Blue Narth

Impressee: W'den (Wheden)

Name: Narth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code:
Final Size:

Narth is an even shade of sky blue all over and has what looks to be a wide band of very pale blue, like a crown, about his head. He even seems to have a sort of crest marking of some kind on his chest, though he barely notices it.

Narth is one of those dragons who will forever have a vocal tick to him, always ending anything he says with ‘Ni’. He can never explain it, but it has always happened for as long as he can recall, which really isn’t very long. When he is terribly upset, he happens to only ever be able to say ‘Ni’ and convey his emotions to his rider. Narth might be plague by this vocal tick and yet he really is a good dragon. He easily makes friends and has few concerns except to do his best by his rider and Senior Gold. Oh yes, he will do anything for his Senior Gold if she would but ask it of him in her wondrously heavenly voice. An average blue by most accounts, he only stands out when he speaks to others.

Inspiration: King Arthur and the Knights Who Say ‘NI’ from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Hatching/Impression Message:
A couple of cracks and a few good jarring shakes and the Blinded by the Rainbow Egg opens up like a flower. Shaking his head, the blue dragon with his seemingly crowned head sits there. He yawns and then rises up to stretch the kinks out of him. A seemingly average and healthy blue dragon, he meanders about the place up until the moment he spies Iridith. Awed by her golden beauty, he stops and stares up at her as if in reverence. It isn’t too long before he takes notice of the other golds and finds himself looking back at them all as if they were the most fantastic sight he would ever behold in all his life. Finally, the gurgling and hunger pains coming from his stomach bring him to his senses and without much more wait ahead of him, he teeters off and finds himself before Wheden. “That’s a silly thing to say, Narth. What does ‘ni’ mean?” W’den asks. “Oh, well, I guess it doesn’t matter. Getting you fed is more important.”
Dragon Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: Blinded by the Rainbow Egg
Egg Description: The egg is as average in size as can be, but the colorations are mesmerizing. Like any gemstone, this egg seems to have a sheer shimmer or sparkle to it and when it just right with the sun seems to reflect and it make the egg sparkle. The base and nearly halfway up the egg is a deep, dark red. Gazing the rest of the way up the egg, however, the eye witnesses every color imaginable. Light red, pink, baby blue, dark blue, turquoise, sea foam green, hunter green, light orange, dark orange, sun yellow, sienna yellow. Any point the egg is looked upon can be viewed as a different pattern of colors. All colors seem to dissipate into a clear hue as it reaches the pinpoint of the egg, nearly translucent. The most interesting portion of this egg is that the internal of the egg seems to reflect within itself in a sunburst cut pattern, making this gemstone egg that much more attractive to the eye.
Egg Inspiration: Tourmaline
Egg Credit: Atlys

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Midath (C'rian)

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