Now Kiss! Bronze Nixeth

Impressee: Eph'rim (Ephraim) [Shelacula)

Name: Nixeth
Pronounciation: niks-eeth
Colour: Bronze
Hex Colour Code: 5b4e15
Hatching: Gold Audalath x Bronze Cygneth, P8 T19 Early Winter
Final Size: 40' long with wingspan of 75'



The Now Kiss! Bronze might hatch out as a long-legged gangly colt of a dragon, but there is no doubt that he will grow into a tall and elegant creature. Even with shaky knees there is an element of grace in his movements that alludes to his fine future and the more sure-footed be becomes, the more sprightly his steps. There is energy in his movements, an eagerness to be quick about getting to where he aims to go, and he gets there quickly and efficiently, whether it be by stretching out those long legs of his to reach for a longer, ambling stride or by making use of his extravagant wings.

Those very wings are long and expansive for his size, but he carries them well, like a fine coat or a gallant cape. The Now Kiss! Bronze is always aware of his wings and where they are, ready and willing to use them at a moment’s notice. He is an expert at manipulating them and has some of the best agility and flight control of his color. There will seldom be a bronze who makes flying look so effortless or ride as smooth as the Now Kiss! Bronze does and this is a source of pride for him.

The rest of him is really relatively average for a bronze, but do not tell the Now Kiss! Bronze that. His neck and tail even and balance out nicely and his head is rather refined, almost a little effeminate. Atop his head are short but shapely head knobs, rounded out at the tips. He has a keen and intelligent eye, ever watchful of his surroundings and every living creature around him and has developed a knack for looking so very disinterested in subjects he is actually intensely curious about.

If his spry action and general coloring is not attractive, his markings most definitely are. The Now Kiss! Bronze is largely a dark, aged bronze color, more faint on his belly and a touch brighter along his topline. He has made it clear who his dam is with a similar patterning on his wingsails: swirls and twirls of a more coppery coloring adorn him, looking much like wild vines of twining ivy and curling fern fiddleheads and frond ends. It seems as if you could stare at those markings and see into some glistening, metallic forest underbrush, truly magical. His head is crowned with golden-bronze leaves in a sort of circlet that is worn quite regally and never needs to be adjust, it is placed just right for a kingly creature such as himself.


How many bronzes actually live up to all the heightened hype of being a bronze? How many really give the boys they choose a true to the Harper songs experience of being a bronzerider? Perhaps none more so than the Now Kiss! Bronze will do for you. And more, too!

He is polite, friendly, and sociable. He knows how to compliment those in his company and make them feel good and important. There is a regal air about him, the sense that he is being kind and benevolent. There is compassion in his actions as he is so easy to forgive slights made against him. Slights which may be all too easy for him to come by. While the best bronzes will be magnanimous, they are also prideful and the Now Kiss! Bronze is no different. All of his gentler aspects are due to his desire to have attention and love showered upon him and so long as he is receiving that, he will give as much as he takes. Should he feel as if he is not being appreciated for the wonderful being that he is or that his affections are not being duly returned, well, that is where you find that the Now Kiss! Bronze has a bit of a jealousy-driven mischievous streak in him.

Is he malicious? No! But he is ready to play a joke or two on the offending party and completely at their own expense as well. If he can get a couple of Firelizards to act for him, all the better, however no one can play a trick like he can himself. If you want something done right, you really must do it yourself. The Now Kiss! Bronze’s tricks are usually harmless and at most work to needle at another’s reputation or ego, while still bolstering his own. The fellow does has a limit to his games. He often cannot bear to allow any of it to go on for too long and he quickly feels the guilt of his actions. Repentant in his own way, the Now Kiss! Bronze will give forgiveness more quickly than one might expect and will mend any broken and burnt bridges with his usual class and charm. It is not enemies he seeks to make, but good loyal and true friends. Often while he puts an end to a joke in progress, he will also do something to show how truly he regrets what he’s done by doing something for the opposing party. A good act to make up for a bad act and all in good taste.

