Blue Niccorinth

Impressee: S'nit (Senarit)

Name: Niccorinth
Pronunciation: Nik-coor-rinth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 093c76
Final Size: 36.7' length with a wingspan of 63.2'

Niccorinth will attain a great length and impressive wingspan. He is easily the largest blue of this clutch just being a few ticks below his brown clutch-mates. It isn’t just his length and wingspan that are impressive though he is simply a massive dragon. His frame is lacking in none of the essentials actually quite the opposite. He has a wide chest, shoulders, and hindquarters with a thick coating of burly muscle over his entire frame. He is much bulkier than the usually lean-muscled blue. Niccorinth has a dark blue hide that falls just short of navy. His hide is a bit of a duller dark blue but he has two bright, almost reflective, blue stripes that start at the top of his neck and go down his side and ends at the tip of his tail. He has two stripes one on each side of his body. The same brighter, almost reflective, blue can be seen in a round circle on his head that looks curiously like a helmet. 

Niccorinth is in a word sturdy. If he threw his weight around, he could really get things done. He doesn’t see much inclined to throw his weight around however. He tends to loll about when there is work to be done only offering to help when the job seems well completed or if he’s compelled to help them he usually hinders the process more than helps. Things just seem to inevitably slow down when he is present. Things just seem to inevitably slow down when he is present. Any task that he undertakes will take twice as long as it should and no amount of urging from his rider or the Weyrlingmasters’ dragons will convince him of any real urgency.

The thoughts that come tumbling out of Niccorinth’s head are usually crass in nature. He doesn’t see the need for editing or guarding his thoughts. He lets them pour right out of his head exactly how he thinks them. It’s a good thing you’re pretty Coseseth because your head is filled with crackdust. This is another one of the blue’s other rather annoying habits. Whenever he sees a pretty green walking by–usually when he is just lazing about–he will call out to her some fairly lovely obscenities. Felinecalls if you will. This may irritate some greens and flatter others though it does seem to cause a collective eye roll from all females.

Niccorinth tones down some of the crassness in his tone when he is speaking to his rider but there is still some lingering brusqueness to his voice. He finds his rider a bit of a curiosity. He seems so delicate but his emotions are so intense! It is an oddity an oddity which Niccorinth finds intensely amusing. Naturally, he loves his rider but there is a part of him that likes poking fun at him as well. There are plenty of people in the Weyr, S’nit. I do not understand why you are so fixated on this one! In this regard, Niccorinth certainly won’t make it easy for S’nit to fixate on only one person. He chases after every green that rises although how successful he will be depends largely on the green. He has the strength and power to keep up with them but his demeanor doesn’t really recommend itself.

Needless to say, Niccorinth is not the most driven of dragons. He doesn’t care enough to try to excel at well anything really. Oh he will fight Thread but he won’t exert himself to reach difficult clumps or push himself pass exhaustion. He does his job but no more than that. There are other dragons to pick up what he misses.

Inspiration: Construction Worker
Name Inspiration: Io(nic) and (Corinth)ian are two different architectural styles of columns.

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Old-fashioned Accounting Egg was shaking in earnest now and the shell didn’t long withstand the hatchling inside. It shattered into a hundred pieces and a burly blue stood up from the remains. He leaned back on his haunches and lingered there unconcerned about the eager candidates waiting for him to move. He seemed almost bored but eventually began to move towards the candidates though he took his sweet time in getting there. He wandered over to the girls first and came to a stop in front of Laneri. Was he leering at her? It certainly looked like it! His breath rushed over her when he let out a great snort. He then moved off towards Azrael and ogled the girl for a minute before showing her the same disdain he had shown Laneri. He then redirected his steps to the boys. He paid none of them any mind until he got to Senarit. “I’m not gawking like a dewy-eyed girl!” S’nit said with his growing joy ruining any protest in his voice. At some other colorful comment, the new bluerider responded happily, “Oh shush! Let’s go get you some food, Niccorinth!”

Dragon Credit: Neena

Egg Name: The Old-fashioned Accounting Egg
Egg Description: This rather large egg is whitish, with a line of pale grey down its length which gives the impression of a seam. On one side of this line, the egg is marked with red squiggles, and on the other, with black squiggles.
Egg Inspiration: Double-entry ledgers
Egg Credit: Ivy

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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