Things I Can't See Blue Neutakarth

Impressee: Ter'u

Name: Neutakarth
Pronunciation: new-tah-KARTH
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 1D7CF2
Hatching: Gold Ceocayath x Bronze Cacurnynth, Late Autumn P8 T21
Final Size: 31' length, wingpsan of 56'


Mini Biography:
The Things I Can’t See Blue is on the small end of average for a blue and slightly built, graced with a pair of wide wings that will allow how to soar through the air easily when he is old enough to fly. However, he will have to be careful about being buffeted in strong winds, with such large wings and such a slight figure. On the last sail of his left wing is a green-blue circular mark, typically hidden in the folds of his wing unless he is flight.

The Things I Can’t See Blue has a serious personality to go with his bright sunny blue colour. He will often get chided for not paying attention during classes. It’s not that he’s intentionally slacking off, but he had a tendency to become so focused on something that he loses track of everything else around him.

He is also fascinating in the building blocks out of the world. Bodies are made of flesh and bone, and rocks are made of sand, and trees of wood and sap, but what are those things made of? It won’t be uncommon to find the Things I Can’t See Blue peering at little motes of dust in the air, trying to figure out what things so small could be made of. He has a special sort of fascination with gravity, trying to puzzle how it works, once he is old enough to be flying he will spend endless hours testing flight and gravity, trying to puzzle it out.

Inspiration: Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B. McDonald, joint winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics, 2015
Dragon Credit: Rhee

Egg Name: Sea Nut Egg
Egg Description: Here sits a broad egg of median size and no immediately eye catching features—Wait! What was that?! Yes, your eyes do not deceive you as you catch what appears to be flashes of light. Mostly blues and greens flash up and down the sides of the Sea Nut Egg, but every so often those flashes radiate in a rotation of rainbow colors. It makes it look as if the egg is moving, somehow floating about just above the sands and flitting lazily amongst the other eggs of the clutch. It’s all an illusion of course, and the glistening iridescent shell that shimmers and flashes at you is going absolutely nowhere. When this egg isn’t distracting you with flashes of color, it is a plain and almost translucent-like red, deep and dark like the color of blood.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: There is nothing mean about this egg. It is really quite neutral in its feelings and touch it as long and as many times as you like, you find it feeling the same each and every time. There is a hunger, however, and it lingers with you, willing you to go get a quick snack to munch on for the remaining time. If you do, bring some back for it, it would appreciate the thought.
Egg Inspiration: Bloodbelly Comb Jelly (Lampocteis cruentiventer)
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Cacurnynth (K'ran)

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