Is it any surprise then, that the Now Kiss! Bronze is a bit nosy? Always rifling through the business of others, quietly so that negative light isn’t shining upon him of course, asking questions and seeking new information about them? Not for the Now Kiss! Bronze whose intentions are really for the best of reasons. See, he likes to see others happy and enjoying themselves, at peace with themselves and the people around them. He does not like to see people and dragons quarrel for any reason, not even himself, and he will take pains to try and help smooth these little tiffs out. More than that, he wishes to see everyone contentedly in love, well-matched and delighted with their chosen companion. He encourages others to pursue love and will very often point out those he knows have interests in each other. A little play at being a match-maker and should his couples not manage well, and the Now Kiss! Bronze will truly try his best to make them work, he will look for the next best match for both. Little Firelizards can’t possibly help him to pair a lovesick girl with a businesslike boy as they are not nearly as poetic as he and, as so many know, poetry is the food of love.

Ah yes, the Now Kiss! Bronze is a poet at heart. His phrases are always painted with colorful words and he can easily paint pictures with just his verbal descriptions. A very important gift for a bronze such as himself. How strange then that he is not seeking his own best match in life! Not this bronze, he is a consummate flirt and will work to win the affections and attentions of any and every female he could converse with. The Now Kiss! Bronze even puts his suave, regal charms to work on humankind, especially liking to see their cheeks colored in rosy reds and passionate pinks.

These skills of poety aide him in flights where he will chase all the greens and golds he possibly can, restricted only by injury or in adamant refusal of those who have shunned him to the point that not even he can make amends. When chasing, the Now Kiss! Bronze is a true romantic and he lays all of it on the line. His masculinity, his poetry and romanticism, his fantastic self that would so clearly be the better option to all the others. Those he has won before will find him wooing them even after the flight is over and all the way to the next one, in hopes that he will win them again. Those he has lost may find a small joke or two played upon them until he decides to shower them with pretty phrases once again. Although he is such a serial chaser and he may grow bored from time to time from some females, there will be one he chase no matter how much she slights him or how much she loves him. Who could she be? Only a dragon as much like himself as can be would be worthy of him and one as bearable of his jokes as he may be of her sharp tongue. The Now Kiss! Bronze just cannot resist her.

If he is such a lover in flights, then let it be no surprise that he is such a warrior in Threadfall. He prefers to lead, a dragon of his color ought to be on the front lines and leading the charge onward. He also works well in a well-defined team setting, preferably a smaller grouping to a larger one. The Now Kiss! Bronze is an ardent flamer and he holds very little back when he belches flame at the silvery menace that will be his lifelong enemy. It is his belief that he is to fight not just to protect Pern and the people and creatures living there, but also those females he flies with. It might cause some problems that he wishes to keep them safe from harm, these more delicate counterparts of his, but he really is well-intentioned. I mean, if he can fight so well and keep them from injury, then he truly is living up to his color and purpose in life. And it might win him some points later on…

All this may make the Now Kiss! Bronze come off as a relatively selfish individual with a generous attitude at the best of times and an envious side at the worst, but there is more yet to discover about him. He is and always will be the greatest ally and supporter of his Ephi. There will never be a living soul more encouraging than he of the efforts of his Rider, and be wary if you should try to argue otherwise. There is a deep devotion to the man he has chosen and everything he does is with the hope that it will please him. Quiet little jokes muttered when Ephi is feeling down and pointing out pretty ladies who might be interested in such a smart fellow as he. The Now Kiss! Bronze will pull out all the stops in protecting and watching out for his bonded’s sister. In fact, if there is one human he wants the most to match perfectly with the man, or woman, of her dreams, it will be Eirika. Since that person is so important to his Ephi, she is important to him as well. The same will go for all the others that rise and fall in his Rider’s heart, oh, do hope you do not become an enemy!

And that is your dragon, your bronze. The Now Kiss! Bronze is a lover and a fighter, a good friend, and a very devoted dragon. He might cause a little trouble for you from time to time, but you ought to enjoy the poetry he shares with you and the friends he makes.

Oberon, King of the Faeries; A Midsummer Night's Dream; William Shakespeare
His name is derived from 'nixie', a name for a germanic water sprite, that I thought sounded pretty neat and related to the character.

