Blue Nebrath

Impressee: M'upo (Machupo)

Name: Dream of the Sky Blue Nebrath
Pronounciation: neb -rath
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 3c7064
Hatching: Gold Parivyth x Bronze Cygneth, Early Autumn P8T15
Final Size: 28' wingspan of 43'

Description: Dream of the Sky Blue is a dusty blue, almost green color that is confusing to the eye. Some would say his color is that of the night, but most will disagree, he's the color of twilight, right after the sun has set but that blue color is still on the horizon. Either way The Dream of the Sky Blue doesn't care, his mind is elsewhere. He does keep a clean hide, fastidious in all the ways that count, but not overly obsessed.

With a wingspan that is perfectly proportioned to his body the Dream of the Sky Blue is not going to be a fantastic flier. Many will ridicule the Dream of the Sky Blue for being tiny. He's the smallest possible blue that the Weyr holds, but he doesn't care. What the Dream of the Sky Blue does care about is when he spreads his, albeit small, wings there are small spots that decorate them, almost yellow green in color. He enjoys doing this because when looking at the Dream of the Sky Blue's wings you can almost make out a constellation. Everyone who looks at his wings will see something, but not everyone will see the same constellation, the Dream of the Sky Blue enjoys that as it shows how others may think.

Dream of the Sky Blue is just that, a dreamer. He will look at the sky, watch the seasons change, and just be generally 'fluffy headed'. He likes to think about what the season changes mean, he likes to contemplate his and others positions in life. The Dream of the Sky Blue is also very aware of the Solstices, he likes to commemorate them. he sees them in natures' grand plan as the turning points of the year.

Yes, Dream of the Sky Blue is an intelligent blue. he thinks a lot and talks to his rider about what he thinks. Sometimes he will think about how the crafts work together, how dragonriders are important to Pern, how people work, but it's always something different whenever he does. You see, the Dream of the Sky Blue is also slightly absent minded. He doesn't really stick to one thought train of thought for long.

The Dream of the Sky Blue does have the ability to think a head some. He will notice when his leathers are getting old and mention it to his rider, then several weeks down the road the Dream of the Sky Blue will mention it again. Things about his health, his well-being, or his riders will be the one thing he can hold onto and plan for.

Other dragons will find that the Dream of the Sky Blue is a good listen, though low on advice. For others his ability to plan, to think ahead, is just not there, but he does listen and empathize well. This ability to listen well is probably because the Dream of the Sky Blue has no intention of ever seeking out a leadership position. He actually will turn down the chance of a position if it's ever offered to him, though this is not likely.

Even for a small blue the Dream of the Sky Blue has absolutely no innate skill for fighting Thread. He seems to lack even the instinct to fight thread, except he speaks of it as 'the enemy'. Dream of the Sky Blue will need extra training, extra focus, and lots of push from his rider to train well enough to be accepted into a wing, or even to graduate weyrlinghood. The Dream of the Sky Blue, when asked, will say that he would rather stay at the Weyr and help the healers if they'd have him. He would like to get the dragons who do fight thread back into the sky so they can do what they are meant to. He will always talk like that about Thread, like he doesn't have a part to play in fighting or destroying Thread. Once he does graduate though the Dream of the Sky Blue will fight Thread if he is assigned to a wing and his rider tells him to.

As for Mating flights the Dream of the Sky Blue takes little interest in them. He will fly if a good friend, or an especially beautiful, green takes flight, but he is not aggressive about it at all. He will hang at the back and only close in once the green is tired. Even then the Dream of the Sky Blue will let the green make her choice. If she doesn't choose him he just shrugs it off as the way things are.

Inspiration: Nebra Sky Disk
Dragon Credit: WunderingMind

Hatching Message: The Auratus Egg rocked slowly, ever so slowly that the candidates watching might have thought it was going to be a dud, an almost hatch, maybe even dreamed of rescuing the poor thing from it's egg, but no. Just as some of the bravest might have thought to do so, because the rocking of the egg was consistent, obviously something was alive, the Auratus Egg gave a jump. It shook violently and rapidly for a few seconds before the shell at the top gave way. Peeking through was a nose, but of what color? It couldn't properly be seen because of the goo.

Pulling back in the nose, it's owner started chipping away at the egg shell with it's claws. Finally a hole big enough to stick it's head out of appeared, and so did the head. The poor dragon, still unidentifiable as either a blue or a green, was stuck. The Auratus Egg shook some more as the dragon did something on the inside to free it's head, then shattered around it. Covered in goo and shells the poor dragon flopped down on the sands and sighed. Soon though it was up, trying to free itself of the stuff stuck on it and wandered towards the candidates. Dream of the Sky Blue wobbled as it approached Kimessa, but righted itself before Kimessa could reach out. Looking her over the Dream of the Sky Blue walked on. Utilizing his small size the Dream of the Sky Blue wound his way between different candidates legs

Impression Message: Finally seeming to find what he was looking for the Dream of the Sky Blue stuck his nose into several candidates knees. They all didn't match for him and as the Dream of the Sky Blue nosed a fourth, or was it fifth, knee he found what he was looking for. He had to push his way through some candidates with a real sense of determination to reach his chosen, but he finally found him.

M'upo felt a tear run down his cheek as he came out of the haze of Impression, then quickly looked down at the Dream of the Sky Blue. "No, no Uneth, it's just a tear, a happy tear, I'm ok." He swiped it away and smiled, "see, it's all good." With a nudge to M'upo's backside the two got moving towards the entrance of the hatching sands and the beginning of a new life.

Egg Name: Auratus Egg
Egg Description: This large egg is strong and stout looking, not even a little quake could unsteady or harm it. The strongly ovular shape gives it a lot of balance. It is colored in an orange-golden hue, but over the entirety of the egg are scale markings with a yellow or red sheen. The egg looks wet or even slimy, but when you walk up to and touch the shell, you find that it is quite dry. There is some texture to the edge of the scale-like markings that are like tiny ridges and are oddly comforting to run your hands over.
Egg Inspiration: Goldfish
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Parivyth (Alista)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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