Green Neferelth

Impressee: Marzena

Name: Neferelth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 00DAA0 (007758)
Final Size: 24' length with a wingspan of 45'

Neferelth is a dragon that likes things to be a certain way. She is very particular about the company she keeps, and will correct behaviors that she doesn’t like in her rider and others. This can make her come across as a bit bossy, but she means well. She is a witty green and is quick with clever responses. Her excellent sense of humor will cause endless amusement for her rider, whom she is sure to cheer up with her occasionally silly antics. She is fascinated with how living creatures are put together, and usually makes a huge mess of the animals she is eating by tearing them apart “to see how they work”. If admonished for this, she will be instantly contrite and try to put them back together again.

This is one of the loveliest greens Iridith has ever produced. Neferelth is slightly less than average size and has long, narrow wings that make her an agile flyer. She is slender but firm, and more graceful on the ground than most dragons. Her muzzle is fine and tapering, accented by perfectly shaped head knobs. The coloring of this dragon brings to mind the shifting green depths of a fertile river. She is mainly a dark, lovely shade of green that has slight undertones of blue. Her color gradually fades to a clear lighter green at her tail and wing-tips.

Inspiration: Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of Nature and Magic

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Infinite Egg had been rocking quietly in the midst of its fellows for quite a while and had gone largely unnoticed compared to the more dramatic hatchings occurring all around. Large shivers began to travel up and down the egg, almost like ripples in a stream, until with a final wave of motion it broke into dozens of tiny pieces. A pretty little green stretched her limbs and wings to compose all of these new parts, and then made her way toward the Candidates. She breezed past boys and girls alike without seeming to notice them until her attention was caught by Daniset. The green cocked her head as she wondered what this person was made of. She reached out a claw and experimentally tugged at the girl’s shoulder before continuing to follow the pull of her intended bond. She was oblivious to any pain she might have caused as she finally reached Marzena. The young woman had tears of joy running down her face as she announced to her nearby friends, “Her name is Neferelth, and she wants me! Can you believe it?” Her smile was infectious and most of those around her couldn't help but be happy for her.

Dragon Credit: Rachel

Egg Name: Infinite Egg
Egg Description: It would be easy to overlook this egg, small as it is, tucked behind the others. It's a curiously-shaped little thing, as if it had been flattened a little about the edges. It's closer to an irregular sphere than to the perfect ovoid. From a distance, its coloration looks simple, plain unbroken black. A dull egg, one might say. Yet if one were to step closer, then a wealth of intricate markings could be observed, far tinier and more detailed than anything even the finest craftsman could accomplish in replica. Minute circles of color, brown and blue and green, sit alongside dazzling points of yellow and white, and fine streaks of scarlet and indigo, vein-thin, stretch across the curved surface. Here and there the dots and lines of color seem to merge into glorious spiral swirls, unexpected concentrations that draw the eye to follow them round, admiring the sheer variety of blended shades, until the end of each spiral trails gracefully off into the greater expanse of the egg's surface.
Egg Inspiration: Outer Space; the farthest reaches of nature
Egg Credit: Kelly

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Fienth (F'gon)

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