Green Niketh

Impressee: Cheva

Name: Niketh
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 334400
Final Size:

Niketh is a dark olive green in color, subtle yellow hue mixed into a deep green shade on a gray overtone. Her coloring is evenly distributed throughout her body, only her wing membranes lightening with just a touch of more golden tones, only noticeable under the sunlight. She is a large green, but her expansive wings make her appear even larger, and as such she can fly for longer than most greens and even some blues. Her body is otherwise proportionally built, and while she is swifter than the larger dragons, she is nowhere near as nimble as most other greens.

Niketh is a dragon that loves to triumph, and she is clever enough not to do something if she thinks she might fail at it. She can be stubborn and strong-minded, and she isn’t easily swayed from her opinions if she believes that she is right. Although a green, she loves to be a leader, and she likes to offer advice and wisdom in hopes of being looked up at with respect and admiration. While she is a sociable dragon, she has a domineering attitude about her that makes it hard for others to befriend her, but that doesn’t bother her because she would rather be a good leader than a great friend.

Inspiration: (Sculpture) Winged Victory (Nike) of Samothrace

Hatching/Impression Message:
There wasn't any dramatic entrance when the Imagination Scraps Egg began hatching, though it did so quite quickly. The egg was cracked into pieces in no time, and where it once stood was an unremarkable-looking green. She stood up, slightly unsteadily, and unfurled her wet wings so that they could dry faster. Then she stumbled forward before gaining a better stride, and she moved with certainty, no hesitation as she made her choice. "Oh, Niketh, you're perfect!" exclaimed Cheva, meeting the dragon with open arms. Ignoring the disapproving murmurs, they made their way off the sands.

Dragon Credit: Starr

Egg Name: Imagination Scraps Egg
Egg Description: The Imagination Scraps Egg is smaller in size than the average egg on the Sands. It has a narrow “top,” or assumed the top, and a rather rounded “bottom.” There are various dashes of bright color in thickly laid bands that crisscross all over the egg. The effects is that the thick lines of color smear and dissipate to reveal an underlying solid creamy yellow. The egg looks as if the smears of color are physically touchable and raised. If someone did reach out and touch it they would find the egg smooth to the touch, but they would be expecting a grainy feeling.
Egg Inspiration: Palette Knife Artwork
Egg Credit: Atlys

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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