Clockwork Brown Neovith

Impressee: S'wyn (Selwyn)

Name: Neovith
Pronunciation: NEE-oh-vith
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: 81501A
Final Size: 41' length with a wingspan of 67'

A very large brown The Clockwork Brown is a little thinner than most. He is built as a fast brown with speed and agility rather than huge amounts of endurance. His wingspan and length are the largest any brown could reach, but his weight and build do not match. The Clockwork Brown body is trim and streamlined missing all the chunky muscles usually associated with the brown dragons, but his bones and structure are that of a brown. This gives the brown an angular look with edges here and there that may look unhealthy, almost as if he was underweight.

This does not mean The Clockwork Brown isn't big and enduring, just that he has more speed and agility than an average brown, and less endurance, he can still out fly blues and greens for length of time, though they will have to stretch their wings as he will test their agility with some of his maneuvers. The Clockwork Brown is the most agile brown in the Weyr and takes pride in that fact to the point of showing off.

A light brown color The Clockwork Brown has darker brown markings on his shoulders to knees that look like gears of some sort with connecting wires running between them. This gives The Clockwork Brown the look of a mechanical or something. Especially when he is moving The Clockwork Brown looks almost like a machine. He, of course, enjoys this and will walk a little stiffer when showing off to complete the charade. On his head there is a set of markings that look almost like flight goggles.

The most unique markings are on The Clockwork Brown's wings. His wings are predominantly the same dark brown color as his darker markings. The unique part being that The Clockwork Brown's wings are stained almost like old leathers. When The Clockwork Brown's wings are folded he looks like he has a leather vest on. When he's flying the impression many people will convey is that he is sturdy and will trust him. After all, who wouldn't trust a brown with leathery tough wings?

From the moment he hatches, Neovith will display startling maturity. Unlike other weyrlings, he spends little time goofing around, and will probably be held up as an example of model behaviour. However, while he doesn’t play pranks during lessons, Neovith will often become distracted by imagining new, more efficient ways to fight Thread. He is a quick learner, but will not practice what they learn in lessons, or put forth his full effort. While he believes that fighting Thread is important, Neovith is certain that the ways they are being taught are not the most effective, and would rather spend his time creating better techniques than learning old ones.

Neovith’s true passion lies in creating new technology and he will devote most of his spare time to this occupation. He will always be dreaming up new devices and ways to combat Thread more effectively. Hardly any of his designs as a weyrling will work out, but that won’t stop him from continuing to create. S’wyn will soon learn that anytime Neovith begins a conversation with; Mine! I have the most wonderful idea… he is about to hear about another elaborate and impractical device. Neovith will never be satisfied with the current technology and is always striving to make things better. He is especially interested in the flamethrowers that goldriders use, and wants to take them apart and see how they work. Another area that interests him is designing new brushes and ways for riders to clean their dragons. As an experimentalist, he is always looking for easier and less labour intensive ways to do things. Mine, you must try my new catapult dung slinger. I am certain that it will make the task of cleaning up much more efficient.

In all his encounters with others, Neovith will show that he is a gentleman through and through. He allows the greens and golds to go first in everything, from hunting herdbeasts to entering the Weyrling barracks. He will always be extremely polite, and try to hide any annoyance that he might feel. Anything that he is upset about, S’wyn is certain to hear about later when they are alone. The only time Neovith will raise his voice is if anyone is rude to females, because he believes that they should be treated with the utmost respect. He has a habit of being overprotective of them, which may not sit well with those who believe that they can take care of themselves.

Neovith’s impeccable manners are matched by the care taken with his outward appearance. He isn’t vain, just concerned with always looking clean and well put together. Sometimes S’wyn will have to drag him away from the lake, where he will examine his reflection in the surface long after his rider has finished scrubbing and oiling him. In some ways, his sensibilities are like the most conservative of the Holdborn. He refuses to bathe when females are nearby, and will politely look away if he comes across a green or gold being bathed.

As he grows older, Neovith will come to accept that there may be things that he cannot improve with the limits of his knowledge and the current technology at the Weyr. Once he realizes that he will work more diligently on mastering the current techniques of fighting Thread, and will become an excellent member of his Wing. He will eventually outgrow some of his protectiveness of females, although it may take a few knocks in the head before he realizes that not all of them want his protection. Neovith will always treat those around him with polite deference. He never lets his real feelings show and will begin to even try and hide them from S’wyn, believing that a true dragon does not need anyone’s support, even from the one closest to him. S’wyn will soon learn that the only way to tell Neovith’s true feelings is to look at what he is creating. A delicate contraption to hang up in their weyr means he is relaxed and happy. Working on a high-powered flamethrower is not a good sign.

Although dragons aren’t really made to create delicate art and technology, Neovith won’t let that stop him. He wants to make items that are functional, but also beautiful, and will be admired for both their purpose and their appearance. This he accomplishes with varying degrees of success. Over time, his and S'wyn’s weyr will become crowded with random devices made from scraps of wood and metal, and anything else he can lay his claws on. While they look pretty, and some make lovely sounds when the wind blows, none of them actually do anything. Many are failed experiments, but the sheer number of failures will never make Neovith upset, only more determined to succeed in the future.

When flying in a wing, Neovith will make an excellent leader. He has an eye for seeing patterns and discerning where everyone should go to make the wing function as smoothly as possible. If he is not in a position of authority this may cause conflict, as he will insist that his way is the best, and must be enacted, no matter what his wingleader says to the contrary. Neovith is very concerned about resources, and how to use everything (and everyone) in the best way possible. He will try to make S’wyn see that everyone has a place and a part in society and are not lesser or greater than anyone else.

