Green Ninath

Impressee: K'lein (Kulein)

Name: Ninath
Pronunciation: nee-NUHTH
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 99CC66
Final Size: 24.2' length of 37' wingspan

Description: Ninath is a scrappy little thing with a compact body and slim legs. Even when she is fully grown, her body proportions and mannerisms will remain similar to those of a younger dragon. Her spring green hide is mottled with a darker olive color, giving her a perpetually scruffy appearance. These markings are heavier on her limbs. Her eyes are ringed with smudges of dull forest green, and she has a solid swatch of pale spring green over the bridge of her nose.

Personality: Ninath is more than a little bit unhinged, and those unfamiliar with her maniacally peppy personality may find themselves a bit overwhelmed the first time they meet her. Her constant chatter is liberally sprinkled with bizarre phrases and made-up words - nobody knows exactly what a 'badonkadonk' is, but Ninath certainly enjoys saying it. She enjoys making others squirm with her speech, and will delight in learning inappropriate words. In addition to her puzzling speech patterns, Ninath has a slightly unnerving fascination with fire. While she'll be (mostly) content with sticking to Thread and other approved materials, she'll frequently threaten to set things (people, pets, clothing, bandonkadonks) on fire. With the exception of this singular fascination, Ninath will have trouble focusing on anything for more than a few minutes. Her attention span is so poor that she has trouble remembering her physical needs - her food intake will need to be carefully monitored to ensure that she gets the correct amount of nutrients.

Inspiration: Tiny Tina (Boarderlands II)

Hatching/Impression Message: The the Such Wow. So Egg wasn't yet marred by any cracks, but was hopping and rocking quite violently in it's little divot. With an exceptionally violent twitch, the egg burst open in a sudden explosion of egg goop and shell fragments revealing a scrawny little green. She was certainly excited at being freed from her eggy little prison, and stomped triumphantly on the wreckage of shells. She suddenly paused, one tiny claw raised menacingly above one of the few remaining shells.

What was she supposed to be doing again?

Oh yes!

The tiny hatchling looked over her shoulder momentarily at some hopefully female candidates. Huh - they were pretty enough, but something about them was just - boooooorrriiiiiing - oh! She squeaked excitedly and jumped up in the air. Her landing wasn't as smooth as she might have hoped, and by the time she scrambled to her feet her sticky hide was entirely coated with dark sand.

With a jubilant kreel she skittered over to Kulein's feet. Oblivious to the sand sticking to her pale hide, she cocked her head to the side as her eyes erupted in rainbows. K'lein burst out laughing, "Of course I'll be your 'bestestforeversuperrider' Ninath … but what's a 'badonkadonk?"

Dragon Credit: noto

Egg Name: Such wow. So egg.
Egg Description: This egg is a golden brown in color with textured colors that make it appear as if it were furry. It is somewhat rounded but maintains a distinctly egg-shape silhouette. It might be considered ordinary but for a strange pair of markings that strikingly resemble a pair of eyes. Everyone knows when they see those eyes that this egg is just amazing! It is probably that one egg that will hatch a dragon who gives the best commentary, or at least the most hilarious. Very dragon.
Egg Inspiration: Doge
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Shakeruth (J'than)

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