Green Naeth

Impressee: Rassally

Name: Naeth

Colour: Green
Hatching - Early Spring, T197, 7th Interval

Description: She's petite in build, definitely on the smaller end of things, with long sculpted limbs. Her neck has a graceful arch to it that just screams 'I'm the best.' Her facial features are very delicate and there's no arguing that she has a sort of snooty look to her. Long, narrow wings added to her lean frame make sure that this green is incredibly quick and agile in the air. As a hatchling her hide was a beautiful even shade of emerald green, but now as she’s mature it’s a dark emerald green. Her belly is a lighter shade of emerald green. Naeth is a rather calming influence on her rider when hers gets flustered or slightly excited. Naeth will croon softly in her life mate’s mind to calm her. Though this little green has one nagging fear of her own: losing Rassally. She often likes to think about nice things, but how can she with a bug on her nose! She hates bugs, any type. It doesn’t matter. She has a bit of a funny streak and likes to try and tell jokes. She loves younglings and enjoys helping them as best she can. Though she does have more of a curiosity about human younglings.

Dam: Gold Bacapth (Almerion)
Sire: Bronze Hiroth (K'tev)

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