Stands Against Oppression Green Narnth

Impressee: B'coj

Name: Narnth
Pronounciation: Nar-NTH
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 9DB804 - base colour; 3C4902 - pattern colour
Hatching: Gold Femaith x Bronze Efiemth, Late Autumn P8 T20
Final Size: 26' length, wingspan of 45'


Mini Biograpgy:
In size Narnth is a very average looking green. What truly make her stand apart is her spotted pattern and pale underbelly, face and feet. For the most part Narnth is a peaceful dragon, preferring to get along with her clutchmates than fight. She respects authority but rankles under anything she feels is oppression. She respects her elders however and will do her best to follow rules, as long as she feels they aren’t taking advantage of what she is. If she feels she’s being taken advantage of or if she doesn’t have any rights, Narnth will stand up to oppression fiercely.

Narnth will view her clutch siblings and parents as her ‘family’ and she’ll be loyal to them above all other dragons. Her rider of course is the most important thing in her life and she’ll always be loyal to him first even if it means breaking the rules. Though she prefers peace over conflict if any should betray her or harm her rider or friends, she’ll be a fierce defender.

Once grown up Narnth will be a fierce Threadfighter, determined to do her best to destroy her ancient enemy. As willing as she is to face her enemy she will not have the stamina to last an entire fall. This will bother her to the point she’ll push herself unless her rider reins her in. Narnth is not a green who goes through mates like many others. From the first time she rises she’ll chose a male she cares over all others. If this male remains true to her she’ll continue to choose him. However if he’s unfaithful there is a strong chance she’ll chose another next time she rises. What Narnth truly wishes is a mate who will chase only her and once she finds such a male she’ll never chose another.

Inspiration: Narns from Babylon 5
Dragon Credit: LdyPayne

Egg Name: Rocky Roads Egg
Egg Description: An egg of middling size, the Rocky Roads Egg's color ranges between a dusky blue and lilac with swirls of white lightly brushed up the shell. There is just the barest hint of yellow at the crown of the egg, just as there is a hint of green at the bottom. The shell is rather abrasive to the touch. A texture akin to hiking barefoot in the mountains.
Egg Feeling/Emotions: This egg exudes a tough, stubborn demeanor. Where others might just walk on and find an environment more suitable, this egg is determined to weather any adversity! Can you stick in there too?
Egg Inspiration: Colorado Blue Columbine
Egg Credit: Neena

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Efiemth (T'than)

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