Blue Naponarth

Impressee: O'rez (Ozire)

Name: Naponarth
Pronunciation: nap-oh-narth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 000066
Final Size: 44' wingspan of 32' length

On the small end of the size scale, blue Naponarth does not let his diminutive figure keep him from making a big Impression. Unfortunately for this very serious blue, the first Impression is often laughter at his absurdly small wings, which don’t seem capable of holding up his frame. Because he is often ridiculed by his clutchmates for his ludicrous appearance, he will not form close attachments to any of them. O'rez is likely to be isolated by his dragon’s sulks unless he can convince the blue to go along with the others. He may attach himself to one or another of the greens, if she is compassionate toward him, and he will likely fly that same green for the duration of their lives with exceptions here and there.

Naponarth believes that he is a true leader, and strives to prove himself as such at every turn. With his deep Imperial blue hide and the deep violet shading under his throat and tail and in a rosette on his chest, he feels that he cuts quite an imposing figure. When others give him a chance, they will find that he is a brilliant tactician. He will use this trait to fly very well in Fall, although he will be one of the first blues to drop out of the fight.

Inspiration: Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte

Hatching/Impression Message:
Without much fanfare, a deep blue leg blasts through the side of The Imp Egg. Kicking ferociously, the dragonet inside bashes his way out of his prison and stands proudly surveying his audience, for such they must be. He is a round, dumpy little hatchling, with ridiculously small wings on his back. He notices no such shortcomings, though, and struts his dark blue and violet self toward the Candidates with his chest puffed out in pride.

You there, boy, he bugles at Ozire, full of self-importance, come and greet your Naponarth. O'rez, let’s rendezvous at the food, shall we? With a smirk at his fellow Candidates, the small man leapt to the side of his magnificent little blue and began jogging to keep up with the fast-stepping hatchling. That was one in the eye of those smug Candidates who insisted that a dragon would never want a small guy like him!

Dragon Credit: Rachel

Egg Name: The Imp Egg
Egg Description: The Imp is a small, perfectly round egg often lost amongst the grander eggs of this clutch. An almost neon red color with flecks of bright yellow cropping up in a few spots of the shell. A dull luminosity seems to encompass The Imp but it isn't bright enough to penetrate far from the shell. The Imp even feels several degrees cooler than the other eggs.
Egg Inspiration: Red Dwarf
Egg Credit: Neena

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Bronze Vesuvath (N'din)

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