Bronze Neferneth

Impressee: K'lyn (Kaelyn)

Name: Boy Queen Bronze Neferneth
Pronounciation: neh-FUR-nehth
Colour: Bronze
Hex Colour Code: F2A90C
Hatching: Gold Parivyth x Bronze Cygneth, Early Autumn P8T15
Final Size: 44.9' wingspan of 76'

Description: Head held impossibly high as he slowly makes his way through life, Neferneth simply oozes an air of nobility and beauty. Although extraordinarily large for his color, Neferneth’s build is delicate and feminine. Although the darker shading down his neck and back betray him as a bronze, it is easy enough to see how he could be mistaken for a petite gold. Neferneth’s face is aristocratic and refined. He has a slender muzzle, elegantly sculpted nose and high cheek bones. His neck is extraordinarily thin and serpentine, giving way to narrow shoulders and long, elegant limbs. Neferneth’s face and neck and limbs are a rich ochre color, with a burnished band of antique gold across his forehead and chest. A band of a duller bronze coloration cascades down the back of his head, down the back of his neck, and over his shoulders all the way down to his hindquarters. This coloration gradually bleeds into his wings, which slowly shifts into a lighter sandy color. Both of his eyes are lined with a dark, blackened bronze coloration, a single dot of this same color lies beneath his right eye - but his face is somehow more charming by this asymmetry.

As the bronze son of undoubtedly the most beautiful gold in the Weyr, Neferneth considers leadership his birthright. While it is not unusual for a bronze dragon to seek power, the strategies that Neferneth utilizes spread his influence are unorthodox at best. As a young dragon, he will prefer to sit back and observe the social habits of other dragons, slipping into conversation only once he has a solid feel for the situation. As he gains more experience, Neferneth will become more talkative, but will always chose his words very carefully, steering the conversation carefully to exactly where he wants in. The epitome of high-born refinement, Neferneth prefers socializing with other “cultured” individuals. Coarse and unrefined dragons are deftly ignored, and while Neferneth would never dream of insulting somebody to their face, one can expect a web of gossip and rumors to spring forth whenever he has been wrong. Whenever possible, Neferneth will try to manipulate the social environment of the Weyr without getting his claws dirty.

Although Neferneth considers himself above most other dragons, he puts the Weyr’s golds on an entirely different level. Insults to the Weyr’s golds are one of the few things that will reliably cause Neferneth to lose his composure. The glorious golden mothers of dragonkind deserve nothing less than absolute adoration, and in an effort to demonstrate his devotion to them, he will adopt stereotypically feminine mannerisms. Attempts to use his appearance as an insult inevitably backfire, as Neferneth considers any comparisons between himself and a gold a great complement. Typically, Neferneth prefers the company of females over males. While his fawning devotion to golds will likely preclude any real friendships, he will try to surround himself with a group of like-minded and elegant green ladies. Unless they are able to demonstrate their intelligence and refinement, Neferneth is likely to dismiss the company of any blues or browns - believing that they are born primarily to do the “dirty work” in the Weyr. Unfortunately, Neferneth will always have a rocky relationship with his bronze brethren. While direct conflict is not his style, he considers most other bronzes brutish, uncultured boors.

Neferneth will only chase greens he believes are worthy of his attention, with a slight preference for his clutchmates. Unless he has developed a close friendship with the green, he will typically refrain from chasing female-ridden greens for reasons he will struggle to articulate, but involve the general sense that women who impress green are depriving future golds of a potential rider. As soon as he is old enough, Neferneth will chase after whichever gold rises. Should he succeed in catching one, it will quickly become clear that Neferneth’s interest in the affairs of queens is largely theoretical. He’s much too pretty to fuss over a clutch!

Inspiration: Nefertiti Bust
Dragon Credit: Noto

Hatching Message: A bright glint could be seen from the inside of the The Orb egg as the cracks that emerged from it's surface continued to widen. Murmurs spread through the crowd as a thin muzzle poked from within, some Candidates swore they saw a flash of gold from the dragon inside. With the shell of the The Orb egg breached, the hatchling slipped out with little effort, landing on the sands in a slippery pile of egg goo and limbs.

Felista stepped forward, her hands clasped together as she cooed, "She's so little!"

All eyes in the Stands were suddenly upon the girl and the hatchling. Was an impression made? Did Solaria have a new weyrwoman? For those in the Stands, the young girl's declaration that the hatchling was a she solidified the opinion that a new gold had been born. Those closer to the hatchling would be a little bit less certain.

Impression Message:
Suddenly, the hatchling froze among the girls. There! That was the mind that the hatchling sought out. It swung it's snakeline neck back towards the boys, his eyes bursting into rainbows of happiness as one of the older Candidates stepped forward. The lanky blonde wore an enigmatic smile has he tossed his luxuriously curling hair, "You've had your fun Neferneth, let's go make our grand debut."

Egg Name: The Orb
Egg Description: This egg is unusually round, and unusually large - perhaps the biggest in the clutch. It's surface dances with shades of golden yellow that seem to change every time it is looked at. Even standing nearby you can feel the heat this egg generates - it feels hotter than the sands themselves. Any candidate who wishes to touch it will have to do so swiftly if they do not want to be burned. Those that do brave the heat will be filled with a sense of vitality and power as vibrant as Rukbat itself.
Egg Inspiration: The Sun
Egg Credit: Kitya

Dam: Gold Parivyth (Alista)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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