Dark and Dainty Green Natovath

Impressee: Detren (D'tren)

Name: Natovath

Name Inspiration: The Black Widow's real name is Natasha Romanova. I combined the two names to create the dragon name.
Colour: Dark and Dainty Green

Final Size: 23.5 feet

Description: A delicate appearance belies Natovath's fierce nature. She is small even for a green, her size nearing the minimum of her color. Fortunately, her features are proportionate, and she has been blessed with a streamlined, elegant build. She is lithe and limber, with a slender frame but strong muscles from all of her flying practice. Her tail is long and whiplike, and she has a perfect, wedge-shaped head at the end of her sinuous, graceful neck. And Natovath knows how to move. She may be clumsy on the ground, but in the air she is extremely graceful.
Her hide is so dark it is almost black, a deep forest green almost unbroken by other colors. In the future, her hide will probably become marked by silvery Threadscores due to her daring in Fall, but for now it is remarkably clear, with only a few speckles of lime green on her stomach and a streak of spring green on her back to break the dark blanket of color.

Personality: Natovath is a true femme fatale. She flirts relentlessly, but she also strives for independence, and she will never focus on one male for too long. She can be terribly spiteful towards a male who tries too hard to woo her, and she often leads an admirer on before cruelly admitting to him that she has no desire for him at all! She revels in her Flights, leading the males on a wild chase and taunting the whole time. At the end, she is most likely to pick the "dark horse" chaser, a male no one else would have suspected would be the victor. Definitely not one for commitment, she will probably choose a new mate at each Flight. Natovath also encourages her rider to flirt, and she is very amused when he takes a liking to any particular person.

This green certainly does not rely on her flirtatious side, however. Natovath is fiercely independent, even rebellious at times. Of course, she would never directly dispute a bronze or gold authority figure, but she might make a few snarky comments about them on the side to her rider. Natovath breaks the stereotype of a stupid, ditzy green, and she can be quite witty at times. She is always ready with the perfect sharp comment.

One of Natovath's greatest loves is flying. She will spend hours in the air, trying out new tricks and maneuvers. Her small size makes her agile and speedy, and she enjoys showing off her finesse in the air. Natovath likes being the best when it comes to physical contests, and she will sometimes challenge other dragons to races across the weyrbowl. She has a competitive nature which, while not immediately apparent, will come out during wing drills or games. Her rider's complacency puzzles her, and she is always telling him to be more active and ambitious.

Voice: Natovath's voice is soft and quiet, and she almost always speaks calmly. She has a deep voice which, while not masculine, lacks any light, feminine quality. She thinks before she speaks, and she is not overly talkative, but she is certainly not afraid to articulate herself. Her tone is slower than most, even when in excitement or fright. It's a controlled voice, sauntering into the mind with ease to let Natovath's thoughts be known. She has a large vocabulary that she plucks words from to suit her needs Her imagery is crisp and clear, used to accentuate her words.

Inspiration: Natasha Romanova, alias Black Widow, is a marvel comic hero. She had only a few comics of her own, but she often appeared as a side character in other comics, most notable as a member of the Avengers and as a love interest of Daredevil. A former spy, she is also a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. Natasha is a strong female character who fights for herself and never gives up. I thought her personality would both complement and challenge Detren, her flirtatiousness playing off of his but her determination and competitive nature balancing him out.

Hatching Message: The Great Gummi egg began rocking frantically, the dragon inside eager to get out. A dark green leg pushed through, breaking the shiny orange surface. It was followed by a damp wing, and then the strange face at the crown of the egg bulged. A crack spread, and the head of the dark green inside emerged. She let out a squeal of impatience and, with a final push, shattered the egg. Shards flew, perhaps hitting the surrounding candidates. The newly hatched green was very small, but healthy. Pushing herself to her feet, she surveyed the candidates, seeming to scrutinize them closely from her place on the sands.

Public Impression Message: The Dark and Dainty green rose slowly, then slunk gracefully across the sands towards the male candidates. She was clearly certain of who she wanted, snarling at one candidate who reached out and tried to grab her. He was rewarded with a swipe of claws before the green moved on to her chosen one, stopping before a dark-haired boy with amber eyes. With a low croon, she butted his legs, her eyes whirling the rainbow of Impression.

Personal Impression Message: Suddenly, everything else seems to slip away as a soft but deep voice worms its way into your head and a dark green dragonet butts you gently in the knees. You seem to be a suitable rider, the voice informs you confidently. The message may seem lackluster, but as you look into those whirling rainbow eyes, the feelings express everything: happiness, love, acceptance. Come, D'tren mine. You must feed your Natovath.

Dragon Credit: Dragonfire

Egg Name: Great Gummi Egg
Egg Description: This egg is a most peculiar colour indeed: it's a reddish-orange, but it almost looks as though its translucent (and shiny as well). Even stranger is the effect of a face near the top of the egg, though it's no human face. It looks like it has a snout and rounded ears.
Egg Inspiration: Gummi bears are popular treats, found both on their own and mixed in with other sweets.
Egg Credit: Emma

Dam: Gold Ilayth (Miori) of Gold Ieheth (Arlena) by Bronze Jlath (V'wet)
Sire: Bronze Vroleith (T'niel) of Gold Ieheth (Arlena) by Bronze Genorth (F'ronl)

Clutching Order: 8/18
Hatching Order: 5/18

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