Wispy Leafy Green Natath

Impressee: D'rach (Darach)

Name: Natath
Name Inspiration: A shortened version of Nature.

Colour: Wispy Leafy Green
Final Size: 29 feet long, with a wingspan of 54 feet
Description: A dark green base is overlaid with wisps of lighter green and near the extremities this reaches a near brown green, almost as if she's been stood in mud. She is long and lithe yet has a look of sturdiness at the same time. Her legs look strong, even for a hatchling, and there is an underlying current of strength that is quite unusual for a green, even an adult one. She's fairly large for a green already and her wings are oddly disproportionate, though not in a bad way. They are slightly waved at the edges and combined with her colouring bringing to mind freshly unfurled leaves of spring. She moves very gracefully and has an almost feline grace to her, though this is tempered by the slightly clumsy streak that she has. She’s more than likely to glide across the floor only to trip over her own feet and land in a heap.
Hex Colour Code: 004F00

Personality: She is rather quiet personality wise, and will not get into arguments if she can avoid it. She will stick up for her rider and for others if needed but she much prefers to sit quietly and watch the world go by. She is very inquisitive and loves nothing more than to poke her rather delicate nose into things and have a good rummage about. She’s rather a handful and can be difficult to control, but like many young things, distraction works well. She’s very sure of herself yet likes reassured if she feels she’s being let down or upset. She talks non stop to her rider and anyone she chooses to, but is quiet with everyone else. Fun loving and care free she

As an adult, she’ll be a force to reckon with. She’s not quite as quiet now and will argue her position with most dragons if she feels the need to. Natath is full of energy and still holds that curious streak even as an adult. She also has a certain disregard for positions of superiority and it’ll take a strong rider to quell her boisterous side enough to listen. She’s not the type to put herself, rider or anyone with her in danger, she just sees that her idea or way is better so she’ll follow that instead of certain orders.

In Flights she’ll be wily and fast. None of this taunting the males for her, she knows she’s better than them, no need to prove it. Plus talking takes up flight energy that can be better spent showing off her stamina and agility. As flirty as you’d expect a green to be, she’s picky nevertheless. Only the best at keeping up or outsmarting her will win. She flies high and wide and it’ll take a male with stamina and brains to catch this green flash. Ending the flight will almost be a relief to the males, for the wild green will be tamed at last. She'll feel, briefly, grateful to the male for satisfying her natural urges, but that phase won't last long. She'll probably be asking the male politely to leave her ledge not long after the flight is finished, but may not put up much of a fight if he won't

She loves the skies, and in flights or Thread, she’ll use her wings and the winds to the best of her, outflying many of her clutchmates and even some older dragons, by the time she reaches adulthood. Her long wide wings coupled with her lithe build make her able to turn easily in the air and maintain air pressure under them, making her endurance a little more than other greens. With this endurance comes the problem of more wing to be caught by thread. Thus she’s a little more careful in the air than some of her wingmates. Don’t confuse this care with laziness, however it may look.

Inspiration: Natath is based on Mother Nature.

Voice: A strong contralto. She is more than happy to use her voice with her rider, possibly causing a few problems to begin with with her near non stop chatter and enquiries. She’s a little loud to start with, this can be fixed with some help from her partner though. An almost purring effect to her voice leaves you wondering at times whether she’s not laughing at something…

Hatching Message: The All in White Egg, after shaking a few times, suddenly stopped. It sat motionless for a few moments then seemed to bulge. Cracks shattered the smooth, white surface and bits of shell rained down. Another stretch from inside the shattered remnants and the membrane tore, dropping chunks of eggshell about and exposing a wispy green hatchling. Sat in the middle of the mess of egg shards, the green looked about her and shook herself, nearly falling over in the attempt and splattering anyone close enough with egg fluid in the process. Stretching a little, she stood in her pile of shards and rested before she went to find her bonded. Looking about her, posed regally on her small mound of egg shell, she watched the white dressed people, trying to feel which vague direction hers is in. That way! She started towards a group of people, unusually long for such a small egg but perfectly hearty and ready to find her bond.

Public Impression Message: With a small shriek the Wispy Leafy Green suddenly realised her mind was THAT way and leapt gracefully towards him, before tangling in her own drooping wings and rolling to a stop. Keening, more with annoyance than anything else, she struggled free of the entangling membranes and regained her feet. With a slower stride she ran to her person and butted urgently at his knees.

Personal Impression Message: Watching the hatchlings look for their partners, you watch a few searching the sands for their other half. Your eyes are drawn to a green that tumbles over and lands in a heap before realising that she is headed in your direction. The little hatchling slides to a stop and headbutts you aqnd you don't have time to do more than look down and gasp before your mind is irreversibly linked and a voice appears in your head.
Oh I have looked everywhere for you but everyone was in the way and now I need fed. Oh it’s bright here what is that over there? I am Natath and I’d like some food please D'rach!
The green stretches out her wings and shuffles a little, she’s oh so curious and wants to have a good investigate, but she just can’t do anything till she fills that hole in her belly!
Lost in the rainbow gaze of your new lifemate, you have to pull yourself together. She needs fed, and now, before her hunger eats a hole in your belly!

Dragon Credit: Written by Mayhem, inspiration by Special K.

Egg Name: All In White Egg
Egg Description: This egg is small, almost small enough some think it could be a dud. It's shell is a pristine white, untouched by any other color. It reminds some of a fresh snowfall, before the snow has been walked on.
Egg Inspiration: A Snow Flake
Egg Credit: Velcro

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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