Join Us Green Nademth

Impressee: Bo'di (Bouddi)

Name: Nademth
Pronounciation: nah-dem-th
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 0d3c09
Hatching: Gold Femaith x Brown Neovith, P8 T16
Final Size: 24' length with wingspan of 48'


Description: There's something not quite right about Join Us Green. She is a dark green dragon, almost like the dark green of the evergreen trees in the North. What makes her stand apart are the odd markings strewn across her hide arranged haphazardly at random in bright, neon green so vibrant they hurt the eyes to look at for too long. Something about those markings could get you to thinking that you're hearing voices. Strange and frightening voices that you cannot possibly understand and two eerie words that you do: join us. Those markings aside, Join Us Green is a petite green, delicately built and very feminine in appearance.

She is far from being the delicate dragons he appears to be, however. In fact, she's downright vicious! Her voice is high-pitched and tinny like an old witch, her laughter an unnerving cackle. She makes a mess of any of her meals, getting blood all over herself and everyone else in the nearby vicinity. Join Us Green delights in the carnage of death and is always looking for ways to get everyone else involved in some way. The metallic taste of blood is just so delicious! And it's good for your skin and hide, too, don't you know? Come! Come! Try it! That could be easily dismissed as an eccentricity and she would not be the only strange dragon in Solaria, let alone Pern. But then she always has this habit of whispering and hiss at others for no particular reason at all join us, same as the odd voice you hear when you stare at the markings on her hide for too long.

When she isn't being spectacularly creepy, she can be artistic and creative, doodling with her claws in the sand or thinking up interesting stories. Join Us Green likes to explore and she has a curiosity that could get her into dangerous situations as a youngster. That might explain why she starts out relatively so innocent as a hatchling and grows progressively stranger as she ages. Something she met with on one of her adventures might have gotten to her head.

As she is vicious with her meal kills, she is just as ferocious with Thread. Join Us Green flames readily in long, thin, accurate fire streams. She might fly in jerky motions on occasion, but never in the way of harm random as those moments in her flight may come. You will never get used to it.
She's just as stunningly violent in her mating flights, something comes over her like a spell turning her into a maniacal creature. You'll find her lashing out at the males and desiring to see drops and splatters of ichor all over her chasers. She would be especially pleased to see their hides smeared with blood as well, particularly as Join Us Green will be among those rare greens who actually will blood a kill. A kill she might even roll about the carcass with a little before taking to the sky. Her mate of choice will typically be bigger and stronger than she, one that can muscle her into submission at the moment of the catch and hold her in their descent until she comes back to her senses.

Inspiration: ??
Dragon Credit: Shouriko

Hatching Message:
The Dirty Fingers Egg was all a-quiver as the humming of dragons resonated throughout the Weyr. It had been among the very first to start shaking and catching the attention of Femaith with its movement. For all the dragon inside knew, it had actually been the first to start the humming. Oh, but that wasn't what mattered. Large cracks began to show on the surface of the Dirty Fingers Egg, causing everyone to take a good look in its direction. Those large cracks made the shell weak and out sprung the delicate and feminine Join Us Green.

She doesn't take much time in getting a good look of her surroundings. A single swinging look and she is off among the eggs, sniffing at them and leaving them be. Join Us Green moves among her unhatched siblings with a constant low hissing sound, repeating over and over again, but what she says can't possibly be understood. Finished meeting her siblings, Join Us Green peers up at her parents, the Gold Femaith and the Brown Neovith, considering the pair before taking off towards the lines of Candidates.

Join Us Green starts with the girls.

She comes up to Yithel, giving her a long and measured look. It is almost harrowing the way she stares at the girl, giving even those standing nearby the shivers. Join Us Green hisses at her and then proceeds to hiss vehemently at all of the girls in turn. She darts towards Brie attempting to get the girl to back off of the sands and swipes at her with her young, sharp talons. Later she swings her tail at Syaira in an attempt to trip her up. Only after she has left all the girls behind her does Join Us Green desist in her hissing and attempts to scare the Candidates cease.

In fact her whole mood changes as she picks up her feet and trots over to Bouddi. "Er… yeah…" He begins to say, happy but uncertain in his speech towards the suddenly bright and friendly green. "I'll join you Nademth. Huh? Oh yeah, I think the food will be pretty bloody…" Bo'di leads Join Us Green Nademth away and off the Hatching Sands, the first pair of the clutch. Before they're gone and out of sight, however, the green turns back and hisses at the Candidates eerily.

It's almost like some kind of a warning…

Egg Name: Dirty Fingers Egg
Egg Description:
This dusty orange mess is not a huge egg and not a small one either.  Oh NO!  He sits happily in the middle of coolsville dreaming of yummy things to come.  The texture of the shell is at some points almost sand, like you have crumbs on your fingers, and at other times smooth or stone like.  All things considered it looks like a child had been eating and spilled the crumbs and then wiped their hands on this poor shell.  Upon touching the egg though candidates won't be shocked to find a very laid back mind.  It's almost too laid back to even pay you much attention.  To those who stay and just relax with this little one they feel at peace and maybe a bit hungry.  Wouldn't some roast wherry and fresh bread be just lovely right now?  To the rare few the little creature inside may even give the impression that it knows exactly who it will pick and all will be well man.  No worries just chill, get a bite to eat and be ready to love.
Egg Inspiration:
Cheeto fingers -pic
Egg Credit: Sickwater

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Brown Neovith (S'wyn)

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