During a flight Neovith is a steam roller trying to run everyone over and shove his way through to the front. Forget gentlemanly behavior there; other dragons are competition and must be done away with. He might even get violent if provoked, although he will ordinarily just shoulder others out of his way. Towards the female he will play the part of a chivalrous protector come to save her from the other horrible dragons who only want her for the flight and nothing more. Likely to bond exclusively when he finds what he wants, Neovith will be happy to settle with his chosen mate, with only a few dalliances. He will do best with a dragon who appreciates his attention and is also willing to choose him at least most of the time. It may take him a few Turns, or even longer, to find the dragon who will make him happy. During this time he will only chase those dragons that he knows and believes may be The One.

Should he win a goldflight, Neovith will be a most attentive mate, bringing the gold anything that she needs and paying her special attention. Even after the hatching is over, he will continue to dote on her and chase her for all her future flights. When the gold clutches, Neovith will be at the hatching grounds every day checking over the eggs to make sure they are alright. He will also become obsessed with turning his creative talent towards protecting the eggs, creating things like leather blankets and straps to keep them warm and secure. Once the eggs hatch, he will also pay close attention to the progress of his offspring. Unlike other dragons, he believes that family is extremely important. Even when they are grown up, he will continue to look out for his children.

Inspiration: Steampunk

When Neovith talks it is a very odd sound. His sibilants hiss almost like steam escaping a closed pot. They don't drag on, but it is very obviously not a regular sounding noise. Neovith's hard consonants ring almost like metal being worked in a smithy. The only sound that doesn't really seem to fit is the occasional clicking noise, almost like Neovith is clicking his teeth together. When put all together Neovith sounds like a steaming, clanking machine.

Hatching Message:
Very few of the eggs had hatched, relative to the clutch size, when the Candles at Sunset Egg started rocking slowly. There was a very methodical tapping noise resonating from the egg. The candidates all began to shift toward the Candles at Sunset Egg as it began rocking harder and the tapping increased tempo. This egg had been off to the side so it was very obvious to the candidates near when it began moving and making noise.

A piece of the shell popped off and fell to the ground. The only thing visible was a set of very dark nares that took in several deep breaths before retreating back into the egg to begin tapping again in a different location. This process repeated itself in a circle around the top of the egg until there were five holes in the egg.

A sudden scrabbling sound from inside the egg was followed by the top of the egg popping off and resting like a hat on the top of the dragonet. Pushing the egg over and then crawling out the Clockwork Brown left most of his egg in tact and came out with very little egg shell on him. Shaking what there was off the Clockwork Brown lifted his head and surveyed the many candidates that had surrounded his egg during the hatching process, he had certainly given them time.

Public Impression Message:
The Clockwork Brown looked over the nearby Candidates carefully, giving each one a respectful few moments of his attention. However, his eyes kept darting back to the egg he had hatched from. Once the nearby Candidates had been examined he turned his attention back to the egg, examining the piece of shell he had popped off the top that was now resting on the nearby ground. He sniffed it carefully, rolling it over with his nose. After a few minutes he seemed to remember where he was and looked back at the Candidates.

With a regretful glance back at the egg, which still needed further examination, the Clockwork Brown began walking along the assembled Candidates. He ignored the nearby boys, beginning instead with the girls. Each girl received a quick glance and a respectful nod before the Clockwork Brown continued walking. To those watching his progression might appear pained, because he was walking with stiff legs, almost lurching across the sand. There was no green ichor to be seen though.

The Clockwork Brown was making his way down the line in this manner when another hatchling came rushing up beside him. He stepped politely out of its way, right on to a nearby Candidate. Still unbalanced, the brown dragon crashed to the sand, his flailing wings and legs hitting the unfortunate Candidate. Once he realized what had happened, he immediately leapt to his feet, peering at the Candidate with whirling orange and red eyes. The Clockwork Brown backed up a couple of steps, his head tilted to one side as he examined the dark-haired figure. Then, as though a gear had clicked into place in his brain, his eyes began whirling the rainbow colours of Impression. This was The One.

Personal Impression Message:
The brown dragon is very noticeable, having hatched in such a peculiar manner. He is momentarily fascinated by his egg, but then seems to realize that he still has to Impress. He begins with the girls, an odd choice, and begins coming across the Hatching Sands towards you. He keeps his legs very straight and you wonder if he maybe injured himself on the sharp remnants of his egg. As he approaches you catch his eye and he seems to nod to you. But he continues slowly down the lines of Candidates, nodding to each one, so perhaps it was only an accidental glance. Then, just as he moves past the Candidate beside you, another hatchling rushes past and suddenly the brown dragon is stepping heavily on your feet, then flailing out wildly, wings and legs smacking into you.

As suddenly as it began the attack stops, and you see that he has backed up a few steps, but is still gazing at you. Only this time, his eyes are whirling in rainbow colours. A soft hiss enters your mind, like steam escaping from an enclosed space, and the voice follows soon after. S’wyn, your Neovith is here. My most sincere apologies for injuring you. You are not too badly hurt, I hope? I am afraid that I am not functioning perfectly yet. We will have to fix that soon. I am certain there is a better method for hatching and Impressing than this confusion. But first, I am feeling rather hungry.

Dragon Credit: Adina and Wunderingmind
Dragon Picture Credit: Lora/Starr/Wunderingmind

Egg Name: Candles at Sunset Egg
Egg Description: This egg stands among the others a granite grey color reminiscent of the sky just as the sun sets and the color fades away. From the base of the egg in small streaks are light yellow striations that reach up and fade into the granite grey color. There are only five in total, and if you were to walk around the egg it would look as if they were dancing up the sides as if the egg breathed.
Egg Inspiration: Candlelight
Egg Credit: Wunderingmind

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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