Green Nautuelath

Impressee: Coraleena

Name: The All Natural Green Nautuelath
Pronounciation: Now-TU-lath
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: ABB514
Hatching: Late Autumn T13, 8th Pass
Final Size: 23' length of 41' wingspan

Description: Nautuelath is a joyful, happy green. Her hide is a light yellow-ish green more so than a true green, but her size truly dictates what she is. She is quite a tiny green, but will become an accomplished acrobat in the air. Her proportions all however right around average aside from her tiny body. Her hide mostly the same color, but her rider will notice small freckles all over her shoulders, wings, and snout. The freckles are a truer green color compared to her yellow-green hide.

Personality: She absolutely hates wearing harnesses, even if it's to keep her rider safe; Nautuelath will hate having anything on her hide that covers it. Except for dirt, she doesn't mind dirt because unless it's a lot of dirt it won't cover anything. Nautuelath will not enjoy anything that blocks her hide from the air, even if it's freezing outside. She will encourage her rider to wear as little clothes as possibly, preferably none at all constantly. After a Turn or so in the barracks, her rider will probably have lost all sense of modesty with a dragon like this. She thinks everyone should be all natural!

Inspiration: Nudist
Dragon Credit: Velcro

Hatching/Impression Message: The Egg 'o' Lantern wobbled a few times, but was not nearly decisive enough to be called rocking. Oh no, it couldn't do that! A few more wobbles, and the egg started to crack, thin lines running across the shell. A few pieces from the top started to fall off, but it was hard to tell what color the dragon was with all that goo on it. It was a unusual color, surely…

One side of the egg gave way, spilling a tiny dragon onto the sands. It was too small to be anything but a green. The green got to her feet unsteadily, and then vigorously shook herself to get rid of the egg goo - much like a wet canine. Goo splattered onto the closest candidates, and several of them looked a little green themselves after that, particularly Coraleena. With little steps, the green approached the nearest candidates, the ones she plastered with goo. The green let out a happy little squeal and approached a Coraleena with glee. The girl was heard saying, "What! Nautuelath I can't just take off my clothes in the middle of the Sands!"

Egg Name: Egg 'o' Lantern
Egg Description: This small egg is oddly shaped, sort of squat, like it started out normal and was sat on. It is vibrantly orange in colour, with faint vertical stripes. On one side there are strange dark markings. They almost look like a face…
Egg Inspiration: Jack 'o' Lantern
Egg Credit: Kitya

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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