Brown Nemarth

Impressee: G'vin (Gevin)

Name: Nemarth

Colour: Brown
Hatching: Late Autumn T183, 7th Interval
Description: Nemarth's hide is a deep, dark shade of brown. Lighter shades mottle his eyes in a mask and spatter his back. His tail is somewhat short, so he can sometimes make sharp, jerking turns rather than smooth fluid ones. Nemarth is large for a brown and thus has more stamina than the average, this comes at a cost of speed though.

Personality: Nemarth is what you would call the quiet type. He rarely speaks and if he does, it's usually only to his Rider. He has never addressed a single human outside of that. Always serious, he rarely wastes times on games or relaxing. If he has no current task, he will take himself to the Heights to keep Watch. Even off duty. A quiet observer, it would be wrong to say he is disinterested in females. They are about the only other thing that will make him talk. He does not flirt outrageously but likes to compliment them, providing they are at least somewhat down to Pern. Whether this is to keep his chances higher in Flight, or because he has genuine interest in their company, no one can tell. He and his have yet to settle with a steady Weyrmate.

Dragon Credit: wolven

Dam: Gold Ilayth (Miori)
Sire: Bronze Vroleith (T'niel)

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