I Know Everything Blue Nerath

Impressee: R'lot (Ralot)

Name: I Know Everything Blue Nerath
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 516788
Hatching: Late Autumn T13, 8th Pass
Final Size: 31' wingspan of 63'

Description: Weyrling:
Fresh out of the shell, The I Know Everything Blue is fairly dark of color, but undeniably blue. Once the egg goo starts to come off, his hide lightens up a bit. It's still kind of cloudy, an indistinct blue all over with a gray tint to it. Almost like charcoal has been lightly smeared all over him, just a hint of it. The I Know Everything Blue is very scrawny-looking, past the point of emaciated. He's all bones and skin, hardly a muscle on him. Once he gets all his limbs coordinated and standing; he is very tall for a blue, standing equal height with a bronze hatchling right out of the egg. It looks painful to move for The I Know Everything Blue, but he does move with jerky, uncoordinated motions. His wingsails are a slightly darker shade than the rest of his body, like someone took some charcoal and darkened them for tracing.

Once he gets settled in and a stable diet, The I Know Everything Blue will start to put on muscle. It will never be much, but it will be enough to smooth out his movements, given time and training. He'll never be a graceful dragon, but he won't be constantly knocking over things after he reaches his full size. He'll stay one of the taller dragons in his clutch for a month before the bigger colors outgrow him, and it seems like he will constantly grow up rather than out. The I Know Everything Blue will have rather wide and long wings, much larger then proportion dictates they should be; but that's part of the "up", and not the "out" for him. After a couple growth spurts, his rider will notice that his neck is long, and his tail is short.

As he grows, The I Know Everything Blue's hide is fairly uniform, and it retains the gray tint over most of it. His wingsails remain slightly darker as he grows, and they get much bigger. His stomach will fade to a lighter blue color as he ages into adulthood. His bones will always be prominent, but he will gain enough muscle to not look totally emaciated by the time he is ready to graduate from Weyrling Training. Sinewy is a good way to describe The I Know Everything Blue.

Personality: Nerath thinks he knows everything. It’s not that he does, of course, but he has a habit of picking up and retaining bits of information that all of his classmates tend to miss, which makes it seem like he knows, if not everything, then significantly more than the other dragons in his class. However, this attention to details, while useful, because he will make sure that the others do not forget the little important things that are necessary to success, is not entirely a good thing. Nerath’s attention to details means that he had an unfortunate habit of loosing track of the big picture, and will occasionally need to be reminded of it, when he gets fixated on making sure the little things are just the way he wants them.

Nerath would never be one that anyone would see slacking at lessons as a Weyrling. He likes to know everything, so learning comes easier to him than many of his classmates, though his gangly limbs does lend him some difficulties with physical lessons, at least until he starts to get them figured out and become a bit more coordinated. However, as he is rather shy, he will find himself holding back somewhat, even in lessons where he would typically excel. It isn’t that Nerath doesn’t want to do well, because he really does, it’s just that he doesn’t want to have all that attention on him for being the ‘best’ at something. When he’s in a more private situation he’ll be less inclined to hide his abilities, but around the whole class he tends to be rather reserved.

As Nerath grows up, he eventually learns—primarily through much reminding—to look at the big picture. It will eventually come to a point, that except for the rare occasion, he will remind himself, so you don’t have to! He never mastered the skill of idle chitchat when he was young, which means by the time he’s old enough to realize it might actually have a purpose for something, he really doesn’t know how to go about it, and finds himself somewhat wary of having to participate in what humans call ‘small talk.’ If there is something important or interesting to talk about, then Nerath is all for it, and in fact can end up being downright talkative towards his conversation partner. You, of course, are the exception to this, and will always be privy to all of Nerath’s hopes and dreams, and even just random thoughts, which he will explain to you all at length, because he’s got to talk to someone about everything that he thinks about.