Dragon Credit: Shouriko

Voice: Musical and rhythmic tenor voice, excellent control over his volume and projection

Hatching Message:
The Strut Your Stuff! Egg could feel that all eyes were on it, every single eye in the whole of the Hatching Grounds. Eyes in the stands, eyes on the sands, eyes in the skies, and eyes on the ground. There was no better time than now if the Strut Your Stuff! Egg wanted to prove to everyone just how perfectly fantastic it was.

It was just a gentle shake before, a little tremulous shiver, but now a heavy rocking took over. It was violent and maddening, like a storm wracked with hurricane winds and loud as thunder cracking when the heart of the monsoon was overhead. Oh, but it wasn't overhead at all and there was no lightning that followed. The Strut Your Stuff! Egg cracked and shattered and following that thunderous break of shell was a fabulous bronze instead of a flash of lightning.

Oh yes, the Now Kiss! Bronze had arrived, time to roll out the red carpet, proud of his dramatic entrance and all the attention it had earned him. He surveyed all those around him like a king looking over his subjects and found them, enh, mostly okay. Maybe they would prove to him later that they really did deserve having a lucky bronze hatch and break shell first.
Public Impression Message:
Huh? Is that all?

The Now Kiss! Bronze turns about himself and finds himself the last dragon standing. No, that cannot be! Why there is The First Egg still left along with him. Still. Quiet. The Now Kiss! Bronze takes a step towards the egg and finds it harrowing how silent it is and he recoils from it. He looks to Audalath and gives an appealing creel to her, his mother, that she might help to wake The First Egg so that his sibling might join him and he could find it a worthy match. Or… is that not possible?

Despondent, he turns from the egg, sensing and knowing that there is no one else left for him to help. Ah! That is not true! There is but one more dragon yet to pair and it is his very self! The Now Kiss! Bronze lifts his head with renewed interest and flies across the black sands. He charges directly towards the dark-haired youth, his eyes already shimmering and shifting in a multitude of colors. He has not even reached his boy and already the Impression made, perhaps because he had chosen him long ago when he first broke shell and cleverly kept all the others from him.

In a singular moment, he looks to leap upon the lad, but the Now Kiss! Bronze does not make impact. He lands and stands tall, proud, and then strolls about the feet of his bonded and with his tail he beckons him to follow. It is now their turn to exit the Hatching Grounds and hear the applause of the audience. The world is their stage and they are actors with grand parts to play!
Personal Impression Message:
I fly to thee! A voice resonates in your mind, musical and deep and followed by tumultuous wave upon wave of love. There is only once possible source all this could be coming from and in looking ahead, you can clearly face him in his racing approach.

On winged feet I do fly to thee and by thy side I do belong! The bronze comes to a stop before you. He stands and there is clearly a smile planting on your mind. The affection penetrates and worms and burrows and hooks into you so that nothing could remove it. He winds around you, stepping nimbly at your feet in a circle and then pulling you along with him as he steps past you and towards the exit. Never will I part from you, my Eph'rim, nor you from I, your Nixeth.

As he goes towards the light to follow the path, he turns to look back at you. There is a glint in his bight eyes as he says, We have other matches to make, you and I, more loves to see blossom and bloom. Come, let us go forth and eat fresh victuals and fill empty tummies first and may we see pretty nymphs, too, that I may see my fair Queen again once more! And just like that, Nixeth steps with confidence and surety and full belief that you are right behind him and soon enough beside him.

Egg Name: The Strut Your Stuff! Egg
Egg Description: This egg is simply stunning, and is sure to draw your eye right to it. The base color of the egg is a rich teal color that shimmers and sparkles in the sunlight, but yet still somehow seems to stand out even in the dark. The Strut Your Stuff! Egg contains beautiful hues of bright green, yellow, and royal blue, forming several concentric circles all over the egg. In the middle of each circle appears to be a dark blue “eye,” that seems to stare right into your soul. This egg definitely demands one’s attention and almost screams, “Look at me! Look at me!”
Egg Inspiration: Peacock/Peacock feathers
Egg Credit: Ren

Dam: Gold Audalath (Ellandra)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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