return to the Harper Hall, but was told to stay at the Weyr. He’ll likely end up stumbling back into the barracks this clutch one way or another. He already has his knots and what is there to lose? Neurtok finds dragonriding romantic and fancies it being gallant but unless he becomes one himself, he’ll never really acknowledge the real truth of the difficulty of it.

Mini-Biography Credit: Shouriko


Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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