When it comes time to take to the sky and fight thread, never would you see a more determined dragon to do a good job. Thread is their enemy and they best be getting rid of it, but Nerath won’t be the one doing the lion’s share of the work. Oh, he’ll definitely flame everything that comes into his path, but he won’t be the one that makes daring manoeuvres to try and get wayward bits of thread, or ones that are a bit too far out of reach. Nerath likes to play it safe and, will take frequent jumps between if he feels thread is coming at him that is too likely to hit. He also has a habit of calling out clumps of thread to his wingmates that they would be able to get that he cannot. Whether his wingmates find this annoying or helpful is really up to them.

It’s quite likely that Nerath is going to take his dear sweet time before he first starts chasing greens. It’s not that he isn’t interested, but he had a certain set of values about chasing. He isn’t the type that goes after every pretty tail that takes to the skies, as tempting as that may be on some occasions. He insists on getting to know a dragon before thinking about chasing her, and also is courteous about it, in as much as he wants his rider to be at least acquainted with the rider of the green as well, and will take into account R’lot’s feelings of the other rider, at least to some extent. Nerath is the type of dragon that will tend to chase a couple of greens that he likes every time they rise, as opposed to ones he doesn’t know well.

Inspiration: Nerd
Dragon Credit: Rhee & Velcro

Voice: Nerath's voice is strong, smooth, and surprisingly pleasant to listen to. A mid range baritone that is commonly accompanied by strong image projection to show you just what he means. Images are a strength of his, and he will often use them to his advantage when trying to explain something to his fellow dragons. No, your straps need to be on like this, accompanied by the image with the straps on correctly to another dragon, Make yours fix it! Nerath will find that images will be one of his strengths, and attempt to help others in his class with visualizations whenever he can.

Hatching Message: Right with the first few eggs of the hatching the Gummy Worms Egg had been rocking and shaking, slowly but consistently. There was some little dragon in that egg trying their hardest to get out, and they would not be giving up until they got what they wanted. Crack had been appearing at the top the the shell, and slowly working their way downwards, until the head of a little blue dragon poked out of the hole he had created in the top. The I Know Everything Blue looked around curiously for a moment, and then his head disappeared back inside the shell, replaced instead by one of his front feet, scrabbling around and managing to break down the side the shell, spilling the blue out into the sands.

The I Know Everything Blue took a moment to shake his head and collect himself, clambering to his feet with obvious difficulty as he tried to figure out what to do with his limbs, and setting off across the Sands.
Public Impression Message: The I Know Everything Blue seemed to have some trouble coordinating his skinny limbs, as he stumbled many times as he walked about. Perhaps it was because he was so skinny? He was, more or less, headed in one direction. The I Know Everything Blue seemed to get distracted by a candidate here and there, in particular Laryze. He passed by the young man, staring at him until the blue tripped over his own foot. He got back to his feet with an embarrassed huff, and trudged on. The I Know Everything Blue finally found one, and took off at a run. It was a bad idea, though. The I Know Everything Blue tumbled and landed at the feet of a candidate, limbs splayed out in every direction. The emaciated blue craned his head about to make eye contact, and Impression was made!
Personal Impression Message: A blue dragon lands near your feet, limbs flailing in nearly every direction. This definitely was not the most graceful blue you've seen. He picks his head up, craning his head to look at you. A voice roughly inserts itself into your head and feels like it's wiggling around to get comfy. Hello R'lot-mine. I am Nerath, and I like treats, just so you know. He'll need your help to get his limbs sorted out, at least for now, you can easily tell this. I'm also really, really hungry, can you fix that too? Nerath begs plaintively. He didn't need to state that though, you could already feel the nagging, empty, and above all hungry feeling in your own stomach.

Egg Name: Gummy Worms
Egg Description: Wiggly squiggly crawling patterns slither around this average sized egg. A closer look makes one think of greenish worms crawling along the surface of the egg. The main egg color the dark brown of turned earth. The smeared colors look like worms crawling and slithering all over the egg. It just looks creepy overall. The egg feels a little chilly, like the heat of the sands just can't quite get the entire egg hot and the glistening sheen just makes one think it's wet and slimy to the touch even though the egg is dry. There is an overall feeling of oozing within the depths of this egg's shell, that sort of feeling that makes one's skin crawl and itch.
Egg Inspiration: Worm and dirt cake
Egg Credit: LdyPayne

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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